Sometimes I Want The Biggest Piece Of Cake

A few years ago I was watching my husband serve cake and I noticed that he gave himself the biggest piece. I started paying more attention to how things were distributed. When I made dinner (or dessert) I gave my husband or my daughter the most, the biggest, the best looking, and let’s be honest, the least burnt of whatever I was making ....more

DIY Fairy Garden Play Set For Kids

I made a DIY fairy garden play set for my daughter and now you can make one too! Here is the supply list: Wooden Doll People like these I bought on Amazon. 2. Artificial flowers (bought mine at the Dollar Tree). 3 ....more

How To Shower In A Public Bathroom While Camping If You Are Six Years Old

How to shower in a public bathroom while camping if you are six years old: An Instructional Manual. Step 1: Run to the bathroom as fast as you can, confident your mother has brought everything you need. Step 2: Attempt to input door code slowly, twice ....more

How To Shower In A Public Bathroom While Camping

How to shower in a public bathroom while camping: An instructional manual. Step 1: Walk to the bathroom with all of your essentials. Step 2: Hang items on hooks or set on wet benches ....more

Stop Being A Snail Right Now

I went to Walmart yesterday with both kids. Now, the baby often falls asleep in her car seat so in a desperate attempt to not wake her I usually put the entire seat into the back of a shopping cart. Of course, this leaves very little room for actual shopping items, but whatever, it’s the best I can do ....more

Crusty Burrito Makes Gross Living Room Debut

Ever get a surprise burrito? Not so much in the good, “Oh my gawd thank you so much for this delicious, free burrito!” kind of way, but more in the, “Oh my gawd what is that random, crusty burrito doing there?” kind of way? I have ....more

When Your Baby Turns Six Months

My new baby will be six months old on Wednesday. I’m kind of in shock, but that’s probably just the months of sleep deprivation, eating badly, and getting barely any exercise talking. Hey, I’m not complaining, but the first six months of baby are pretty exhausting, even when it’s mixed up with plenty of adorable moments ....more

We Need More Words For Mental Illness

In the U.S. mass shooters are described as mentally ill. People argue and fight on social media about what needs to be done and we scream for the mentally ill to be screened before purchasing a gun. We blame the shooters behavior on some type of mental defect ....more

Life Is Not A Competition

My daughter is in kindergarten and suddenly everything seems to be a competition. EVERYTHING. Who has the most friends ....more

Mistakes Are How We Learn

I’m rushing around the house trying to serve breakfast, dress everyone, and get out the door. Things keep going wrong because I haven’t slept well in weeks. New baby on board ....more