Lof Is All You Need

It is no secret around my house that 2014 has been a tough year. Our family experienced a significant cancer scare. My oldest son underwent an intense surgery that ultimately transformed the way we deal with his hemophilia treatments. We all caught Whooping Cough despite having been vaccinated against it.I was thinking about all of these things (and more) yesterday as I was puttering around the house to put away toys and find something fun (read: not messy) for the kids to do for the afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and I saw this on the chalkboard:It read, LOF....more

Mom Writes A Letter To Santa

 Dear Santa,...more

5 Life Hacks For Cold And Flu Season


How Not To Use A Pregnancy Test

The other day I took a pregnancy test. Since I know that little law of physics that says change in behavior occurs when something is being observed, I found a spot in a window sill high enough that the kids would not likely see it and I walked away....more

Backseat Cooking: A Thanksgiving Cautionary Tale

 photo credit: tuchodi via photopin cc...more

8 Pinterest Promises to Get You Through the Holidays

It took me years to collect all of the essential cookbooks that a respectable kitchen ought to have. I’m talking about Julia Child’s, Moosewood, Joy of Cooking, Fanny Farmer. You know, the classics. After I became married, mortgaged, and with children it fell to me to create the magic of the holiday season. Since I am no wizard, I often turn to Martha Stewart, my pile of cookbooks, and Pinot Noir to make our holiday merry and bright. But then Pinterest happened. And now my holidays are a crapshoot. Don’t I know about elaborate scenes for Elf on the Shelf? Aren’t I making stocking stuffers out of Nutella or toilet paper rolls? Why am I not recreating the nativity scene with fondant and fermented bean curd? ...more
Ditto...I can't do it all. So, I shouldn't. But, sometimes when I scroll through Pinterest I get ...more

Happy FIRST Birthday, Housewife Plus!

Blogging is dumb.I heard that a few times when I started the Housewife Plus project. The first few months I wrote were boring, unfunny, and totally in secret. No one knew I had a blog. I wrote about everything in the beginning. I had no centralized theme or niche figured out yet....more

Dear Mom, You Were Right...About Everything

 Dear Mom,...more

10 Things No One Tells You About A Postpartum Body

1) It’s Squishy Not Svelt...more

5 Signs That You Are an Internet Troll

As a blogger with connections to writers all over the world, I hear a lot of complaining about the trolls ruining the comment sections of articles, especially those posted on the bigger blogs such as  Huffington Post or Scary Mommy. My own work has earned the gaze of trolls along with their pithy (often misspelled and expletive-filled vitriol) explanations for why I should "just kill myself" or my personal favorite to, "get a life." ...more
Thanks for this. I hope it makes a difference, but I suspect that the true trolls know exactly ...more