Superheroes are all around us

Busted trying to sneak a costume off the shelf....more

Saddness, Language, Love and Hope

How to shop Like A Boss this holiday season

This is how I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping this year. Of course it only works with merchants who subscribe to these programs, but most major retailers do which is completely handy for me....more

I write, therefore I am

I see myself, sitting in an office, you know, one of those old school library type offices and it's all mine. I don't have to share it with anyone. It will have a comfortable chair and a cute lamp. Office supplies, the expensive cute kind that I would never buy now, but which will be an essential part of my desk litter....more

Buyer, Beware?

 Today is day three of NaBloPoMo and already I feel like I don't have anything to write about. When this happens from time to time I'll be using the Daily Post prompts for inspiration. And I do need some inspiration today....more
Wscottling Word up!more

6 days till 40

Open Letter to Those Who Don't Believe in Publicly Funded and Regulated Daycare

In response to the commenters on this article in the Toronto Star—and every article ever—about the need for safe, affordable childcare for working families. ...more
laughingmom This is exactally my point. Perhaps those in the US think differently about the way ...more

On Raising boys

 As a woman who grew up in a house full of women, and whose family is dominated by girl children, it was a huge shock to me when my first kid came out a boy. Literally. We didn’t find out which version we had while I was pregnant, and all my life I just assumed I was destined to have girls. To this day I still look at my life and I’m all like “wow, living with boys is just… wow…”....more

Mindfull Parenting. Really?!?

Oh boy, another guilt-free way to parent my kids that makes me feel guilty for not doing it like I’m apparently supposed to be doing it....more

my little fruit trees

I came across this quote yesterday on reminded me of my littles so much I almost got weepy reading it....more