This is how people are using Sketchfactor

So there's this new app that came out today that everyone is talking about called Sketchfactor. Basically the app is meant for sharing where there's weird sketchy things in your area or an area you're planning on visiting. It's meant to be like a heads up for dangerous areas that you might want to avoid ....more

He cannot be punished.

My little wannabe teenager has been getting in trouble lately. Nothing serious, but I have been having to lay the smack down which is usually just taking away technology. It's devastating for him for about 3 minutes until he realizes that it's no big deal ....more

Free Watercolor Vectors for Download

For full resolution download HERE....more

The Design Shop Is Open.

I'm kind of trying to put myself out there more, pursue some things that used to make me really happy. I used to love to create and design but I found myself getting way too caught up in life and then barely even turning on the computer. I didn't have a single creative thought in weeks and I just let my body go through the motions of daily routine ....more

I have pink eye.

So much time keeps passing between my posts that when I think about updating my blog I think, what's the point? It's like skipping episodes of an action packed show and then having someone sort of explain what you missed (but really, my life isn't like an action packed show so that was a terrible analogy).I realized that last week my kid had a minor case of pink eye and I just chocked it up to an eye cold. He had a slightly runny nose so it just made sense to me ....more

Moonshine will make you very, very drunk.

I failed to mention that I had went on a trip a few weeks ago to visit family. Wyatt and I flew out to Maryland and stayed with my Grandpa for his annual Chili Fest. He's been having it for the last 5 years since my grandmother passed away ....more

Check out my post on Who's Yo Mommy!

This post is sponsored by Sony Pictures, but I think it's cool enough to share with you guys....more

Homemade Coffee Popsicles and an Update on my Weight Loss

My weight loss is going well. So far I'm down a little over 18 lbs and I'm tracking like crazy on myfitnesspal. I jump rope almost everyday and try to get an hours worth in, which usually has me burning around 500 calories ....more

Stay out of my uterus.

To be totally caught up on the SCOTUS ruling, please read this first. (via here) My social media has been craaaaaazy with the latest ruling from SCOTUS. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts here on my blog because this ruling is important, and life changing ....more

A Friend Will Not Tell You The Truth.

BEFORE. A friend will be by your side in a million ways than one. They'll be there during the birth of your child, they'll tell you when you're acting like a bitch, and they'll listen to your most appalling confessions....more