Letters to our Sons ~ My Job

Once again I'm participating in a blog circle hosted by LaShawn over at Everyday Eyecandy where participants each write a letter to our children and post it on our blogs, linking them to the next person in the circle. At the end of the post, please feel free to click the link and visit the next person in the circle.Share the love and enjoy the peek into our relationships with our children.  ...more

Shift Worker

 1st ShiftWake up, wake up again. Get up, get ready for work. Wake the kids up, start prepping breakfast. Wake the kids up again. Get kids ready for school. Drop them off. Get to work. Late. 2nd ShiftDay job. 3rd Shift...more

NaBloPoMo Day 17 ~ For Them

PromptWhat is the one thing you need to see to feel like your life is complete?That's easy. My children's faces. I've always felt that my purpose here on earth was to have children and to do my part in bringing in the next generation. My boys are still little, but looking at their faces every day gives me life, gives me purpose, and even on the days when there are tears, reminds me every day why I'm here. For them....more

Bullet Journal, how I love thee… let me count the ways…

I've been keeping a journal, in one form or another, for pretty much my entire adult, and even back into my adolescent, life. I think I first started in Jr. High when I was first exposed to school timetables for classes. Then, in high school, the idea of keeping an agenda was introduced to me, to keep track of classes, homework, tests, etc. I loved keeping track of all the different pieces of my life....more

The Joy of Journal Keeping

It can be argued, that the very nature of an online blog ( a web log) is that it is an electronic version of a personal journal or diary. Actually, there is no argument, from what my foggy brain can recall, the whole purpose of keeping an online journal back in the olden days was that it was a way for those of us who enjoyed the practice of keeping a personal diary, a way to share those words and experiences with an online community of like-minded individuals. ...more
I have few notebooks as my journal. Somedays I just like writing on paper. Other times, ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 4 ~ Not a nurse

 PromptWhen you were a kid, did you want to have the same job or a different job than your parents when you grew up?My mom is a Registered Nurse and ever since I was young she tried to convince me that being a nurse was the best career I could possibly go for. A good stable job that paid well.I never wanted to be a nurse, mostly because of the fact that I hated having a mom who worked shift work and was often at work evenings and weekends....more
I don't like people being stuck with a needle or cut open. So I don't do surgery nor ER but I'm ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 3 ~ World Traveller

 Prompt:What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?When I was a kid I thought that being a flight attendant would be the coolest job in the world. You were basically getting paid to fly around the world, serving food and drinks, meeting interesting new people.Of course, as I got older, I learned that working in the airline industry was, and is, much more complicated than that....more

Don't panic! He's just a non-verbal fournager.

In two days we go for the peanut's ASD assessment. This will be the first time that he has been evaluated by a professional who can (hopefully) tell us if his speech/language delay is in the normal range, or if it is part of a larger developmental problem....more

Making Memories

Us moms are often so busy with the day-to-day of keeping our families going that we forget how important the memories we're making are. I know from personal experience that the days go by so fast that the memories I'm making with my kids often slip away before I can even take the time to appreciate them. My sketchy memory is the main reason why I blog and why I take pictures, so that I can remember the big and little things that make up the bits and pieces of my life. The memories that I don't want to forget....more

Superheroes are all around us

Busted trying to sneak a costume off the shelf....more