5 Ways to Love Meatless Monday

I have 4 hungry guys in my house. One happens to be my husband who is easily out-eaten by my 7 year old twins and my 3 year old, but that's a whole other blog.In our home we have one vegetarian (that would be me), one meat-a-holic and three carb-a-holics. Add to that the fact that they are all guys and you have 4 meat-eating, carb-loving, food-hogging stomachs. If you haven't guessed it, I pretty much live in my kitchen....more

The Only 6 Exercises You Really Need

I love training beginners. They always allow me kick their butts ever so quietly – unlike my regulars, who tell me where to go on a regular basis. But, I heart the regulars too. I adore sarcasm and spunk.But, beginners do hold a special place in my heart....more

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 3

For the most part, I get along just fine with my slow-cooker.As long as I provide the ingredients, it will turn my efforts into a delicious and healthy meal. We have a very balanced relationship....more

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 2

At any one time, I can have 3 slow-cookers working simultaneously.You know what this means right? All you personal chef's out there just lost your jobs. I love to get breakfast, lunch and dinner going the night before so I wake up with no prep for the whole day. It's like a one day vacation from life.No complaints here....more

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 1

Slow-cookers are the best. Period.Granted, they would be far better if they would also prep the food and do the dishes for you ... but let's get real here - they're the closest thing some of us will ever have to a personal chef.However, nobody wants to pull out the slow-cooker during the summer months.But, now that summer is behind us and fall has made itself at home, the slow-cooker has a place in your kitchen again as our bodies begin to crave heartier foods....more

10 Truths You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger

What if you could write a letter to your younger self? What would you say? What life lessons would you share?Here’s my letter…Dear PJ from 20 years ago,Hey! How are you? Well, I guess that was kinda dumb to ask, since you are me and I know I was doing pretty good 20 years ago. In fact, 20 years ago is when we married loving husband and launched our personal training business....more

Healthy Brownie & Cake Recipe

Just because you eat healthy, doesn't mean you can't enjoy dessert.Most people start a strict diet and promptly fall off the wagon. It can feel impossible to create a healthy lifestyle if you can't find a personal balance. And by personal, I mean personal. We are all different and need to find our own balance in eating healthy and exercising....more

How Do You Know Which Exercise is Best for You?

Cardio, strength, circuits, HIITs, stretching. Each is a key component to good fitness and health, however how do you decide which one to do? Deciding which workout is best for you is a little science-based, because there is clear research that different workouts are better than others for specific goals, and it’s intuitive-based, because your body will let you know what it feels like doing on any given day -- or in some cases, what it doesn’t feel like doing. The trick is to listen to them both and then get your runners on and begin. These tips range for those who are completely new to exercise to those who are looking for new ideas for their workout. ...more

10 Easy Kitchen Fixes that will Drop the Pounds!

I have a confession to make - I don't like cooking.I do love being in the kitchen though, because I love to create and experiment. I love the problem-solving in order to fix a failure and I love savouring the successes....more

How Do Personal Trainers Stay Fit?

Who doesn’t want to know how a professional takes care of business?  We've all read the articles: "What Does A Genius Do To Help Remember Important Tasks?" (They apparently focus on one task at a time.) or “What Does Jennifer Aniston Do to Have Sexy, Beautiful Hair?” (She uses "Living Proof," her own haircare line, go figure.) or the most recent one I read: “How Does Oprah Relax?” (She takes Sundays off.) I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years.  During these past two decades, I have helped a lot of people lose weight, get fit, feel better, and live longer. In this time I, myself, have actually gotten leaner and healthier too.  I have a lower body fat percentage at 44 years old than I did when I was 30 (take that middle-age!), and I can still beat people younger than me in a foot race and in the gym – however the recovery time is a tad bit longer than it used to be. These are the top 6 things I do to stay in shape. ...more
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