The Hello Ladies Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Look no more. Hello Ladies has created the ultimate holiday gift guide. We’ve found 40 gifts at every price point for every woman in your life ....more

Same Suit, Double Standard

My new work suit Did you hear about the Australian newscaster who wore the same suit on air for a year? A reader asked me what I thought about it. According to Karl Stefanovic of the Nine Network’s Today show no one noticed or commented ....more

Women in STEM: The Past and Present (Infographic)

Mavis Batey, Codebreaker. photo credit: After graduating with a related degree, women are employed in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields only half as often as men. Maybe that’s because you can’t be what you can’t see ....more

The Work Life Balance Gap Between Men and Women: How to Close It

An article in today’s Boston Herald based on a recent report from Working Mother titled “How Men Flex” reminds us that the work flex discussion is not a gender neutral discussion. Women and men still face different challenges, and opportunities, as they pursue a well-balanced, well-lived life. The article, “Dads Flex Their Muscles for Parenting Time,” highlights Phil Ward, a lawyer who accesses flex informally ....more

Thank Goddess It’s Friday

Thank goddess it’s Friday. How was your week? I won’t lie; the approaching holidays make me a ...more

Guest Post: Six Ideas for Women on the Way Up

Today’s guest post is from Bob Kantor, Executive Coach and Management Consultant. I appreciate his...more

After Midterm Elections, Some Good News

The midterm elections were sobering but there were some bright spots. For starters, in 2015...more

10 Women to Watch, And Vote For, in Tuesday’s Midterm Elections

Martha Coakley Tuesday is election day and there are plenty of exciting women candidates running in the midterms. Here are 10 women to watch (and vote for). For a complete list of the women on ballots Tuesday, click here ....more

Why Women Should Focus on Finances…Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sunday, at 2 a.m. daylight saving time ends and we set our clocks back an hour, gaining an hour in the process. Kristen Robinson, senior vice president at Fidelity Investments has a suggestion for how women can spend that extra hour – tackle their financial to-do list. According to the investment company, nearly one-in-four women report they don’t take part in financial decision making at all ....more

The Year I Was Wonder Woman for Halloween

Halloween 2003. My son was 16 months old. I bought him the most adorable pumpkin costume and couldn’t wait for Halloween night ....more