Let's honour our Moms.

My earliest memory is thinking she was the most beautiful woman.  I would watch her put on her liquid eye liner and her lipstick...she had a specific way of doing it and always the tissue blot!  I would ask to keep that lipstick kiss stamp.  ...more
Brought a tear to my eye!  Watching you become a mom, while not yet one myself, was inspiring.more

Peel back layers.

Maybe, it is because I chose to write it all down.  Maybe, it is just where I am in life.  Perhaps, it is because I can.  Whatever the underlying reason is I have struggled this winter with all of it.  ...more

Honesty. In life and death.

“Mom?”“Hi, honey.”“Mom, I have to tell you something.”“Ok.”She held my hand and smiled at me.“Mom, is it hard for you to concentrate?”“I don’t know.”She frowned.  ...more

Prepare all you want - you will never be ready.

Mom was tired out.She couldn’t eat.Everything tasted like metal.Water was the only thingShe could tolerate.She slept a lot.She watched tv.She didn’t complain.On a bad day She would say she had the ‘yucks’.Cold symptoms developed.And then progressed.The doctor prescribed antibioticsAnd insisted Mom go to the ERIf she became worse.Not twenty four hours later,She called me. She was much worse.I had trouble understanding her...more

Mom didn't want to die.

She found the energy SomehowTo get to the clinicFor another appointment.Only to find outHer blood work was too low.No chemotherapy.The disappointment ...more

Spring Cleaning at -17 Degrees!


The kitties.

(I had to write this.  It has been expected.) Max....more

Another list of gratitude.

Here it is...My brand new WHITE soaker tubBenjamin Moore paintThat one...more
What a winter it has been!  Bring spring on.more

Surviving the cancer clinic, one appointment at a time.

We stood out In the sea of patients.Mom was always smiling.She was always thankful,To the nurses.She became connected, To these women.She began to refer to them as, ...more

This winter has been hard on my cats.

It's true.  This winter has created monsters out of my four cats.  Yes, four cats...don't judge.  I didn't start out with a goal of being the crazy cat lady, but, alas, I have become just that.  My cats are all outdoor lovers.  This winter has kept them indoors with pent up energy.  They gave up even attempting to go out on the deck.  Too cold.  Too much snow.  ...more