What I Learned From Dirt

I am practicing patience this week. Today a sunny, early spring day (we are off to a slow start in the notheast!), I headed straight to my garden. ...more

What To Do When The Grocery Store Becomes Your Arch Enemy

Some people in my inner circle have caught me saying that I don't love grocery shopping ( I have, at times, used stronger words than that!).We talk about it because they don't love it either....more

March Madness (Snack Attack Part 2)

There is something that occurs every March at my house.  No, we are not all going crazy, though winter makes can make us feel that way.It is the lull between deep winter and true spring.  College basketball has begun....more

Teenage Snack Attack

My three teenagers are like eating machines.And sometimes turn into monsters when they get too hungry....more

Breathe In, Breathe Out

I got all Zen'd out (my made up slang word!)  this past weekend at Kripalau, a well known yoga retreat center in the Berkshire mountains, where I attended a nu...more

Getting Back On Track

This is the last time you will see me use the word winter, or a picture of the snow, until 2016. Promise!But, it's been a long winter for me.First, my back surgery in the fall (which went famously well by the way, it's just with any surgery, there is a time of forced slow down and recovery.  I clearly didn't like that!), the flu (I almost never get sick and I got the flu??), virtually drowning in snow, a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.  A lack of sunlight will do that. Not easy to get outside when it is 15 and snowing most days!)....more

My Adventure In Making Maple Syrup: Here Is What To Know About The Sweet Stuff

I think you know how I feel about sugar.Sugar contributes nothing to our bodies nutritionally, it raises our blood sugar, messes with inflammation in our bodies, zaps our energy, can make us feel crappy and even strung out if we eat too much of it....more

Winter Survival Cooking: Maple Cardamon Oatmeal

It is my childrens' third snow day.  For the last three Monday's my kids have been kept home because of blizzards, snow and today, a coating of ice so thick my car looks like a popsicle version of itself.  I might not be able to drive until spring.We are all deprived of precious sunlight.  A hint of grass under the snow would be a welcome sign that spring is on the way.  For now, though, it is a sea of white....more

Five Delicious Winter Spices To Help You Kick Up Creativity In The Kitchen

When the dark days of winter hit (which I am in right now), it's time to dig deep and get creative with your spice drawer. I admit, I can get carried away with my spice addiction, but how else can you quickly and easily transform something like basic beans and rice in mere seconds? It's all part of a well-run pantry. ...more
I love that you included the health benefits!  Smoked paprika is my current favorite.  We use it ...more

Can Food Really Boost Your Immune System?

I am a person who rarely gets sick.  I like to think it is because of the way I eat: little to no processed foods, lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole grains, etc.  Almost all my meals come out of my kitchen which means they use a minimal amount of sugar and salt while maintaining great flavor.And then I got the flu....more