Women’s Networking Events Not Working? Build Your Own Power Network

Recently Ann Friedman, a writer for NYmag.com, questioned the value of women-centric conferences in article titled “Events for Powerful...more

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

Thank goddess it’s Friday. And how about next week, you drink some coffee and help smash the patriarchy? And wear pink, while you’re at it ....more

Corporate Egg Freezing: The Good and The Bad

After news that Facebook and Apple now pay for women employees to freeze their eggs, several readers reached out and asked me what I thought of egg freezing as a perk. The benefit doesn’t bother me; the (justified) reaction...more

Scott Brown Misses Another Opportunity

Senator Brown Senate candidate Scott Brown, campaigned at a UNH tailgate party last weekend where some students yelled misogynistic comments about Brown’s current and former opposition: New Hampshire Senator Jean Shaheen and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Brown did not address the comments. The Seacoast Online ran a headline today asking, “What’s a candidate to do when supporters behave badly?” The answer is simple: denounce the behavior ....more

Lessons From and For Men in Tech

A friend posted Nilofer Merchant’s response to what Microsoft’s CEO said about women and raises on her Facebook page and asked, “Can I get an AMEN?” Yes, you can. In case you missed it, at a conference dedicated to women in technology last week, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella said about women and compensation, “It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along.” Understandably so, women were outraged. We’ve been “going along” for years and so far “the system” discounts our work collectively by close to 30 percent ....more

Malala Shares Nobel Peace Prize, Youngest Laureate Ever

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize to Malala Yousafzay and Kailash Satyarthi for their work in support of children. Satyarthi is a human rights activist from India working to end child slavery and exploitative child labor practices. Yousafzay, who is 17, is the youngest Laureate ever....more

Words Matter Sweetheart

Photo credit: CharlieBaker2014.com It’s not just the word “sweetheart”, it’s what might lie...more

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

Thank goddess it’s Friday. How was your week? I might actually stay up late tonight ....more

It’s Time to Rebrand the Working Mother 100 Best Companies List

Working Mother magazine yesterday releases its list of 100 Best Companies. Acknowledging that so-called “mothers’ issues” are actually parents’ issues, the makers of the list noted, “This year’s winners exemplify the best in workplace flexibility – for women and for men too.” But the payoff doesn’t stop there. The 100 Best Companies are modeling some of the best practices not just for working mothers, not just for working fathers, but for all working humans ....more

6 Tips for Creating Your Own Paycheck Fairness Act

If we can’t get our elected officials to help us close the gender based wage gap, we’ll have to do it ourselves. On Monday, the Senate failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, yet again. The bill needed 60 votes but fell short 52-40 with every Democrat voting aye and every Republican voting no. Two independent Senators split their votes....more