The Rusty Chain: Thinking about Abandonment and Adoption

Not everything about abandonment is sad. Take this beefy blue bike, for instance.One person might figure Beefy Blue was junked, its chain too rusty for locomotion. Another might see the same old bike as an opportunity to sail down the street with a loaf of bread and a pound of butter tucked into a new white basket snapped on to the pitted handlebars. This bike could say yesterday's done blues to one person and oh joy! to the next....more

Imagining a Life in the Red Chairs

Jerome, Arizona, is high up. It's not as high up as some towns in Arizona but it seems to be everyone's favorite high up town. It is old and carefully quirky, all the rust is artful and intentional and the mood is specially crafted to make visitors regret many of their life decisions.Why don't we live up on this mountain so we could sit in these red chairs?...more

Who Drives and Who Holds On? A Reflection on Motorcycles and Feminism

The Vespa came up alongside me yesterday at a busy stoplight. A young woman was driving with a guy sitting behind her. She was short and compact and it was obvious that the Vespa was hers and she was giving him a ride.He had his hands clutching the sides of the seat and his long legs jutted out like big handles on an old-fashioned tea cup. He seemed too tall to be a passenger, as if any Vespa should have a passenger, and I wondered as we moved forward in our double left turn lane how she would maneuver the turn with all that weight and height on the back....more


The mouse was in the garbage disposal.That's right. There was a live mouse in our garbage disposal. I called my husband and then walked out the front door."I'm leaving. Do you want a pair of gloves? You can't turn it on. Oh my God, don't turn it on." I said, covering my ears."I'll be outside."He was rummaging in the drawer with all the spatulas and big mixing spoons. Did he think there was some kind of 'getting the mouse out of the garbage disposal' utensil in there? Tongs? Oh, man....more

Open Letter to Women Whose Husbands Support Donald Trump

There are nice words for it. Some say Donald Trump's message resonates with working class white men. Some say Donald Trump is speaking to that group's economic woes, giving voice to their frustration, shining a light on a neglected demographic: white men who get no respect....more
Let's analyze this rant: <i>To ...more

The Gas Lighting of America

Photo: Sue Ogracki, APGreat gas lighters are born, not made.Either you have it or you don't. No amount of training or mentoring, reading or watching film can replace the rare God-given ability to tell extraordinary lies so fervently and frequently that people begin to doubt their own knowledge and beliefs....more

What's Different When Women Run Things

The people who say they won't vote for Hillary Clinton just because she's a woman are driving me nuts.It's the latest thing in feminism, apparently, to eschew voting for an extremely well-qualified female candidate in favor of another in the legion of white men who have run the country since the beginning of time. But yes, the essence of freedom is that people - men and women - are free to vote regardless of gender or race or anything else....more

There But For Fortune: Sue Klebold's Story

I know three women whose sons are in prison, two for having committed murder.These women are intelligent, kind, wise to the ways of the world, contributors to society. They look to me, each one of them, like they had to have been very good mothers. They seem wholesome and cheerful, exemplary, what anyone would want in a mother....more

5 Things Hillary Should Do After New Hampshire

None of us is surprised that Hillary Clinton lost in New Hampshire. The polls and pundits have been predicting this for weeks. So it's done. What's next? As a very strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, this is what I think she ought to do next....more

5 Reasons White People Can't Talk about Race

Say, you gathered a group of five of your White friends and five of Your Black friends and asked them to have a no-holds barred discussion about race.My prediction echoes Major Strasser in Casablana, "You would find the conversation a trifle one-sided."Your Black friends would be ready, their ideas formed, their sentences flowing like legal arguments pitched by Harvard-trained attorneys in front of the Supreme Court.Your White friends would nod.It's true. I know of which I speak. I've been one of the mute, nodding White people....more
At first, I did not know what to expect from this article.  Thanks for your enlightened ...more