Will I Survive the Terrible Year of the Threenager?

I feel pretty confident that the answer is no!  Maybe physically I'll survive ... nothing has succeeded in killing me yet.  Mentally, however, my threenager is making me more and more insane. ...more

Please Don't Give Me a Push Present, UNLESS...

I found the topic of push presents, or push gifts, to be rather materialistic in nature.  I, still, can't quite grasp the idea that a woman should receive some fancy trinket or bauble because she has given (or will give) birth to a baby, which, more than likely, SHE wanted in the first place.I say these things as a mother of one and currently expecting my second.  With my first pregnancy, I enjoyed it rather immensely and I was just so excited to be having a baby that gifts other than what we needed for the baby never even came to mind.  I carried and delivered a baby because that is what I wanted to do.  No one forced me to have a baby.  I wasn't doing it out of guilt or obligation.  I was having a baby because it was a dream of mine for as long as I could remember....more

Do You Like Being Pregnant?

With my first pregnancy, I loved the majority of the nine months.  There were a few days that weren't quite pleasurable, but overall, I had a decent pregnancy.  I think the couple of times I didn't like it were the few days of morning sickness or inability to eat, and the hot summer months when I was at my largest.  And, as most mothers experience, the last couple of weeks were miserable as I was too large around my midsection to tie shoes or bend over to pick up anything I dropped....more

Poor Response to Hashimoto's Treatment - Testing Adrenals/Cortisol

I had all but neglected the health part of my blog.  I haven't updated anyone on my "progress" in what seems like forever.  How does that happen?  Let me tell you ...I've spent months working with my doctor to get Hashi under control.  I've gone from gluten free living, to Paleo, to some sort of hybrid after food intolerance testing.  Every stage in treatment has left me feeling more and more run down.  Further and further away from my goal of healing.  I've been beyond frustrated and lacked motivation or energy to do much....more

I'm Still Proud of Baltimore Mom Controlling Rioting Son

I admit two things when I saw the video of this Baltimore mother who was angry that her son was involved in the rioting.  The first, is that I was cheering her on, because I was glad to see that at least one mother was taking responsibility for her child's actions.  Secondly, I was a little perturbed that she was repeatedly hitting him.  Still, some of the remarks on social media and blog posts regarding the instance hit a nerve with me....more

Children's Clothing I Can't Stand!

I honestly don't know my inspiration for this post ... I was sitting down relaxing on the couch during kiddo's quiet time and I began thinking about clothes she would need for preschool.  Somehow, that turned into thinking about all the styles I've seen in the last few years that I have found absolutely atrocious.  So, I thought it would be funny to share my thoughts on children's clothing styles that I can't stand.  Read on, and don't forget to leave me your comments ... I'm certain you will have plenty to say....more