Accessorize Me

I tend to be very basic with what I wear: jean shorts, t-shirts, simple dresses. But one area I'm definitely not: accessories. I pile them on ....more

#31PhotosInBetween Recap + Announcement: Official Instagram Hashtags

Today is a big day. Well, it was supposed to be the day I left for Nashville, but if you follow me on instagram, you know that's not happening until next weekend. The house wasn't "move in ready", and well...I think the people living there hadn't moved much ....more

10 Tips For a Successful Garage Sale

Throwing a garage sale is hard work. You have to plan ahead of time, organize what can be hundreds of items, and stand in the heat the whole day. But it can also be totally worth it ....more

How to Write a Killer Guest Post

Publishing a guest post on another blog is a great way to bring more traffic and gain actual readers to your blog. It not only establishes your presence online, but creates valuable SEO for your blog. These tips will bring you hits, obviously, but interested readers that want to follow your blog....more

The European Way to Make Friends

I think I've been making friends all wrong. Surely, this will be my ticket to making friends in Nashville. On Friday, I snuck out of the house and bought 25 items at Forever 21 ....more

Back to School + 10K Giveaway

Every year around this time I get that feeling. That feeling that I MUST buy school supplies. I MUST start planning my back to school wardrobe ....more

My Best Makeup Hack: Change the Color of Your Foundation

I have a weird habit of buying the wrong color foundation. It's not habit as much so that my skin changes color A LOT. In the summer I'm obviously darker than the winter ....more

How To Buy Clothes For Summer When You're Losing Weight

Saturday Michael and I are having the biggest garage sale of our lives. Since I'm busy de-cluttering, I have a guest post for you today from Merrie at Petite Career Girl. She's here to hep with some fashion sense ....more

4 Ways I'm Staying Thrifty

I like big trips and I cannot lie. Last year in Santorini This is a fact. I make it a priority to travel overseas at least once a year ....more

How I'm Reading More (Even Though I'm Busier Than Ever)

The other day I was hanging out with my Mom and I was telling her my book idea. This is not uncommon. In fact, I tell her my developing book idea at least once a day ....more