How to Promote Your Blog Using Snapchat + Snap Hacks You Need to Try!

Snapchat is quickly becoming the favorite tool whether you're a blogger or not. It's an unfiltered way to catch glimpses of real life. You can connect with friends, follow celebrities, and bloggers to get a real life view of their life ....more

The Tomorrowland Coctail: A Recipe + Giveaway!

Hello! My name is Brita and I blog over at which is a food blog where I share mostly healthy and seasonal recipes with the occasional delicious indulgence. I'm very excited to be here on Helene's blog today!I started my blog a few years ago with the intention of it being more of a lifestyle blog ....more

Get More Followers: Free Webinar

Let's get real for a second: we'd all like more followers. Sure, you can say that having more certainly isn't everything, but as a blogger or business owner or avid social media extraordinaire, it's always nice to gain followers....more

The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Nashville

I've lived in Nashville (officially) for 6 whole months. I finally feel ready to give you my two cents when it comes to planning a trip to explore the city. Nashville has absolutely stolen my heart ....more

How Bloggers Can Give Back

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Create the Good. All opinions are 100% mine. It can often feel like one individual can't make a real difference ....more

5 Books That Changed My Point of View

My parents are both writers. Not just your average, run of the mill writers, but bonafide, legit publishers. My mom just published her first book and my Dad won a Pulitzer prize for his work in journalism ....more

The Best Time to Post to Twitter

I absolutely love twitter. My top 2 favorite social media platforms are, by far, Instagram and Twitter. Why? ...more

How Bloggers Can Reach out to Businesses and Bloggers + FREE Media Kit Template!

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How I Organize My Planner (And My Life!)

I've finally discovered that the more organized I am, the more stuff I can get done. Like this past weekend, when I had 6 of my girl friends in town and I felt totally relaxed since I felt like my life and my blog were more organized than ever.Today, I'm going to break down how I organize my life via my planner and how it keeps me on track. I'm kind of planner obsessed ....more

Why It's Okay to Be Weird Online

When you first meet me, it's likely that I will do some kind of dance move within the first hour or so. If I'm excited, or in a good mood, or just had a glass of wine, I express myself by shaking my shoulders or doing a little body roll. It's weird, but I'm sure it leaves an impression.The same can be said of your online presence ....more