Dear Santa

Tonight Future President started his letter to Santa (he had a little help from me). With any luck, he’ll get a response back from the North Pole before Christmas. Thanks, U.S. Postal Service!If your child believes in Santa like mine does – with all of his being – I think this adds a special touch to the holidays. ...more

But Mommy, the Guts!

Last night, there was talk of a Thanksgiving turkey.I don’t cook a lot of meat, with the exception of the occasional fish or hot dogs, but this is because I don’t know how, not because I’m trying to raise my kids vegetarian. Except by accident, I actually am.Last night, G and I were talking about making a turkey and how that would work since we don’t have a large roasting pan. Maybe the crockpot? G suggested.P immediately piped up from the back seat: “We don’t eat turkeys! They’re too beautiful!”...more

The Ugly American

I hesitate to hit "publish" on this post because my words do not seem sufficient enough to explain how much I believe storytelling and shared experiences make the world a better place. Nevertheless, here we go.***...more

Chaos and Calm

On the second Saturday morning of every month, you’ll find me in the middle of a gaggle of one and two-year olds as I attempt to teach them about Jesus.In our church, the kids are taught by volunteers – usually women – who have day jobs and who spend part of Friday night trying to figure out what church outfit will work with the bending, lifting, squatting and reaching that is required when working with little kids. ...more

Sunday is for Baking

 I made banana bread today. My kids love it. The oldest ate four pieces after he woke up from a two-hour nap. (This means he won’t be going to sleep until 9:30 tonight but the silence in the house was golden.)It’s my mom’s recipe and it’s amazing. ...more

Eggnog Lattes for Lazy People

It happens every year: around November 1, I go to Starbucks, ask for an eggnog latte and spend the next few days enjoying the delicious and expensive drinks every morning until I’ve spent my entire eating out budget before half the month is over.I’ve blogged about how to make eggnog lattes at home before, and here’s yearly reminder for all the eggnog latte lovers out there: they are cheap and easy to make at home....more

I Found a Dollar in the Wash

You know that amazing feeling when you find a wad of cash in the dryer, all crumpled up and soft from surviving the laundry cycle?That’s how I felt when I re-read a blog post I wrote in May.I have another doctor’s appointment today, and I needed this reminder: You can’t do everything and that’s okay.Here’s my post from May:***...more

Choose Kindness

Like many of you, I’m struggling with what to do after the results of our election on Tuesday. A few friends have posted a few tangible ideas on various social media platforms, and I loved them so much I wanted to create a list here so others can use those ideas, too....more

Long Live Snail Mail

You know that great feeling when you open your mailbox to see a handwritten card specifically meant for you? Someone took the time and energy to write a message, buy a stamp, and put that card in the mail. For you. It’s such a great feeling, and a long lost art. I don’t remember where I first heard about Punkpost, but they make sending a handwritten card easy and beautiful. And I promise you, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love them!...more

The Sun Also Rises

“I don’t know. There isn’t always an explanation for everything.”- Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also RisesWe were late coming home, day turning to dusk before 5pm."Dark," Junior said ominously as he looked out the window. "Dark."...more