Illegal Immigrants ‘Free Pass’ Humanitarian Crisis Draws Resources Away From Other Issues

News about illegal immigrants entering the United States in record numbers daily continues to be reported, as the numbers are expected to climb.  While reports are focused on record numbers of children entering the country alone, many are accompanied by their parents. ...more

12 Things You Should Do for You Every Day

What we do with each day should not be taken for granted.  Life is so very short.  I’ve been reminded of that many times.  With the loss of many family members, schoolmates and even neighbors, a few of them I have wondered whether they died with any regret.  Did they live life the best they could?...more

What if We Put the Cell Phone Away Awhile?

We’re all used to seeing people gathered.  That’s nothing unusual.  People gather for a variety of reasons and occasions.  But, it’s become a rare sight to see people gather and engage with one another without ...more

The #1 Secret to Living Like Successful People Do

What is the secret that successful people have that you’d love to know?  How did they grow from maybe nothing or very little to where they are now?  Is it possible you can do the same? ...more
NichelleRae Absolutely!  Go from there!more

Because I’m "Happy" Listening to Jeremy Green’s Amazing Rendition

You know a song is played a lot when people begin saying they’re tired of hearing it....more

Maya Angelou, a Phenomenal Woman, Has Died at Age 86

Dr. Maya Angelou, who was known most for being an award-winning poet, renowned author and civil rights activist, rose from an unkind childhood.  Through personal experience, she understood poverty and segregation firsthand.  She became one of the first black women to have the benefit of conventional success as an author.  Today, she died at age 86. ...more

Marine Brother Gives Sister Tearful Wedding Day Surprise (Video)

Sarah Atwood, just the night before, cried because her brother Daniel wouldn’t be attending her wedding.  Her mother read Daniel’s letter which said he wasn't able to get leave to attend. To Sarah, Daniel is not just her brother.  He’s her best friend....more

I Called Dad but Dementia Answered

As has been the case a lot lately, the day just got away from me.  The plan is to visit with dad tomorrow.  But, it’s more on my mind that I didn’t see him yesterday or today.  It’s getting late.  My best guess is he’s likely already had his shower and is tucked in bed for the night.  I feel like I need to hear his voice.  The phone is right there by his bed on the nightstand.  His second roommate in five mont...more
220cortstreet Thank you for the comment.  Yes, I do know what you mean. Being grateful for what ...more

Living with Purpose on Purpose

With each day, you should allow yourself to think about whether you have anything that holds you back from living your best life.  If there is anything at all, you should be willing to understand why.  Is it something which is out of your control or, is it you?  That which is out of your control should not be allowed to overwhelm your life.  Perhaps it is just temporary.  Perhaps it’s just not ever meant to be....more

Know the value of a moment.

If we were to treat every single day as a priority to make self matter, we will automatically be more aware of all that truly matters.  We will be better at letting the truly small things go.  By making every day count to the fullest we should somehow manage to feel better.  Go to work.  Go to school.  Go where-ever it is you must go, physically and mentally, each and every day.  But, at the end of it, you ...more