A New Normal

It’s been over a week since my son left for college and I still close his bedroom door every night and open it in the morning....more

A Surprising Thing That I Will Miss When My Kid Goes to College

We are less than a month away from the day that we leave our older son behind at college and head home to a slightly emptier house.In order to avoid thinking about that for too long, I have been putting my energy into dealing with all of crap that needs to be done before he leaves for school: dorm room shopping, doctor’s appointments, haircut appointments, clothes shopping and, as a last-minute stressor, wisdom teeth extractions....more

Top Ways My Life Has Changed Since My Kids Became Teenagers

I’ve been chugging along, doing the parenting thing and not really paying attention to all of the changes in my life. Sure, I’ve noticed what’s going on with my kids growth and I’ve noted their milestones but I didn’t really pay attention to how much my life has changed (and I’m not talking about the gray hair, wrinkles and all around aging that I’ve done since they were little).No, it’s the day-to-day stuff that changed and I didn’t really see it coming.Until now....more

Mother Does Not Know Best

Honey, when someone is mean to you,don't give them flowers....more

Schools Out Forever and Other "Last" Moments

Today was the last full day of high school for my oldest son. Yesterday was the last Wednesday and tomorrow will be the last time he sets foot in the school as a student.I’ve been doing this morbid mental list of last moments for months now. Yesterday I even took a photo: ...more

The Five Most Ridiculous New Prom Traditions

What’s happening to high school Prom?We already know there’s so much drama surrounding the event that Hollywood has immortalized it in movies like Pretty in Pink, Ten Things I Hate About You, and Carrie—you know, typical tales of unrequited love, fighting couples, pig’s blood and telekinesis (ok, maybe Carrie isn’t the best example). But now senior prom has reached a frenzy once reserved only for weddings—just without the gift registry (although that’ll be next, I’m sure)....more
I agree - Prom has gotten totally out of control!  We have a beautiful resort hotel 5 minutes ...more

Dear College Admissions Counselor, Please Answer These Application Questions

Dear College Admissions Counselors, Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make a plea for my kid to get into your school. I am submitting an application for you to complete for my consideration of your school. See, if I’m going to sell myself to the devil in order to help pay for my son’s education, I think I have the right to make you impress me. Yes, we’ve visited the schools, attended the info sessions, and reviewed the websites to make sure that you are a good fit for my kid but really, is that enough? ...more
I work at a University and I'd like to applaud Cheryl! Well said.more

The BM* Phenomenon

Has this ever happened to you?You hear a word or you come up with an idea and suddenly that word or idea is EVERYWHERE!**  You think it’s some kind of sign – it must be – because what are the chances that you would come across an article or see something on television that addresses the very point that you were just contemplating!It kept happening to me this past week. Was it the universe answering all of my questions or was it just a coincidence??You decide…...more
This happens to me, frequently, but in bursts.  And your son sounds SO much like my son, by the ...more

All I Want For Christmas

Dear Children –You only have a few more shopping days until Christmas and I know that you might be wondering what to get me. (You are boys, after all, so I know you haven’t even started shopping yet).But before I get to my list,  I wanted to tell you a story.When I was younger I couldn’t wait to buy presents for my parents for Christmas. I would take my hard-earned allowance and rush over to Zayre (the Kmart/Target/Wal-Mart of my day) and scour the shelves looking for the perfect gifts....more

A Procrastinator's Guide to Holiday Shopping

No matter how much I think I have my shit together I always find myself scrambling for the “perfect Christmas gift” on December 24. It’s not like Christmas falls on a different date every year or that I haven’t been reminded on a daily basis since Halloween to start my holiday shopping and yet…I started this year with the crazy idea that I could be one of those people who shop for holiday gifts throughout the year. I would pick up the perfect presents as I found them and squirrel them away until the holidays.But then I snapped out of it....more