What NOT To Do In An Interview

  You managed to avoid these traps and got past the resume screening stage. But there are more potential pitfalls between you and a new job.Here are a few mistakes to avoid during your interview:Show Up Late...more

Redefining Poverty

The government defines poverty based on income. These are the 2015 income levels that the US Federal government uses to define poverty:...more

The Wellness Program Is Raising My Blood Pressure

My employer has a Wellness Program. The Wellness Program is designed to be run by a committee of volunteers. I am lucky enough to be the only employee required to participate in the Wellness Committee and be the messenger between upper management and the committee. Can this job get any better?The Wellness Program was started just over a year ago. This is how it's gone so far...Employees: Wellness Program? I can't believe they are putting us all on a diet. They can't fire me if I don't lose weight....more

4 Ways To Save On Summer Camp

When I was growing up, I never got to go to summer camp. Both my parents worked and my oldest brother was in charge during the summer. Sometimes I remember the things we used to do and think it's amazing we all survived! I used to be jealous of the kids that got to go to summer camp....more

An Abusive Marriage?

I was listening to a radio program a few days ago. The program was about the three stages of abuse: honeymoon period, tension builds, and explosion....more
it seems as though the husband is in a self wallowing state and because he is so unhappy with ...more