Boba Tea and AAPI Data Disaggregation

I love finding new ways to tell stories, especially stories involving complicated issues of multicultural communities. And a connection to food doesn’t hurt, either. So when I heard about #RethinkYourAsianDrink, a Southern California initiative to raise awareness of the high sugar content of boba tea and other popular Asian drinks in light of high rates of diabetes among some ethnicities, I thought that would be a great example to illustrate another battle brewing in the state ....more

Asian American Tarot Cards: Art Meets Mental Health

Image Credit: Asian American Literary Review Mental health is a big concern for Asian Americans, but one that our community...more

Color and Cook: Filipino Food Coloring Book

August 2 is National Coloring Book Day! Have you gotten into the adult coloring book craze? A lot of women I know swear that it is relaxing and creative way stress buster ....more

UC Riverside Study: Tiger Parenting is Harmful, in the US or China

Image Credit: Raul Hernandez Gonzalez via Flickr It doesn’t really matter if they’re Asian or not, tiger...more

5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to College This Summer

This is a sponsored conversation brought to you by our partners at...more

Parenting Mixed-Race Kids Panel at Japanese American Museum San Jose

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Meet Kisha Mays, Fearless Leader of Operation Unify

What does a thirty-something jet setting entrepreneur do in her free time? If you're Kisha Mays, founder of Just Fearless—a consulting firm aimed at empowering diverse female business owners, you start a non-profit initiative to counteract the divisiveness that's becoming altogether too common in this political season....more

Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Hits Home

Image Credit: Grace Hwang Lynch I had this conversation with my son last fall, when Donald Trump was just one — albeit the most provocative...more

Sarong Party Girls Book Review and Giveaway

Image Credit: William Morrow Need a beach read? With a title like Sarong Party Girls, (Amazon affiliate link) Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan‘s new novel is a perfect summer vacation book, but it’s much more than that. Main character Jazzy is a modern-day Singapore party girl with a dead-end job as executive assistant to a newspaper publisher, whose main goal in life is to nab a rich ang moh husband and pop out some “Chanel” babies ....more

Best Posts About Asians and #BlackLivesMatter

It’s been a tragic and mind-numbing week for police shootings of Black people, and the shooting of police officers in Dallas, and it makes me so bordering on hopeless about America that part of me wants to throw my hands up and not think or write about race or politics anymore. But that’s not going to happen. Because we’re living in a time that is so volatile and critical that ...more