the future of blogging?

Has anyone else noticed a change in blogging lately? I’ve seen more bloggers taking extended hiatuses, people complaining about the expectation of portraying a “perfect life” (through blogging and especially Instagram), the backlash of impossible Pinterest perfection and just the general over-saturation of information out there. I’ve been blogging now for nearly 3 years and I’m feeling the pressure, writer’s block and even some of the annoyance too ....more

easy ways to streamline blogging

There is so much to do with blogging, so we need to streamline the process any way that we can! Here are a few easy ways to streamline blogging to make it simpler and faster. Use a content calendar If you know what you are going to post and when, it makes things so much easier ....more

planning quick weekend trips

How was everyone’s weekend? It’s crazy how fast every weekend goes – I swear summer will be over before we know it! Summer is all about enjoying every weekend and making the most of it ....more

me as a kid

I was just reminiscing about how, as a second child, there are way less photos of me than there are of my sister. But I should also point out that my sister was the cutest kid ever with her long pretty straight hair. I, on the other hand, had many many awkward years, especially with the glasses, braces and perms ....more


Yeah, I wish I were that sleeping pug up there. What a life, right? I’ve been so busy and of course the blog slacking ....more

summer gardening

Happy Monday everyone! I’ve shared the inside of our house (here and here), so today I’m showing you the outside, mainly to show off my gardening and plants I haven’t killed so far. Woohoo! ...more

korean potato salad

Today I’m excited to share another recipe I stole from my mother – woohoo! I finally made one of my fave recipes of hers, which is a Korean potato salad. I’ve heard of different ways of making this salad, some with apples, walnuts and raisins too, but this is my fave kind ....more

july goals

So I’m a few days late buuuuut I was slacking with posting last week, so here we are finally with my July goals and recap of my June goals. Before we get to it, how was everyone’s July 4th weekend? We had a great one and it was nice to have an extra day off ....more

more house tour photos

A few weeks ago, I shared some photos from our new house – just the first floor though because it was turning into a photo overload. So today I’m here sharing the rest. There isn’t as much to show up here and there’s lots more work to be done, but it’s fun working on everything ....more

summer reading

I love reading and I’m a relatively fast reader. That is, when I actually sit down and read. I usually only do that on vacation or right before bed ....more