Ode To The Ma and Pa Shop

Donating To A Man Who Wants To See The World Before He Loses His Vision For Good

On November 9th, 2013, a friend and coworker of mine suffered a massive stroke in his home. He wasn't found for two more days. The fact that he survived and is still pushing strong is a miracle. He is my hero for working so hard through all of the struggles that he has faced.This amazing guy is Brendon Sperandio. At 29 years old, he has dealt with more things in his life than I hope I ever have to confront. Although there were times when things were improving with his condition, he has still been hit with more troubles; one being another stroke in February. ...more

Do We Owe Those Who Help Get Us A Job?

Almost a year ago now, I had someone who helped me get the job I am at now. To briefly explain my job, I work as a Samsung Experience Consultant in a Best Buy. There are tons of us all over the country! Ever walk into a Best Buy and see the Samsung set-up? That's me. That's us. Simply put, I love my job! Samsung is a fantastic company, and I wouldn't leave it unless I absolutely have to....more

Dear Internet People: Stop Being So Gullible

Is being gullible a requirement to being an American citizen?...more
AnnieJ1215  Very true! It amazes me that some people believe reality TV. Most of it is just paid ...more