You Might Be In The First Trimester of Pregnancy If…

You might be in the first trimester of pregnancy if… 1. You have an ultrasound photo on your refrigerator with the words “Baby!!!” next to what appears to be an alien life form or a blob of ink. Without the word baby nobody would know what they were looking at. 2 ....more

I Survived My First Art Show

New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair 2015 I survived my first art show! I haven’t unpacked my paintings or my jewelry yet so I feel like I haven’t quite finished the whole process, but I wanted to update you on how it went. I’m putting off the big unpack because I am implementing an inventory system and I need a big chunk of time to do it correctly ....more

2015 New Mexico Arts And Crafts Fair Begins Today

Hey, Happy Readers, I’ve been missing in action on the blog lately because I have been busy getting ready for the 2015 New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair. It begins today so if you are in the Albuquerque area this weekend stop by and say hello. I spent yesterday setting up my booth and I was impressed by the amazing work going up around me ....more

My Kid Needs A Job In Sales

I’ve been feeling under the weather so my husband decided to get up with our daughter this morning and let me get some extra sleep. I was snoozing away when something woke me up: A small shuffle, odd breathing in my ear, the sense that someone was standing over me. It Was a Hazy Day 4×6 alcohol ink painting by Lillian Connelly on photo paper ....more

Art Gives Me An Excuse For Solitude

My friend shared a post on Facebook about people with anxiety and one of the things the author talked about was having a “people hangover” and I couldn’t stop nodding. A people hangover is when you have used up all of your energy being with other people and so you feel drained, tired, and desperate for some time alone. I think this applies to introverts just as much as people suffering from anxiety ....more

Selfies Are Easy When You Are Five

My daughter can take a selfie much better than I can. The other day I picked up my phone and had 25 new photos of her that I did not take. She took them all by herself with her itty bitty hands ....more

I Could Be The Next Mr. Bean

Ever have a moment where you just know you could have been a British comedy star if only you had...more

This Young Mom With Cancer Needs Our Help

Linda Shaver Gleason...more

Animalitos A Class With Artist Tracy Verdugo

I’m taking a class called Animalitos with artist Tracy Verdugo. It’s all sorts of awesome so I had to share it with you. Tracy Verdugo has no idea I am writing this review of her class, but since I’m exuding positivity and doing cartwheels over it I am sure she won’t mind ....more

How To Make Your Own Stamps

I’m involved with some art journal groups this year. I haven’t kept up with the weekly prompts, but I am doing some of them and maybe I will catch up eventually. I see many of the artists in my groups using stamps in their work and I wanted to do some stamping too, but I also knew I wanted to make my own stamps so I figured I might as well learn how to do that for my art journal pages ....more