Social Media Profiles- The Official First Impression of the 21st Century

The Faja or Weight Loss Girdle is Back, but Why?

So the use of the faja has infiltrated popular American culture huh?...more

Throwback Thursday

Me thinkin' that I'm all cool on the mean streets of Glendale....more

Throwback Thursday

Me thinkin' that I'm all cool on the mean streets of Glendale....more

A Career Out of Not Having A Career

Susanf Thanks for your comment! Your son is very lucky to have such a supportive mom. My parents ...more

Beginnings Are a Bitch

Some Date Ideas are Better in Your 30’s

For date night last Friday, S and I went for Tacos and followed that up with a Rock concert. I get it; I would scoff at this date too. I mean tacos on date night, really? And aren’t we too old to be going to Rock concerts? If I was reading this, I would conclude that the 30-something couple who went on a taco and rock show date, must have been feeling extremely nostalgic for their twenties. Oh the desperation that sets in when youth is slipping through ones fingers…...more

Dressing Age Appropriate: A Little Help Please

This is actually on my vision board....more

Correlation Between Happiness & Success

When one pursues an unconventional goal or career path, one has to develop not just a filter that turns blatant rejection into constructive criticism, but also an unwavering sense of optimism and faith, bordering on crazy fundamentalist. One has to believe whole-heartedly in the purpose of every day’s endeavors, unpredicted encounters are signs from the universe that one is on the right path, and opportunities to accomplish the elusive goal, proof that miracles exist. Actors, dancers, writers and freelancers, I am certain can relate....more

5 Tips for Becoming A More Focused & Motivated 30-Something

Being a woman in her thirties can sometimes be daunting and exhausting and just plain hard! We are in high demand and because of this, it is often too easy to live life by just going through the motions, neither here nor there, but checking things off of our multiple To Do Lists. But really what kind of living is that?Here are 5 tips I try to adhere to daily, in order to be more present, focused and motivated. ...more