Why I'm Over People Telling Other People to Get Over This Election

It’s now been several days since I crawled into bed early Wednesday morning, defeated. I curled up to my husband and drew the covers up over my head into a cocoon, as if my quilts could somehow make everything else go away. My sadness wasn’t profound at the time, probably because it was dulled by exhaustion and the knowledge that I needed to wake up in a few short hours and teach a full day of school. I wasn’t surprised at the results — that would be the wrong word for it. I knew how ugly this was. I knew how divisive and horrific this was. But I was stunned....more

Adoption: How it Feels When You're Not Chosen

Today has been marked on my calendar for weeks. A simple star in the corner, nothing you’d notice if you weren’t looking for it, but something I’ve stared at for days, something that represents a lot of nervous stomachs and sleepless nights and days spent dreaming of the future. Today was the day we found out if we were selected to adopt a little boy we’d been matched with. And today, just hours ago, we found out that another family was chosen instead. ...more
What a beautiful and sad post.  My husband and I are adoptive parents who weren't chosen for a ...more

A Letter to My Kids on National Adoption Day

This morning started off like most others. You two were up at the crack of dawn. You charmed Daddy into giving you each a brownie for breakfast while I was in the shower.  Kaden, you had us all laughing until our sides hurt when you pulled open you pajama shirt to reveal the "tattoo" of your own name you'd given yourself with a contraband pen across your chest. We knew you'd done it while looking in the mirror, painstakingly forming each letter, because they were all backwards....more

The Paradox of Letting Go in Foster Care

Foster parenting contains, by its very nature, a strange dichotomy. On one hand, you're expected to love and care for a child as if it was your own. On the other hand, you're expected to let that child leave your home after weeks, months, or years - whenever the circumstances are deemed appropriate....more

365 Days of Vacation Mindset

Oh, vacation, you were magic. I feel like someone set the reset on whatever part of my brain controls giving a damn. Cheese danish for breakfast, lounging around in my bathing suit, sleeping in hours later than I should, letting the kids stay up late to chase fireflies and search for catfish by the docks, reading for hours on end....more
Happy Virgo, 365 days vacation gal!  I too, as a Virgo love to have schedules...but believe that ...more

10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

Before adopting two awesome kids who came into my life through foster care, I had this idea in my mind that the whole ordeal would be kind of like what happened in Annie. We would just be handed a precocious, well-adjusted child that we would rescue from their dire straits through love and perseverance and possibly a few well-timed choreographic musical numbers. The truth is that it’s infinitely more complicated than that, although it is equally thrilling and wonderful—minus the giant mansion and, sadly, Punjab. We could all use a little Punjab in our lives. ...more
I was in foster care myself and now i am a foster parent myself. What a wonderful experience it ...more

Would I Lie To You, Baby?

So, true confession: I lie to my kids.Some days I lie to them a lot, some days not at all. Some lies are big ones, others are inconsequential. Some lies come easily, while others take a bit of thought. Regardless, they’re lies. As a person who values honesty in every other facet of my life, I can realize how hypocritical my fibbing is. And yet, I can also realize how many times it’s been a necessary part of parenting....more
I loved this post and I'm totally stealing the "yeah honey, the ice cream man only plays that ...more

Golds and Silvers

I’ve just crawled into bed and tucked the covers under my arms when there is a soft, hesitant rapping at my bedroom door.“Yes?” I call out, knowing full well who the teeny tiny rapping hands belong to.“I need to give you something,” comes the calm reply.It is nine-thirty at night, and I have just finished refereeing Sunny’s hour long tamtrum. I am exhausted, puffy eyed, and my arm is already sporting the telltale ache of a bruise forming in the spot that her heel made contact with me – several times....more
I have had those nights with my oldest.  Too many of them.  He seems ruled by emotions he cannot ...more

Two Weeks

It's the night before my first (legal and official) Mother's Day, and I am overwhelmed with two feelings: love and guilt.  ...more

The Heartbeat, The Challenge, The Forever

I. The Heartbeat (December 2013)I am supposed to be on a massage table right now, but instead I am stuck in snarling, creeping, bumper to bumper, relentless traffic on the interstate. Right now, someone is supposed to be kneading their elbow into my lumpy, tense, needy shoulder muscles. Instead, I am sputtering near-silent curses under my breath as a minivan attempts to creep the entirety of itself into the four foot opening I’ve left between my car and the car in front of me....more