10 Questions To Consider Before Letting Your Kids "Help"

The best way to discover what a controlling psycho a parent can be is for mom or dad to agree to let the children help. Any task conceivable can go from being a simple chore that requires nearly zero effort or time to becoming a torturous job of repeating instructions, internal mantras to not lose your wits, and the most intense desire to scream every profanity you ever heard.The next time the kids start asking if they can help you, refer to this handy guide to help you decide if you’re being brave or stupid....more

5 Ways Moms Ruin A Good Time

There is a new phrase at my house that my husband and children love to toss around. Whenever I start to cross a line into the territory of nagging or hovering over my brood they tell me to, “quit Momming it up!” I have heard this phrase so often in the last few months that I have come to anticipate it when I impulsively do mom-ish things like lick my thumb to wipe dirt off of my son’s little nose. ...more
This made me laugh. My kids are still very young, but I already see these tendencies in myself!more

Real Woman Workout


RESOLVE: (noun) firm determination to DO something

I dislike resolution lists. But every single year I compose a list of all the grand To Do's that I am convinced will make me a better person....more

Lof Is All You Need

It is no secret around my house that 2014 has been a tough year. Our family experienced a significant cancer scare. My oldest son underwent an intense surgery that ultimately transformed the way we deal with his hemophilia treatments. We all caught Whooping Cough despite having been vaccinated against it.I was thinking about all of these things (and more) yesterday as I was puttering around the house to put away toys and find something fun (read: not messy) for the kids to do for the afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and I saw this on the chalkboard:It read, LOF....more

Mom Writes A Letter To Santa

 Dear Santa,...more

5 Life Hacks For Cold And Flu Season


How Not To Use A Pregnancy Test

The other day I took a pregnancy test. Since I know that little law of physics that says change in behavior occurs when something is being observed, I found a spot in a window sill high enough that the kids would not likely see it and I walked away....more

Backseat Cooking: A Thanksgiving Cautionary Tale

 photo credit: tuchodi via photopin cc...more