I Made Mom Cry

*Lovingly dedicated to you, if your kids made you cry this summer*Yesterday I made my mom cry....more

Things You Might Learn by Standing Yourself Up

Have you ever shut the parenting door behind you, hanging a “Back in 5″ sign on it and walked away holding your breath in anticipation of the grand reunion with you?I left my children for four days at the end of July to attend a much awaited conference. In the months leading up to it, I’ve been keeping a BlogHer mental vision board and pinned to it were notions of self-fulfillment, female friendship, “self-reunion” and occupying the remaining ninety percent – uninterrupted sleep....more

3 Go To Spring Looks for New Moms

Remember the time you had to push out a person and then for three months you “walked” around feeling like you were just hit by a truck, but society still expected you to wear clothes?...more

And don't forget to act out, my love


Parenting's Ten Plagues

ast night we celebrated Passover. On the holiday that marks the freedom of my ancestors from Pyramid building I was being held hostage by 19 Month Old and his new negotiation technique, crib jumping. A while ago I had mentioned my kids’ chronic suffering from a condition called The Daycares. Yesterday it was 19 Month Old’s turn to show symptoms, so he stayed at home while the Passover meal was being prepared and thoughts of the ten plagues were plaguing....more

Forgive me for Stomping all over your Victory

His eyes are searching. His facial expression is one of contained alarm. He’s standing at the doorway in his military camouflage snow suit and winter gear, stopped in his tracks by an entirely different kind of storm. His search finally yields something:...more

The Blogging Casualties

A funny thing happened on my way home from the grocery store. As I was approaching my house I lifted my gaze to the window, expecting for a whole second to actually see my dog. Then I remembered she wasn’t going to be there. Can’t be there. It’s been well over a year now, but I suppose home and its derivative, comfort-ness, will forever be connected with the presence of a beloved pet....more

Suck it, Pinterest

OR: (Not So) Fun Winter Activities For You and Your Toddler...more
KarenLynnn My son doesn't speak in phrases yet but he uses Mama profusely for everyone and ...more

The Sleep Deprivation Ping Pong

A new parenting low.  I take momentary solace in my ability to detach myself from this insanity by conjuring up some words for my next post, the Mourning Sleep one I’ve been trying to grow from the infertile soil that is my sleep deprived brain. Rock bottom, I tell myself. From an aerial view it would probably look almost caricature-esque. Half of my body is inside One Year Old’s crib....more

The Tradition of Not Celebrating Christmas

Seven years ago I’ve moved into a society where you either celebrate Christmas or you don’t. If you belong to the first group then it’s OK to wish you a Merry Christmas. If you don’t, and sometimes even if you do, they’ll opt for the safer all-inclusive Happy Holidays. And there you have it, plain and simple – two greetings for two groups....more