I Am Having Back Surgery, Here's How I Plan To Nourish Myself

I am having back surgery.Even writing that seems a bit unreal. Just the words "back surgery" have a larger than life feeling about them, something other people do, older people. A year ago I could not have come to face the fact that surgery was going to be in my future but another year of pain wore me down. I have run out of treatment choices. The verdict? Live with the pain or take the chance on surgery....more

Five Nourishing Recipes To Get You Excited About Fall

Okay, I give in. Fall is here (in the Northeast of the US) and it's not going away.  Cloudy, rainy, misty. We made our first fire in the fireplace last night.  Time to let go of the tomatoes, the last of the corn and summer squash and turn our attention to warming, heartier meals.  The cold weather naturally calls for it and so do we.  In the farmer's markets now are an abundance of pumpkins, winter squash, and Brussel sprouts all waiting for you to take them under your wing....more

Mashed Potato Redo: Cauliflower Millet Mash

Yes, yes, you love mashed potatoes. And you wouldn't substitute anything for them in this world.  I love mashed potatoes too, but after years of drowning those poor tubers in too much butter and milk, I went looking for something else that could be a suitable substitute for that creamy dish that is so reminiscent of fall....more

Living In The Land Of (Food) Confusion

Seasonal Eating: Late Summer Ratatouille

My garden cannot stop producing.  There are twinges of fall in the air, the sun is lower in the sky, but I am continuing to have an abundance of beautiful, vibrant vegetables.  My Late Summer Ratatouille is perfect for using up all those extra garden or CSA vegetables. A trip to the farmer's market would do the trick too.  Have you been lately?...more

My Daughter Got Cut From The Team, Now What Is She Supposed To Do?

My daughter had to leave our summer vacation two days early so she could try out for the field hockey team at the high school. She was on the freshman team last year and had been training for the past couple of weeks to get in shape for the grueling multiple hour try outs.  By day two, she was cut from the team. ...more

Are You Afraid To Lose Weight?

What are you holding on to?...more

Seasonal Eating: 6 Ideas for Summer Tomatoes

Have you grown tomatoes this year? I have never had such an abundant season of these luscious ruby and sunshine hued fruits. I always plant a variety of large, medium and cherry tomatoes, but this year some tomato seeds survived the winter in my soil and those grew, too. I am flush with tomatoes right now, and needed some ideas for using them up. ...more
I liked your way of making tomato sauces.  I recently came to know that tomato sauce earlier ...more

Got The Summertime Blues? One Way To Cure It

Don't get me wrong, I adore summer. I despise the cold and, truth be told, don't really feel like I'm living unless it's hot and sunny out.But, as they say, all good things must come to an end....more

Simple Summer: Julienned Squash with Spinach Basil Pesto

It takes me a month or two to really get into the groove of summer eating, but when it happens - watch out!  I guess when you are tied to winter squash and heavier foods in the colder months it takes a little to time to shake that off.  But my garden is bustling, the bees are working hard, the honey is flowing and I have more summer squash, tomatoes and fresh herbs than I know what to do with.This time is all about fresh, creative, and super simple....more