the pug life chose me

Pinterest (and the internet in general) is full of pugisms, such as the ever popular “I didn’t choose the pug life; the pug life chose me” with a corresponding pug life photo. And this made me realize – seriously, the pug life did choose me. I was never much of a dog person ....more

life in motion by misty copeland review

I just read Misty Copeland’s book, Life in Motion. If you don’t already know, Misty is the first black soloist at the prestigious American Ballet Theater in 20 years. I knew a little about Misty’s background but it was great to read more about her life ....more

trend following

I just made up this term (or maybe I didn’t – who knows or cares). Trend following...more

lemon veggie lentil soup

Wintertime = soups. It’s just simple math, right? I’ve been attempting to cook more lately and want to get back to posting by Recipeasies (aka easy peasy recipes) ....more

i had an emotion

On our honeymoon in Maui, one of the most amazing things we saw was the sunrise at the top of Haleakala, which is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level. This is where I had an emotion. Every travel guide will tell you that this is a must see ....more

ultimate cash giveaway – win $700 cash!

Happy humpday! To celebrate being halfway done with the work week, I have a great giveaway for you all. The prize is cash money – $700 to be exact ....more

5 tools for blog organization

Blogging is a lot of work (duh) so organization is key (double duh). I work better when I’m working with a plan so here are the 5 must have tools I use for blog organization. 1. Calendar Calendars are so essential for keeping organized ....more


I haven’t done a life...more

what i’ve learned from traveling

I definitely don’t travel as much as I used to. In my early and mid 20’s I was lucky to be able to travel a good bit, mostly around Europe. Now I’m a lame-o and don’t travel too often ....more

what to do when you’re feeling blog crazy

It’s a new year! And it’s a time for looking back on the past year and forward for this year. One thing I’ve been reflecting on is blogging ....more