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Open Letter to Those Who Don't Believe in Publicly Funded and Regulated Daycare

In response to the commenters on this article in the Toronto Star—and every article ever—about the need for safe, affordable childcare for working families. ...more
laughingmom This is exactally my point. Perhaps those in the US think differently about the way ...more

On Raising boys

 As a woman who grew up in a house full of women, and whose family is dominated by girl children, it was a huge shock to me when my first kid came out a boy. Literally. We didn’t find out which version we had while I was pregnant, and all my life I just assumed I was destined to have girls. To this day I still look at my life and I’m all like “wow, living with boys is just… wow…”....more

Mindfull Parenting. Really?!?

Oh boy, another guilt-free way to parent my kids that makes me feel guilty for not doing it like I’m apparently supposed to be doing it....more

my little fruit trees

I came across this quote yesterday on GoodReads.com.It reminded me of my littles so much I almost got weepy reading it....more

NaBloPoMo: Achievement *Unlocked*

Today marks the last day of NaBloPoMo 2013 and I think I did a pretty good job....more

“Bye bye dada!” “Nini dada!” ~ NaBloPoMo

Yup, so yesterday (Friday) was redic – cray cray and I ended up forgetting to NaBloPoMo. So two posts today, one back dated, ‘cause I can cheat like that. You’re not my supervisor!!!I left work early yesterday so that I could take the peanut to his speech therapy session.I like to think that he’s improving but I can’t help but feel bad that he’s so far behind compared to other kids his age....more

Throwback Thursday ~ baby's breath ~ NaBloPoMo

'Member this'?No, you probably don't.It's my blog header from like a million years ago.That's the preshus when he was but a wee little thing, and that's one of this blog's old names, "baby's breath".Brings back the memories....more

Wordless Wednesday ~ NaBloPoMo

Life is good.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sleep deprived mother of two, Preshus Me blogs at Preshusme.com and tweets at PreshusMe....more

NaBloPoMo ~ Navigating Parenting And Raising A Family In Public ~ BlissDom Canada

Writing my BlissDom wrap-up posts kind of fell by the wayside after I wrote my first few. My bad. I’m a busy gal.Here is a rundown of my notes from another of the sessions I attended:...more