That Divine Smothered Chicken the Smolletts Made at #BlogHerFood16

Earlier this month at #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, we got an extra treat: Our keynoters, the charming stars of "Smollett Eats," prepared a meal on stage, and shared the results with the audience. ...more

How to Style the Perfect Food Photo for Instagram

Behind nearly all of those stunning foodie Instagram feeds is a pro who styles and shoots her food with lighting and backdrops and all kinds of props. But Jane Ko is a restaurant blogger, so she takes her food pics like the rest of us do: in the restaurant. She can't bring fancy lights with her. She'll get yelled at if she climbs up on a chair for the perfect shot (though she does it sometimes anyway). ...more

The Community Platform Is Moving to SheKnows!

I'm incredibly proud to announce that we're just weeks away from launching the new SheKnows Community platform, where you can share your voice and work on our flagship site, SheKnows Media reaches 81 million women a month, making this the largest platform by and for women in the world. ...more

I Say This Every Year, But #BlogHerFood16 in Austin Was My Favorite

I think there must be something about the city of Austin that just makes people relax and have fun, because everyone I met at #BlogHerFood16 was so warm, real, and connected—including our keynoting celebrities! I got to see a lot of panelists having a lot of fun with their audiences. And it goes without saying that many of those connections were made over meals in this incredible food city. ...more

The #BlogHerFood16 FAQs Have Everything You Need to Know

The annual #BlogHerFood conference happens in Austin this Friday and Saturday, October 7 and 8. I cannot wait to get there—I vibe hard with Austin's taco obsession, its deep and historical love of barbecue, the way its food culture is a music culture and vice versa, and its proud weirdness. I even love the bats on the Ann W. Richards Bridge (I mean, who wouldn't?). ...more

10 #BlogHerFood16 Cookbooks That Will Make You Ravenous

When we asked our #BlogHerFood16 speakers, "Who has a recently published a book, or has one coming out soon?" I didn’t expect to want to read ALL THE FOOD BOOKS. But I found myself charmed by Kathy Strahs' new ideas for a vintage baking dish and intrigued by Kathy Hester's techniques for the Instant Pot. I was dazzled by Irvin Lin's desserts with a twist and absolutely fascinated by Toni Tipton-Martin's look at two centuries of African American cookbooks. Bookmark these 10 books as holiday gift ideas for your food-obsessed friends (or just put them on your own wishlist). ...more
Denise Me too!more

Watch the SheKnows Media Town Hall with GOP Congresswomen!

Last week, I asked what you would ask Republican women leaders in the House of Representatives, what you would tell them about your life and your concerns for the future. Your answers ranged from health care to equal pay to national security. ...more
ritaarens SheKnowsMedia SheKnows we do care, but this issue has to go through the CEOs mind as well.more

Join the SheKnows Town Hall on March 2

Recently, SheKnows Media commissioned a national study of women's feelings about feminism and several other issues, which we'll be releasing later this month. One result didn't surprise me at all: We care passionately about the topics that are shaping the 2016 election. Our concerns range from border control to Obamacare to same-sex marriage, and equal pay by law topped the list of issues women support on both sides of the aisle....more

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Her Food Business, Women in Hollywood, and a 'Buffy' Reboot

Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for her strong female roles: on TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Crazy Ones, and in films Cruel Intentions and The Grudge. Now she's in a different strong female role as the cofounder of Foodstirs, which she launched last month....more
She is! Kudos to BlogHer for partnering with an amazing woman creating a much needed company ...more

4 Inspirational Women Making Healthy Eating Easier

If you've ever had trouble getting healthy dinner on the table, snacking sensibly instead of reaching for a salt bomb, or finding vegan food you actually want to eat, meet the four entrepreneurs who presented their game-changing food businesses at The Pitch: Food Edition at #BlogHerFood15....more