The First 4th in Nashville

"There are no fences in Nashville." This is what Michael and I said to each other over and over as we searched for our new home. With two dogs, a fenced in yard was a priority. More on the house hunting later ....more

What Your Birth Order Really Means

My little sisters and I didn't always get along growing up. We fought a lot. We still do, but not anywhere close to the kind of fighting used to ensue ....more

Planning Your Perfect Euro Trip

Image by Movan Brenn used under the Creative Commons License. Why bother? You won’t understand the language, it costs an arm and a leg and worst of all you have to have a hideous passport photo taken ....more

How To Make The Most of #31PhotosInBetween

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!!!I'm currently in Nashville, trying to find a new home and attending the largest fireworks show in the country. Don't mind me. Every week during the instagram challenge I like to share my favorite photos so far ....more

Better Than Delivery

Let me start by saying, if you don't like pizza this post isn't for you. Also, if you don't like pizza, this world might not be for you- what's wrong with you.Pizza is just one of those meals that's perfect. Cheese, bread, suace, toppings of choice- everybody wins ....more

We're Going To Nashville

Today Michael and I are boarding a plane, renting a car, and staying at our (one) friend's house in Nashville. While we do plan on attending the biggest fireworks celebration in the NATION (!!) our main goal is to find a place to live.Finding a place to live when you have basically no idea what you're doing is proving very time consuming and difficult. I sent some homes for rent and asked our friend to check into them ....more

Why Bloggers Need Snapchat

It's a Sunday at 3:15 and I'm sitting on the couch scrolling through my phone. "What are you doing?" My husband asks. "I'm checking the news, the weather, and seeing what people are up to." And I'm doing it all on Snapchat ....more

July Instagram Challenge #31PhotosInBetween

I'm so excited!! It's time to announce all the prompts for the second round of my instagram challenge: #31PhotosinBetween. Instagram Challenges are my favorite ....more

Best Blogger in Dallas for 2015

As I was checking my blog's Facebook page I noticed I was tagged in a picture. Odd, since this was my page, not my personal profile. I crossed my fingers it didn't have anything to do with the meme that won't go away ....more

7 Places I'd Like To Travel Back To

Have you ever gone somewhere and realized you had to go back. No matter if you were there for 8 weeks or just one night, you need to go back to relive the splendor and magic of the city. When I made my travel bucket list, I knew that I had to go back to some of the places I'd already crossed off my list ....more