I feel fat

I was going to write a fabulous post about how I’m going to start learning how to use make-up.  You know because I’m 30 and have no idea how to do it yet.  However I’m throwing that all in the trash for now so that I can have a pity party in honor of myself ....more

Jumping Puddles & Playing in the Rain

I taught Els how to jump in puddles after a quick rainstorm on Saturday.  She was hesitant at first, but very quickly caught on.  We started with the puddles in the driveway and then went on a puddle hunt.  We found a really big one a few houses down. She liked this puddle so much we had to go home and get The Mister to show him too.  I couldn’t believe that jumping puddles was so much more fun then ...more

Ocean City New Jersey Beach – Before Memorial Day Trip

Ocean City New Jersey Every year a weekend or two before Memorial Day we venture down to Ocean City.  Ocean City New Jersey that is not Maryland.  In fact I’ve never even been to Ocean City, Maryland ....more

Dear 13 year old me – Remembering Braces

This is a sponsored post.  Yes I’m being paid, however the traumatizing step back in time is true and my own. Dear the me from 1995, ...more

Potty Learning

Elisabeth is mostly potty learned.  {I talk about potty learning a lot recently}  She still wears a diaper during nap time and when she sleeps.  For some reason the girl just wakes up wet.  I’ve had a few people tell me that if she wakes up wet I potty trained her to early.  I think those people are nuts in my professional mom opinion ....more

25 months 7 days

We had a good healthy ear run.  Yesterday I took Els to the pediatrician because she has this raspy sounding cough and she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. I guess 25 months 7 days is a good run to have before a real sickness hit us.  The thing is that besides the cough the girl has been acting normal.  I never would’ve known.  She’s been super snotty the last couple of days and has had a low grade ...more

How do you discipline a toddler

Thursday was a beast of a day.  My adorable and sweet child was replaced by a combative demonic beast.  I have no idea what crawled up her and transformed her.  It was a tough day for me.  I’m sure it wasn’t to peachy for her either.  How do you discipline a toddler?  What is the right method? ...more