I Believe

I've noticed there are some new people following this blog and, even if you aren't new, I'd like to tell you what I believe. Not in the religious sense. Just some of what I generally think is the most important ....more

April Instagram Challenge! #30PhotosInBetween

Last week I announced I'd be starting an Instagram challenge: 30 photos in 30 days. I'm instagramming every day for the month of April and hope you'll join me. With the start of Spring and my instagram obsession, I thought this would be the best way to combine the two ....more

If My Blog Was A Diary

In a lot of ways, blogs are like diaries. I come here and tell the happenings of my life, what I feel strongly about, what I find funny, and who I have a crush on. Well, sort of ....more

Links You'll Love

My favorite movie of all time is "The Sandlot." My sisters and I can recite every word, and we even recite the "fight scene" without being provoked. My sister shared this with me and it's pretty much the best thing ever. My all time favorite baseball team, the Yankees posted a video where they reenacted the most iconic scenes from the movie ....more

Spark the Story

Before I talk about the point of this post I have a story, which is also kind of the point. Wait, this will make sense soon. I promise ....more

My FitBit Review + A Week of 10,000 Steps a Day

I am obsessed with my FitBit. Full blown, can't live without it. I know, it's not really necessary for life, but for me, it's a wonderful motivator.I started a challenge for myself: #7DaysHealthy, where I'm adding on one new, small, healthy habits every single week ....more

How to Cure The Hiccups

I get the hiccups a lot. So often, in fact, I've developed my own cure for stopping them, almost immediately. I'm what you could call a chronic hiccup-er ....more

How To Never Have Jet Lag

I have a secret. I love traveling- that's not the secret, duh. If you haven't noticed from my past posts, it's my favorite thing to do ....more

Why I Follow Your Instagram

A few days ago I got the most instagram likes I've ever received. I'm at 370+ right now for this photo. Which, for me, is a heck of a lot ....more

Am I Growing Up?

I didn't step foot in a bar this weekend. Despite being completely free. Despite the fact that two different DJ's were playing on two different nights ....more