7 Conservative Blogs to Follow

With the midterm elections coming up on Tuesday, November 4, we've found some Republican bloggers to follow for their thought-provoking posts and opinions from the conservative side of the aisle. Check back next week for some Democratic blogs to discover during the election season and beyond. ...more

Surprising Statistics That Prove Family Leave Is Broken in the United States

In 2002, I had my first baby. Fortunately, I lived in California, which had just enacted its family leave fund. For the first weeks of maternity leave, I received a stipend, which really helped us as a young family starting out. And it didn't cost taxpayers a cent. Under the California program, employees can choose to deduct a small amount from their paychecks each month, in a model similar to Social Security. It goes to fund a stipend you can use if you need to take extended leave to care for a family member, such a new baby or even a sick parent. ...more
I wasn't expecting to be surprised when I clicked the link, and I wasn't, but this is a great ...more

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

For a long time, I’ve wished there was an series of books that featured Asian folktales, sort of how the Percy Jackson stories make Greek mythology relevant to kids, or even how the Harry Potter books draw on common themes for an epic hero’s journey. And I can’t believe I haven’t yet ...more

Why I'm Torn Up About Malala's Nobel Peace Prize

In one of the most celebrated recent Nobel Prize announcements, Pakistani teen activist Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize — a distinction she will share with Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian advocate against child labor. Since being shot in the head by Taliban forces almost exactly two years ago, Malala has been heralded as a symbol of feminism and the unbridled spirit of youth. ...more
Congratulations https://twitter.com/hashtag/MalalaYousafzai?src=hash!more

Why It’s So Important for Asian Americans to Register to Vote

You know the midterm elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 4, right? That means the deadline to register to vote is fast approaching (it varies by state—in California, it’s October 20), so make sure you are signed up, especially if you have recently moved or have changed names. The good news is that recent polls show that the majority of Asian Americans plan to vote in November ....more

Snapshots From San Francisco Chinatown

This week, my boys are home on vacation. That’s right. It’s barely October, and we are having FALL BREAK ....more

Lesson Learned: You Don’t Need That Mommy and Me Class

When my first son was a toddler, our schedule was a whirlwind of gym classes, swim lessons and other activities. At first, it was a way to get out of the house. After the early days of being cooped up with a colicky baby, I was happy to plunk down a monthly fee to sit on brightly colored mats and sing “The Wheels on the Bus,” complete with hand motions ....more

Superhero Birthday Cake Made Easy With Betty Crocker

This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker. They’re also providing a birthday cake and party planning kit to one lucky HapaMama reader! Not bad for my first try at making a cute decorated cake, right? ...more

Must-Follow Monday: Blogs for Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Started on September 15, this monthlong event continues through October 15 to celebrate and honor the contributions of Americans whose ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America. Here are a few Latina bloggers to watch. Of course, this list is not complete... so please feel free to let us know which Latina blogs you'd like to recommend in the comments. ...more
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Why Are There So Many Stories About Girls and People of Color on Banned Books Lists?

It’s Banned Books Week, which hits especially hard for creators and fans of diverse literature. I learned last year that one of my favorite summer reads, the Young Adult novel Eleanor & Park, had been called “dangerously obscene” by the Parents Action Council in Minneapolis....more
Thanks for writing about Banned Books.I never heard some of them but I think some parents will ...more