How to Link to Your Sources (and Why It's Really THAT Important)

"If your momma says she loves you … check it out." That's an old reporters' creed about checking your facts—and whether or not you consider yourself a reporter, you need to keep it in mind as you're writing any nonfiction post. The one key thing you should always do: link your claims of fact to credible sources. Why to link ...more
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How (and Why) to Use Your Existing Content to Create Something New

Repurposing your content merely means taking work you've already done and reformatting it so that it looks and feels new. It has one obvious benefit: You've already written most of it, so you don't have to start from scratch. Easy, right? It can be … but repackaging content is an art. You can and should work with content you've already created to come up with innovations on themes you cover often, find new audiences, and solidify your areas of expertise across platforms. ...more

BlogHer University: How to Be an Expert

Now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is a memory of inspiring speakers, killer parties, and so much collective wisdom, it's "back to school" time, with the August session of BlogHer University. This month, we're diving deeper into that phrase, "Experts Among Us." ...more Hi Jennifer -- I'll email you shortly to be in touch about your ...more

Meet the 7 Ad Companies Who Are Changing Our Culture

Meet the 7 Ad Companies Who Are Changing Our Culture: The 2015 #Femvertising Award Winners! "You actually can challenge gender norms through advertising. You can actually sell products by promoting good ideas."—Samantha Skey, SheKnows ...more

5 Killer Treats to Make for Shark Week

Ain't no party like a Shark Week party, 'cause a Shark Week party don't stop … for seven whole days, and then you have to wait another year, so you better make these finned and toothy shark-inspired treats right now! Shark and Bitten Lifebuoy Cookies ...more
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9 Patriotic Desserts to Make for the Fourth of July

Just as every fireworks display must end with a grand finale, every Independence Day spread must conclude with an over-the-top dessert. (Or, at least, that's my understanding of the official rules of this holiday.) Go with red, white, and blue colors, try some star-spangled sprinkles, or try an ingredient that pops in your mouth. ...more
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What Would You TeachHer? Join #womenslives for #TeachHer Week, June 15-19

Girls' access to education around the world goes beyond the classroom. From June 15 through June 19, join us as we look at the education of women and girls as part of our #womenslives collaboration with Public Radio International, and our commitment to make a difference by reporting news about women around the world. ...more

The 24 Best Beauty Products of 2015

The results are in! Today, our sister site StyleCaster announced the 24 winners of their first-ever Beauty Awards. The winners are a mix of drugstore and high-end products that have one thing in common: They really work. ...more

Join Us for BlogHer University's Getting Ready for #BlogHer15 Class in June!

It's nearly here, ALREADY: The big #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us conference in New York City is just six weeks away … and counting. Did you know we're The world's biggest celebration of women content creators? That's right. We're kind of a big deal. ....more
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Vote in StyleCaster's Beauty Awards Now to Win $500 Worth of the Winning Products

Remember when I told you to go nominate your favorite beauty products to our sister site StyleCaster's Beauty Awards? It's time to vote for the winners! ...more
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