Empty Nester Living Large in Small Accommodations

Living in “small” spaces is the new challenge today. “Tiny” living is life in an itty-bitty, little house, and they can range from 117 square feet to no more than 500 square feet. Now that’sseriously small living! Although some “small” houses might go as big as 874 square feet, and that is pure luxury living....more
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From Empty Nest to Love Nest

So what are my husband and I to do now? Now that our once-full and busy “nest” is found empty and we are therefore suddenly free of all family responsibilities? “Children responsibility”; of worrying and providing for, that is! What should now fill the many empty hours and [long] days ahead that were once in-every-respect spoken for—cooking and cleaning for...chauffeuring for...cultivating good manners, and how-to make life choices that will meet their individual needs for their long-term happiness?...more
Linda Anselmi Thank  you, Linda, 'guess we've had 32-years of living together to get it right. ...more

Empty Nester Down-Sizing Thirty-Two Years of Memories

Now that my three children have grown and flown the coop—sadly, they no longer fill the hours of my immediate world—I need to accept my new life without them and, even if reluctantly, move forward. As my children will undoubtedly be setting new roots elsewhere and begin collecting memories of their own, I realize that my husband and I need to make some important changes within our home, too....more
souschef No, it was certainly not fun and not easy, but definitely something that needed to be ...more

Face-to-Face with My Empty Nest Life

I am at last face-to-face with my empty nest life, even if I am still in denial. Today, my first day with an empty house, I want to remain tucked within my sheets, indulging in a flood of salty tears that have already soaked through and stained my pillow. I have no desire to open my eyes and indulge them to a surrounding wall of obvious sunshine and warmth outside.My heart is breaking! And this is only my first day....more
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Celebrating a Rare Occurrence, “Thanksgivukkah”

This Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28, 2013, we’ll not only celebrate Thanksgiving, but this year it also coincides with Chanukah or Hanukkah [if you prefer] (some are still undecided)—a rare occurrence, to say the least. Actually, Thanksgivukkah (termed by many) this year takes place on the second night of Chanukah/Hanukkah, and this melding of celebrations hasn’t happened since the late 1800’s, and it won’t be seen again for another 1,700 years, in fact!...more
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Adding Four More Pullets

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher!—by HomeRearedChef, Suburban Mother Hen Thursday, May 30, 2013 Yes...I know...we’ve done it again! To our existing flock of five chickens, we took the plunge (diving-in feet first) and added four more pullets—two Golden Wyandottes and two (white) Delawares, just 1-day old, all hatched only yesterday—for a total of nine egg-laying hens!...more
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An Aviary for Our Chickens

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher!—by HomeRearedChef, Suburban Mother Hen Monday, April 15, 2013 ...more

The Hen House Is Finished!

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher!—by HomeRearedChef, Suburban Mother Hen Wednesday, April 3, 2013I am adding another page to the chronicles of our latest venture in the life of a “wanna-be farmer”; of raising chickens and all that it entails....more

Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher!—by HomeRearedChef, Suburban Mother Hen Tuesday, March 4, 2013Chickens have once-again come home to roost. Today we are the proud owners of five, only 5-days old, pullets: three Ameraucanas—each is a different color: dark-brown, burnt-orange, gold & tan, making them easy to tell apart—and two Barred Plymouth Rocks, rather difficult to tell apart....more

“Greenhorns” Lose a Chicken

The Chronicles of a WannaBe Farmer but Never a Butcher Summer of 1998 (remembering the past)I’ve heard that “we live and [hopefully] learn,” but most often, as it seems to happen, we learn the hard way....more
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