Cup of Coffee and a thought

Hello friends,...more

Who knew party planning could be that hard?

So the time is almost upon us. My son's birthday. I can't believe he is turning one! I feel he just came into this crazy world recently. It doesn't feel like a year. I mean he doesn't sleep through the night yet. But here it is, his first bday is in a couple of weeks and I have been thrown into the mass of kid bday planning. What to serve for food, what cake,ice cream or not, games? The list goes on....more
Oh gosh! I just saw this reply! I am so sorry, been so busy! Yea we survived and conquered that ...more

Sketchers new shoes, making girls taller?

Who would have thought that Sketchers would make a shoe that would be for girls who want to be taller? I mean in a way it is no shock, considering Sketchers have made shoes that make you spin like a lazy ballerina. But, now there is another notch for girls in their self esteem pole....more
@lamicro I remember playing in my fakey high heels. But, I can not see myself at that age ...more

Tilt tables, heart monitor, and MRI! oh my!!

Today has been rough, I wont lie; I feel like crap. I have been through a maze of tests recently. Heart monitors, stress tests, MRI, and today was no different.  Today I had my tilt table test(say that three times fast). I feinted 3 times! Once after the I.V, no reason, second while doing the test, and finally whwen I wanted to leave. ...more

Chocolate covered strawberries!

Who doesn't love a bit of chocolate dipped fruit. Especially when it is strawberry.  Here is my fail proof way.You will need chocolate, bowl, microwave, parchment paper, and strawberries.Put half a bag of chocolate in the bowl and microwave for 30 seconds at a time and stir until it is almost melted. Stirand add more chocolate to temper it....more

His smile melts my heart.

There are things that when my son does them I smile. There are things he does that make me laugh;like when he plays with his feet I laugh. But, when he smiles it melts my heart. His smile melts my heart so much that I never want to let him go. My little man of 4 months in age is at a point where he is discovering so much already. I love how everthing is funny to him.I think it is great and every little thing he does turns me to mush.Who would have thought that this little person could make me so unbelievably happy....more

Postpartum and my life, dealing with myself.

I am not even sure where to begin. How do I start this post out? Do I begin with a cliche' "Hi my name is ______, and I have postpartum depression?" I don't think I should, so let me try a different way.This is by no means easy for me. Infact, it is a daily struggle that many women face. A daily struggle to get up out of bed without crying,feeling sorry for myself, or anxious until I am turning blue. This is my story however, of my struggle with postpartum depression. And my final straw to get help....more
@tatwood thank you tatwood:-) I have been doing better, but I still have those moments of ppd ...more

Are you a cat person or a dog person?


It came today, my short term disability papers....

It came today,my papers for my short term disability claim. Wow,what a feeling, a feeling of um I am not sure. It made me more aware of something, I can't get paid for it and they don't have to give me my job back. A bit of fine print that I think people overlook or misread all together.A fact I am well aware of in Fl, in fact that is how my husband lost his job almost 5 years ago with Jp Morgan. Right to work state, isn't it lovely? When I got my job I of course was pregnant and well aware that FMLA and short term wouldn't go into effect for me....more