Have you Talked to your Child today?

I stumbled across this ad campaign today, while browsing through German news sites. It's initiated by an agency for addiction treatment in Germany. And what's pictured below is shockingly true, and I'm sure you can find this on every playground in the USA as well:...more

The Never Ending Story // VA Claim

So far I was keeping all the anger to myself, but it is finally time to speak up about how the VA is treating my man. M served the US Army for 18 years, went to Iraq 5 times. Got injured, suffers from PTSD, has a messed up back, bad rash caused by the stuff he was working with, and several other medical conditions. ...more

Relocation: The Pet Edition // Coco's Trip Across The Big Pond

The most heartbreaking part of the relocation so far was getting our beloved Coco cat to the USA. There is a lot to keep in mind when you are relocating your cat. In our case that meant from Germany to the USA. Here is a list of what we did: Call the airline to make sure you can take the cat! ...more

Relocating: Things I will definitely NOT miss about Germany

Howdy and happy Friday!  The weekend is finally here. Oh and if you guys don't know what to do: come on over and help me getting this house in order, so I won't have to be ashamed tomorrow while showing the people who want to move in around! The Realtor called in sick, so I will have to do it.... Ugh. ...more
Grapefruitprincess slsandlin I totally understand its a special place!  I had a hand held basket ...more

Let your Kids be Your Coaches

Love this!! Great advice!more

Feeling stupid and moving books

Howdy there! TGIF. Seriously! This week was so long! And so stressful! At least someone else's week was worse than mine: ...more

Easy Banana Bread Recipe!

DIY // Grape Jelly

I´ve recieved tons of e-mails after my "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" post, asking on how I made the grape jelly. It´s really easy! So here goes a little tutorial!...more

I´m a proud aunty!

My little nephew Luis, who just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, learned how to ride a bike! And he has a kick-ass bike! (Mommy's and daddy's birthday present)...more
Congrats to Luis!  I understand the proud aunt feeling.  I have 10 nieces and nephews and they ...more