Can Konmari Help My Family?

Hold it in your hands, and ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?” Marie Kondo’s mantra is now my mantra. My family happened to be moving back into our newly remodeled house at the same time that Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing...more

Taiwanese BBQ Chicken for the 4th of July

This post is sponsored by our partners at Honey Maid as part of the #ThisisWholesome campaign. Like many Americans, we love to celebrate the 4th of July by spending time with friends and family, with a neighborhood bike parade and barbecue, followed by a bonfire and fireworks. The celebration of freedom is important to us for so many reasons ....more

INTERVIEW: The Sisters Are Alright' According to Tamara Winfrey Harris' New Book

Tamara Winfrey Harris, whom many BlogHers may recognize from her blog What Tami Said, has a new book called The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America....more

Do Your Kids Visit the Grandparents By Themselves?

Image Credit: frankieleon via Flickr Now that my boys are getting a little older, it seems that it’s pretty common among for kids to spend a week or two each summer at their grandparents house — without the parents. Over at this week, I’m writing about what happened the first time I sent my kids on a plane without me… and the surprising thing that helped me calm down. My husband and his brother grew up going to his grandfather’s farm for a few weeks each summer ....more

I'm a Code Switcher and I Want You to Know Me

“You’re really malleable,” a new friend commented during our freshman year in college after seeing me navigate my way through many different social situations and with Type-A premeds and introspective literature majors, with people of various races and ethnicities. ...more
I did not know this term, but I think it's a great strength. I used to work with a man who most ...more

How to Save Money With Groupon Coupons

This post is sponsored by our partners at Groupon. Image Credit: Yosomono via Flickr Summer can be an expensive time for families — with vacations, special events, new clothes and entertainment. Like many bargain hunters, I love Groupon for the thrill of finding a great daily deal ....more

Creased: Mixed-Race Korean Filmmaker Explores Asian Eyelid Surgery

Lizzie and Jade, from Creased Eyelids. There’s not a more tricky topic when it comes to Asian beauty standards (except maybe skin color). So I was intrigued to find out that Seattle filmmaker Jade Justad, who is herself mixed-race Korean-white, is producing a short film called Creased, which focuses on a teenager’s interest in Asian...more

Kristina Wong Takes on Race and Hashtag Activism in Her One-Woman Show 'The Wong Street Journal'

Last winter, I caught up with performance artist Kristina Wong while she was doing a residency at the Montalvo Arts Center just outside Silicon Valley, developing material for her new one-woman show "The Wong Street Journal". There in a loft, she was writing material as well as doing the less glamorous work of sewing felt props for her show, which opens this week in her hometown of San Francisco. I checked in with Kristina again recently to find out what's new....more

Animator Dads Bring Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ From Script to Screen

This is the final installment in my series on ‘Inside Out’, from my trip to the Pixar Studios hosted by Disney. Ronnie Del Carmen, Image Credit: Disney/Pixar Pixar’s Inside Out, which opens this Friday June 19, is a movie that is for parents as much as for kids. It’s no surprise then, that many of the creators of this film — which takes us inside the mind of an 11-year-old year old girl — are fathers ....more

INTERVIEW: Wesley Radez of Chinese Holidays 101

One of the interesting people whom I’ve met through the Internet is Wes Radez, who last year created the Red Bean Box Asian food subscription service. While he’s moved on from that venture, he’s now busy creating a website to help families learn about and celebrate Chinese cultural events. Called Chinese Holidays 101, the site aims to be a clearinghouse for information about traditions big and small, such as the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival ....more