Wow I can’t believe it’s September. Jeez time flies. And this summer has been all over the place so I figure a catch up post is in order, so here’s what I’ve been up to currently… Watching…...more

fueling my mornings

So I work at 6 am everyday which means I wake up at 4:45 am. For reals. I’m actually a morning person so I’d much rather get to work early because that means I get to be done earlier ....more

los angeles weekend

As I said last week, we were in LA for a few days on my birthday through the weekend. My best friend, Jaime, lives out there and I like to visit whenever we get a chance. But we actually haven’t been out for a visit for about 3 years ....more

cous cous salad

I’m not ready for summer to be over yet, even though everyone is starting to talk about fall. We still have a lot of summer left so I’m excited to continue to try out new and interesting...more

happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday! Another year older (sigh), another year wiser (yay) and just in general another amazing year! As you are reading this, I’m probably on a plane – we’re on our way to LA until Sunday ....more

thrifting haul

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was fun and over too fast. As always ....more

$200 J Crew Giveaway

Happy weekend! Excited to share a fun giveaway I’m a part of right now – $200 to J. Crew ....more

an open letter to the property brothers

You all know that I’m HGTV obsessed. It’s basically the only channel number that I know. And I think I’ve seen every episode of every show ....more

office versus cubicle life

For years, I worked in an open office type environment. After law school, I had my own office at a law firm for three years. And now I’m back in a cubicle ....more

why i stopped wearing my wedding rings

If you are a seriously good stalker, you may have noticed I haven’t been wearing my wedding rings. But, more likely, you haven’t noticed this at all. Because, why would you? ...more