Study Habits 101 : The Cliff's Notes for Helping Your Child Be Successful

Like most kids, I did my homework at the dining room table. It was the place where I could think clearly, a hard surface on which to write, and it was just a tradition for me to have a snack there and then open up my books. As an instructional coach for my county's school system, one of my jobs is to research and provide staff development on how kids learn best. Kids today can do math, listen to their Beats, watch the latest episode of their favorite show, and text three people at the same time. What we see as divided attention, they see as multitasking!...more

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly about Parenting Multiples

When some people see me and my husband in public with the girls in their strollers or shopping carts, diaper bag filled with enough stuff to backpack across Europe for a summer, and the look of "let's get what we need and get out" on my face, the common look or remark from other women is "How do you do it?" I could give a very sweet and put-together reply of, "Oh, it's totally no big deal! I love it!" and make it look effortless. However, the usual reply is, "Honestly, I'm not sure if I am doing 'it'." ...more

The Hell of Bed Rest: Helping Out a Stuck Mama-to-Be

As I visit Moms of Multiples and other pregnancy/mom forums, one question I see a lot is, "What can I do to pass the time during bedrest?" Another one is, "My best friend/sister/colleague is on bedrest. What can I do or bring her to help her feel a bit more normal?" Let me tell you a bit about my story. I was done with work at 31 weeks of pregnancy....more
As trite as it sounds, I just kept reminding myself that bedrest was easier than having a baby ...more

Mr. Sandman, bring me a drink...I mean, dream!

Sleep is something new mothers hoard, crave, and need! Sleep is needed for mental clarity, post-partum recovery, and simply because the human body needs it. So how does a mom of multiples get the sleep that they need? Here are a few tricks that worked for me. ...more

Make Yourself at Home : Creating the Perfect Guest Room

We are lucky to have my husband's parents come up several times a year for a visit. They live ten hours away, and since they travel by car (because who can afford to fly these days?!), I like to make our guest room as organized and welcoming as possible. Our guest room looks like this: ...more

Mary, Did You Know?

This time of year, I think about Mary....more

Traveling to China (...or taking the twins to's all the same)

At some point, you have to take your kids somewhere. This is a terrifying concept for new Moms of Multiples, because you have two (or more!) chances of someone absolutely losing their religion in the middle of Target, or Olive Garden, or church. However, the best defense is a good offense, so here are some items that are must haves in my diaper bag.Changing the Baby...more

Because nothing is sexier than "'ve got poop on your shirt."

Oh, my darling husband....more

I Birthed Goats (Toddler Cuisine for Moms on the Go!)

I am the mother of two hungry, hungry hippos. I'm blessed to have two little girls who are not picky eaters and will try anything. It is very easy to get into a rut with toddlers. Before I had the girls (and of course you're the expert, even before you have children /sarcasm), I promised myself nothing processed, definitely no dino shaped chicken nuggets, and everything would be lovingly made at home.Have you stopped laughing?...more

Expecting Twins? Don't Buy Two of Everything -- Just Some Things!

Kids are expensive. I'm sure you already knew that. Admittedly, toddlerhood has been pretty good to us because we have had some time to figure some things out, but oh, those first few days and weeks were rather interesting. From the moment you find out you are expecting, you get bombarded with baby stuff. The right bottles, the right pacifiers, the right blankets, and on and on and on. One question in the moms of multiples world is, "What are the items I need to purchase in double and what's not?" Here's my experience of what to buy in double....more
Great post and great advice! We only had one bouncer and one swing tho (they took turns in ...more