add some spice to thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving this week, we all know that our kitchens are going to be full of activity. And it’s a perfect time to spend some time with your significant other and let your unique cooking skills shine. Jarrod and I aren’t the best cooks but we are trying to eat better and spend more time together cooking ....more

some little home updates

So I told you all about our new home plans on Monday. So we have been working on some little home updates lately. I’m just mad we didn’t do these things a long time ago so that we could’ve enjoyed them ....more

when i loved music

When I was in college, music was one of the most important things to me. I loved listening to my favorite bands, spent a ton of money on CD’s (yeah, I’m dating myself) and went to a ton of concerts. I was so cliche – I worked at a music store, was snarky to customers and had a lip piercing ....more

wedding wednesday – reception photos

You know the drill – it’s Wednesday so I’mma inundate you with millions of wedding photos. Duh. Today I’m sharing photos from the reception and details from the reception ....more

we’re moving!

… Eventually. Sorry for the fake out! But yeah, we are working on putting our house up for sale soon ....more

how to live life like a pug

Pugs live the easy life. They basically sleep 20 hours a day. In between all that napping, they bark at us to feed them, they get some snuggles, play a bit and mope around about the fact that they aren’t sleeping ....more

wedding wednesday – couple photos

Alert! You are about to enter a land of extreme vanity where there are one million photos of me and my husband looking all fancy schmancy and in love. If that’s not you think, you’ve been warned! ...more

easy ways to be a cheapo – painless ways to save money

They say that rich people stay rich because they are frugal. I’m not rich by any standards but I’m trying to live frugally too. It’s just smart, right? ...more

your blogging “to do” list

Blogging is a lot of work, so staying organized is key. I’m always working on improving my blog and my blog organization. I’m still learning but I want to share with you all some things I’ve learned along the way! ...more

wedding wednesday – group photos

Welcome back to another Wedding Wednesday – where I inundate you with one million photos from my wedding. Woohoo! (That was a lot of w’s!) Today I’m going to share our group photos with the wedding party ....more