Blog Disclosures – What You Need to Know

Today we’re talking about blog disclosures and exactly what you NEED to know as a blogger. Yes, I know I’ve been harping on the legal language you need to be adding to your blog. Ok, not “harping” since that makes me sound that an old nag ....more

Blogging Legally 101

Welcome to class – Blogging Legally 101! Today’s lesson is about taking it back to the way way basics. If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you might already be aware of a lot of this ....more

How to Create Your Blog Privacy Statement

Does your blog have a privacy statement? I’m guessing if you’re here, it probably doesn’t, but you’re thinking that it should. And I’m here to tell you – yep, it should! ...more

Sole Proprietor or LLC: Which is Right for Your Business?

So you want to start a business? Or… so you already started a business? Or you want to start a business or you already started a business and aren’t sure what business entity is best?? ...more

Spring Clean Your Blog

Remember January? It was just a few months ago. Starting a new year...more

Terms and Conditions: What They Are and Why Your Blog Needs Them

So what the heck are terms and conditions (also known as terms of use or terms of service)? You probably know of terms and conditions (which I’m going to call T&C to make them sound cuter) as the boring language that’s on some hidden page of a blog that no one looks at. Yeah that’s kinda true ....more

My Case Study: Growing My Blog With Pinterest

(Heads up: This post contains some affiliate links, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I wouldn’t be including ANY of these links if I didn’t truly believe in every product.) So I know how scary it can be to invest money into your blog. You might be just starting out or you don’t think it’s worth it to shell out money or you figure you’ll learn strategies without having to spend money. I know – because I thought the same exact thing ....more

Email Newsletters and the Law – What You Need To Know

Have you heard? You NEED to have an email newsletter. Like yesterday ....more

Why You Need To Post Less Often On Your Blog

When I first started blogging, I posted 5 days a week. That’s insane. Granted, some of the posts were really quick “hey this is what I ate this weekend!” posts ....more