#RealMenWait4Yes, Because They Know They Are Worthy of It

Rape is when a woman’s right to refuse sex is taken away from her.Rape is when a woman must pay for her survival with her body.Rape is when sex is taken whether or not a woman is physically or mentally capable of giving her consent.Rape is when intimidation is used to compel a woman to engage in sex when she would refuse if she were in an environment where she could otherwise do so safely....more
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#YesAllWomen: Abortion, Rape and Why Shame Can't Keep Us Silent

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Am I the Only White Person in America Offended by Racism and the Tea Party?

If politics remains a taboo topic in polite conversation, then racism in politics represents the equivalent of suppression, of something whispered behind closed doors in the dim light of one flickering candle.  ...more

Fear Factor is Having a Newborn with Teenagers--From Lost in Suburbia Stories

Six long years.  SIX YEARS I waited for him to join our family due to a struggle with secondary infertility.  When he finally did make his arrival, he joined two teenaged sisters who were sixteen and fourteen.  My daughter was our oldest, my step-daughter became our middle, and the baby we finally managed to make together will definitely remain that; the baby.  Some of our scariest moments, biggest challenges and greatest rewards Lost [and sleepless] in Suburbia, definitely involved having teenagers and an infant in the house at the same time....more

There IS an Enlightened Middle Majority and Maybe I Should Have Googled It

It is midnight, with a looming government shutdown, and we are at an impasse over needed but flawed Healthcare Reform....more

Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 2

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Back-to-School with the Judy Blume Project: Jim Denney's 'Martian Girl' Part 1

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