Refugees Welcomed at My Thanksgiving Table

My family has been in America for a long time, but someone's newness or refugee status doesn't bother me....more
hollicbuck Thank you!more

Missing in Action

It's so interesting to me that we seem to accept without question that the shooting, bombing and beheading going on in the world all seems to be done by men as if they were 99% of the population instead of 50%. Where is the other 50% and why aren't they maiming and murdering people?Is this just another case of women being kept out of the real action?...more

The Irresistible Urge to Be a Badass

I get Ben Carson's deal. He wants to be a badass in the worst way....more
It really looks absurd when these politicians lie. Now Carson had to admit that he was never ...more

Hardcore Pink

The Week That Was: Appreciating Life

Let's see.I wrapped up a project this week that involved working with a person who was the 'other woman' in a volatile relationship I had thirty-five years ago. I knew about her and she knew about me but I don't know if she knew that I knew about her. We didn't discuss it. Now I realize that maybe I was the 'other woman.'...more

I Haven't Been Afraid of Anyone in 32 Years

The other day I emailed the director of a small domestic violence shelter to ask if she wanted some of the feminine hygiene products collected through Time of the Month Club, an annual donation drive I coordinate to collect tampons and pads for women who are homeless. There was extra left over after distribution to five local emergency shelters and because I'd seen this domestic violence shelter in the newspaper that morning, it occurred to me that they could possibly use some tampons and pads....more
J-MOM  I've thought about it but not thought about it, you know? When the shelter director made ...more

28,776 Times

  We just finished the third Time of the Month Club donation drive. The ending tally was 28,776 tampons, pads and wipes for women who are homeless in Milwaukee. The supplies are delivered to emergency shelters and outreach programs and put to use right away....more

5 Things I Remember about Middle School that I Bet are Still True More than 50 Years Later

Middle school was a critical juncture for me. Of course, this is only occurring to me now, fifty plus years after the fact. Here are five things I remember about middle school which I bet are still true today....more

The Sandra Bland Video Tells Us More Than What Happened

Once I saw Sandra Bland's smiling face in the news reports, I didn't want to watch the video of her arrest. It was going to be a level of wrongdoing and injustice that would be intolerable to watch, burn my eyes.What had to have happened between her joyful look in the photographs probably supplied by her loving family and the reports of her alleged suicide in jail would be outrageous, assault everything I keep wanting to think is true about America. We are mostly good and fair. Do I still believe this? I don't know....more

Why I'm Absolutely, 100% for Hillary Clinton

I've been watching as former Hillary supporters fall deeper and deeper in love with Bernie Sanders. Every day, there are new Bernie Sanders memes on Facebook, one friend after another sharing the latest capsule summary of his great ideas. Unlike other 'five things you need to know to live your life better every day' lists, the Bernie Sanders' lists have all my favorite things with proper spelling and syntax....more
I'm a woman, but Hillary doesn't look like me...... Her years with Bill have certainly shown on ...more