Twitter and Breaking News: Basics of Reporting and Ethical Retweeting

If you're like me, you find out about breaking news on Twitter. I use it to search local events, like whether the #Mission Fire had been contained. I found livestreams of the first night of the #Ferguson protests last year, and woke up yesterday to read the news of the #FergusonShooting. ...more

18 Genius Instagrams for International Women's Day

I LOVE US. Did you share an image to #internationalwomensday, #beijing20, or #womenslives on March 8? Leave a link in the comments! ...more
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Stunning Photographs of International Women's Day Around the World

Most people in the United States don't realize it, but March 8—International Women's Day—is a very big deal. People hold rallies, marches, and demonstrations in countries all over the world on the days leading up to it. ...more
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10 Insanely Easy Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women's Day is coming up on March 8, and I wish the United States made a bigger deal about it. (As Rene Lynch noted a couple years ago in the L.A. Times: "World Celebrates; We Get Google Doodle." Fortunately, working for SheKnows Media makes one a pro at celebrating women in a hurry. Here's a list so that no matter how busy you are, you can make sure March 8, 2015 does not go unmarked. ...more
I had no time to get a post written but have been absorbing great events in the UK. Thanks for ...more

5 Important Things You Can Do for Women’s History Month 2015

March is Women's History Month, and this year's theme is "Weaving The Stories Of Women's Lives." That's something that most of us know a little something about. Telling our own stories comes naturally, but 2015 is also a big year for sharing and telling and commenting on the stories of women's lives around the world. Here's what we're doing this year … and how you can join in. ...more

Introducing the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Conference Agenda!

We've always gone to BlogHer conferences to learn, to connect, to be entertained and inspired. But #BlogHer15 has a new name...and an over-arching theme: Experts Among Us. ...more
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Welcome to BlogHer University: Mini Journalism School!

As we've been saying in our partnership with Public Radio International: Women's lives are newsworthy. But what exactly does it mean to be newsworthy, and how do news stories get told? ...more
katbiggie At the very top of this post is the phrase "BlogHer University" if you click that, it ...more

All The Gorgeous 2015 Oscar Dresses By Color

So many pretty white and blushing pink gowns on the Oscar red carpet for the 87th Academy Awards! Okay, so maybe the color choices weren't the best symbolism for the #WhiteOscars … but they looked gorgeous, especially when saved from debutante/prom vibes with embellishments (like Lupita Nyong'o and her 6,000 pearls) or sequins (like Julianne Moore's dazzling Chanel dress). ...more
The turquoise necklace was stunning, but my favorite look hands down was Julianne Moore's Chanel ...more

13 Things You Should Definitely Avoid on Friday the 13th

Today, there may be an inner voice that whispers in your ear things like, "Unlucky things happen to someone every day" and "Superstition ain't the way" and "If anything, you're probably a bit safer on Friday the 13th, because many people are hiding out and therefore unable to drop a safe on your head." Don't listen to that voice. Why take a risk? Beware these 13 things today, or chance your doom. 1. The internet. ...more
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Feminista Jones on Re-Creating an Icon in the Stunning ELLE Photoshoot, #WeAreBlackHistory

BlogHer Editor Feminista Jones and blogger Christina Brown joined a group of brilliant and gorgeous women to pose as civil rights activists and culture leaders in a photoshoot for ELLE called "#WeAreBlackHistory." ...more
I love this, though I'm struck at how the original photos showed these women in their natural ...more