Infidelity - Is Ignorance Bliss?

The hacking of the Ashley Madison website and posting of that information on the internet for all to access raised a question for many married persons – “Is my spouse cheating on me?”  When I read about persons searching this informational trove I thought about that game we played as adolescents.   The game where we pulled the petals of a flower as we recited “He loves me……He loves me not” hoping that it would end on the right choice.    I know that persons are hoping that they do not find the name and information of their spouse among the Ashley Madison inform...more

Dare to Be Assertive - Be the First to SMILE

Recently, I attended a social event and had the opportunity to meet and talk to a really nice woman.   We ate and had a delightful discussion during the course of a murder mystery play....more
Loved this! Merely smiling can open the doors to anything.more

Six Months Later – The Romance Checkpoint

This post is for the romantics - for those that actively pursue those passionate and romantic moments in a relationship.It has been six months since “V” Day and time to prompt all you lovers to check the romance gauge in your relationship. Here is a checklist to get you started. Image: Rennett Stowe via FlickrIn the past six months:...more
Hi Rachel,   7/10 is great!    Also, I'm sure there is more that keeps you happy that is not on ...more

Take a Minute to Click-It for Love

My father was my hero.   He encouraged my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 1990.   I was lucky enough in life to finally meet a man who touched my heart and embraced my adventurous and independent spirit.   He died in a tragic car accident in 2007.Both would still be here sharing my life had they worn their seat belts....more

You Can (and Should) Set Relationship Boundaries

Recently, I was asked for advice from a beautiful twenty-something young woman who is helping me to rediscover fitness in my life. She needed some dating advice and I was flattered that she thought I could offer some helpful information to her. After all, it has been awhile since I was twenty-something....more
Boundaries help the relationship grow so you can learn about each other......great post.more