Review: Blue Chair Cooks with Jam and Marmalade

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that I may derive revenue from. Among the very excellent DIY food books that have come out this year, there's one I am particularly excited about. Rachel Saunders' inaugural book, The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, is absolutely my go-to cookbook for jams, jellies and preserves ....more

Last-Minute DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Even as winter's chill descends upon us, there's still plenty of DIY gifts you can concoct in time for the big holiday. Here's a few ideas for gifts, some of which can be whipped up in mere minutes. ...more

Win the Put 'Em Up! Trilogy by Sherri Brooks Vinton

Somehow, I managed to include Sherri Brooks Vinton's third work, The Put 'em Up! Preserving Answer Book, both in my books to pre-order at the beginning of the year, and then again in my Best Books of 2014 roundup, yet managed not to tell you about this delightful oeuvre in between. This is a gross oversight ....more

Gift Guide: Best BIY Books of 2014

Lest you think the DIY food movement has peaked, all you need to do is look at the breadth and calibre of the books that hit the market this year. Sure, 2013, 2012 and 2011 were all excellent years for DIY food books, but this year blew them all away. Below are the 17 books I think are exemplary titles ....more

DIY Liqueurs for Holiday Gifting

All right, weekend warriors, you've got just a couple days left to crank out some last-minute gifts. Here's a few that can be done in the time left, and have seasonal appeal. Ready, set .. ....more

Three Things Thursday: Powder Keg

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. This week, I'm focusing on three contributions from dehydrator extraordinaire Urban Nettle. Here's what she's been powdering up ....more

Review and Giveaway: Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry

You know, year over year, more and more books come out in the DIY food space. Every year I am increasingly impressed with the caliber of the content, the inspired ideas and erudite information. (See: Best books of 2012 and 2013.) And just when I think that surely no one could possibly raise the bar any further, BOOM, Cathy Barrow throws down and produces a tome that may make all other DIY and preservation books obsolete ....more

Review and Giveaway: Shrubs

The very thing that got me started with food preservaion, my gateway drug, if you will, was making infusions and liqueurs. After traveling to Italy, I was smitten with limoncello, and was mildly blown away when I figured out I could make my own, easily. This opened the door to a range of projects, experimenting with infusing fruits and vegetables into alcohol base to extract the pure essence of the ingredients....more

Three Things Thursday: Global Influences

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. Cherry Peppers with Prosciutto & ProvoloneYou know those spicy pickled cherry peppers numbers, the ones stuffed with sharp provolone and prosciutto that are an integral part of every good antipasto platter? You can made them! ...more

Booze, Sweetie

Apparently, the good folks over at Anchor Distilling (by way of Wagstaff Worldwide) know I like booze. Good booze, specifically. And lately they've been gracious enough to invite me to a few events to sample some of their wares ....more