A very special letter to my daughter...

I started writing letters to my little bean the day before I officially found out I was pregnant. I sort of felt...different...and had an inkling I may be pregnant. The next morning, I'd know for sure... ...more

Lark Story...a birth story...

Just ten short weeks ago, I gave birth to my daughter, my Lark Story...life with her is more than I could have ever imagined. And it happened like this... ...more

38 Weeks // Mean Girls Style

I've been slightly MIA in the last week or so... Mainly because, at the end of every work day, I feel like......more
@Karen Ballum Thanks!! =) Just trying to kill time in these last couple of weeks ;)more

The end is near...

So...I'm pregnant, in case you didn't know. And this little journey of building a human is nearing its end. Doctors are in agreement that my body is definitely in the early stages of labor and baby could come "any day now," but we all know they have their own agenda and that could mean tomorrow, or three weeks from now. ...more

Learning to Love Yourself // An Outfit Post

I'm not a good definition for "self-confidence." In fact, I'm quite the opposite. "Self-conscious" would be a better term to describe me. ...more

Little Bean's BIG reveal!

Yesterday was an amazing day. Seeing our sweet bean moving about and covering it's face when the sonographer came near it...sticking hands in mouth...pulling knees to chin...it was just...in a word...fantastic! And finding out everything is healthy and just perfect was so reassuring! Today marks halfway, and we just cannot wait to meet our little bean! ...more

Final thoughts on gender...

Damn, how many times can I say/type gender in one day?! Between facebook, twitter and the blog, it's getting ridiculous over the last few weeks and people are probably ready to start throwing tomatoes. ...more

Sentimental Mornings...

Dearest little bean, We're not really morning people over here. I mean, I'm not someone who sleeps in, per say, but I still detest mornings, or, morning people, rather. It takes time for me to wake up, and I like the quiet. I like to sit on the couch with a blanket and watch tv on the weekends. Even if it's 7 am, which is great because there's a lot of Cory, Topanga, Zack and Kelly to be watched on Saturday mornings. But that's weekends... ...more

What's in a name? : The Baby Name Game

What's in a name? A lot, actually. It's your identity, how you're known, how you're referred to. My mom has told me stories of all the names she thought about naming me, including Bonnie Blue. Yes, inspired by Gone With The Wind. But it didn't win out. Beth was also a choice, until my aunt stated that I could someday be called "Big Beth," (no offense to anyone named Beth, you'd just have to know my aunt) but that wasn't a solid option either. She had a dream that she named me Katie Jo. And there it was. THE name. ...more

Pregnancy Shocker: I Made Dinner!

Pregnancy has made me useless. Well, more useless than usual. I'd rather veg out watching reality TV reruns (hey listening to NeNe talk shiz is entertaining stuff) than do... anything. That means that dinners have become not-so-exciting around here. Combine weeks of nausea with said laziness and you'll get a lot of cereal and mac n cheese nights. But I'm getting better, and cooking more lately. I made fajitas this week....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks so much, Robin!!more