taking great photos of your pet

Happy Friday and Labor Day weekend to everyone! I’m excited for today’s guest post since it’s about a few of my fave things – dogs (duh) and photography. Check out these amazing tips for taking great photos of your pet from Madison at The Wetherills Say I Do...more

why i’m turning into my mom

My mom is great. She is a tiny little Korean woman (who just turned 64 yesterday!) who has way more energy than I do. She helped me with yardwork/gardening over the summer, is the best cook ever, has been helping me with wedding planning and is probably the most generous person I know ....more

cleveland weekend

Thanks for commiserating with me after yesterday’s post. Sucks but I’ve moved on – back to blogging about pugs and wedding and food and other lovely fun nonsense. In a good way of course ....more

blogging lessons

So if you follow me on twitter, you might’ve heard a little about this story I have for today. On Friday I had a sponsored guest post up on the blog. During the week I had been emailing with the person about the post and we had agreed on a price and a day for the post ....more

Looking for Jewelry That Won’t Cause Allergies

Note that this post was not written by Jackie from Jade and Oak....more

#GetHealthyHappy with the #PerfectWeight for Your Pets

“I’m so surprised how normal sized your pugs are!” I hear this or something similar to this quite a bit. Pugs are supposed to be chubby doggies but they can easily turn from normal chubsters to obese. Pugs looooove their food and would like nothing more than to chow down on deliciousness all day long ....more

$300 paypal cash birthday giveaway extravaganza!

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee! So yes, today is my birthday. It’s not that exciting because I’m older than the age of 25 and not as excited about my birthday anymore ....more

why i write

Happy Monday / my birthday eve! That counts as a holiday, right? Good ....more

coffee fueled inspiration

I’m not sure when exactly I became a coffee person but I am definitely one now. Having my daily cup (or two) is a necessary beginning to my day. My daily coffee cup inspires me to start my day off on the best foot ....more

my desert island

You know those questions like “if you were stranded on a desert island, what would you eat/take/read/etc?” This is what would be on my desert island. PS I might’ve typed “dessert” several times first during this draft. Book - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen ....more