Booze, Sweetie

Apparently, the good folks over at Anchor Distilling (by way of Wagstaff Worldwide) know I like booze. Good booze, specifically. And lately they've been gracious enough to invite me to a few events to sample some of their wares ....more

Plenty of Ways to Put Up Pumpkins

Are you pumped for pumpkin season? Think beyond the Jack-o-Lantern and put up pumpkins and winter squash. You'll be living the gourd life ....more

Review and Giveaway: The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

Dehydration can be an underappreciated form of food preservation. Most people think just of apple and banana chips, or perhaps an easy way to dry fresh herbs. Only slightly more adventurous sorts might branch out to beef jerky ....more

The Eatsdropper, Whole Foods Edition

I recently was invited to check out the new Steep Brew Taproom at Whole Foods SoMa as a guest. It's the second taproom in a Whole Foods in the city, probably the last. (The other is in the Potrero Hill location.) I enjoyed chatting with curator, Wesley Anderson (yes, that's his real name, and no, no relation) about his philosophy for the place ....more

Three Things Thursday: Hot Fruit Edition

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. This week, it's all about hot fruit. Mostarda di CremonaMostarda di Cremona isn't actually a mustard, rather it's summer fruits preserved in mustard-infused syrup ....more

Giveaway: Weston Roma Electric Tomato Strainer

So you know how we can a crap ton of tomatoes every year? Well this year we doubled down and processed 200 pounds. Wanna know what kept us from losing our minds? ...more

Review: The New Charcuterie Cookbook

For a period of more than a decade, I was nearly completely vegetarian; when I did partake of flesh, it was seafood exclusively. I ate no chicken, pork, or beef during that entire time. The chink in the armor came during my first trip to Italy ....more

Six Ways to Put Up Corn

Sweet and crunchy corn is best eaten within minutes of harvest, but if you want to keep the last lingering taste of summer through the shortening days, there's a few ways you can put some by. Frozen CornCut off the cob andgiven a quick blanch, sweet corn retains its texture and flavor for months to come. (Image via Girl's Guide to Guns and Butter.) Corn SalsaChips dipped in corn salsa benefit from the complementary corny flavor ....more

Three Things Thursday: A Rose Is a Rosewater Is a Rose Geranium

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. Sunny Summer Herb JellyThis jelly has a gentle aromatic quality to it, thanks in part to roses, and is paired with a spunky zip of lemon zest. It is a great preserve to save for the dark months of winter when you need a little summer pick me up ....more

Punk Domestics Meets

It is with equal parts pride and trepidation that I announce that I have taken over as the Food Preservation Expert for For my inaugural piece, I took a look at three small-batch fermentation kits that are in or about to be in the market....more