Introducing Blog and Be Legal!

If you haven’t heard, I’ve launched my brand new course – Blog and Be Legal! I’ve been gushing about it to my email list and on social media, but I realized I haven’t really shared a ton about it on the blog. Oops! ...more

How to Write Legal Statements to Protect Your Blog (Audit Your Blog)

Have you been keeping up with the Audit Your Blog series? In week one, we talking about the legal questions you need to be asking in order to make sure your blog is legal. Then in week two, we talked about how to research the legalese (aka legal language and protections) your blog needs ....more

Researching the Legalese Your Blog Needs (Audit Your Blog)

Welcome to Week 2 of the Audit Your Blog mini-series. This week I’ll be chatting about researching the legalese your blog needs. But before we get into that, as a reminder, last week we talked about the legal questions you need to be asking about your blog ....more

Legal Questions You Need to Be Asking About Your Blog (Audit Your Blog)

So I know that the law is super confusing. It’s broad and there are weird Latin words and there’s just so much stuff. So it can be really hard to know where to get started when it comes to your blog and business ....more

20 Legal Things EVERY Blogger Needs to Know

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a blast participating in an amazing virtual conference and presented a webinar called the Legal Aspects of Blogging ....more


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a regular old life update type post. So I figured this is the best way to update you with what’s going on in my life now! So let’s get to it – here’s what I’m up to currently… Working…...more

How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

Anyone else feel like a fraud? There are tons of people out there on the internet and business world doing AMAZING things. It’s a full time job just trying to keep up with the awesome things everyone is doing ....more

Blog Disclosures – What You Need to Know

Today we’re talking about blog disclosures and exactly what you NEED to know as a blogger. Yes, I know I’ve been harping on the legal language you need to be adding to your blog. Ok, not “harping” since that makes me sound that an old nag ....more

Blogging Legally 101

Welcome to class – Blogging Legally 101! Today’s lesson is about taking it back to the way way basics. If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you might already be aware of a lot of this ....more

How to Create Your Blog Privacy Statement

Does your blog have a privacy statement? I’m guessing if you’re here, it probably doesn’t, but you’re thinking that it should. And I’m here to tell you – yep, it should! ...more