Gluten Free Upside Down Deep Dish Skillet Pizza

Everybody loves it and most people who have to go gluten-free for health reasons miss it more than any other foods listed. That’s right… PIZZA! I love making homemade pizza with my Quick & Simple Gluten-Free...more

Tips for Baking with Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is popular in gluten-free baking, particularly for those who wish to use a grain-free flour alternative for making grain-free and/or paleo friendly recipes. Before we delve too deep into the conversation on using coconut flour, let’s clear up one thing: Coconut is NOT a nut. It is a seed and I provide you with all the facts in THIS POST ....more

Read This Before You Buy Another Toxic Mattress!

It’s been three months since we started sleeping on our new bed. Can you be in love with a bed? I doubt it, so I’ll just tell you I am mighty fond of this bed ....more

6 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Living Gluten-Free

When you have celiac disease or another gluten-related health issue, it is important to maximize the utility of the foods you eat and to use your gluten-free diet to heal your body. This may seem an unsurmountable challenge to the newly diagnosed celiac. In fact, what I most often hear from readers just going gluten-free is that their greatest fear is not being able to eat the foods they love anymore, that they cannot attend social events, and that they can’t even celebrate their birthday with a simple slice of cake ....more

What’s Cooking with Gigi – 25 January, 2016

This week, we’re prepping and planning for more than just our everyday meals. It’s time to get our Gluten-Free Pre-Game ON for Super Bowl 50, which is just around the corner and who isn’t ready?? Not a football fan? ...more

Stuffed Buffalo Sliders

These sliders are perfect for your next game day bash or when you’re craving an out of this world burger. I use premium grass fed ground beef and portion these out slightly bigger than your ordinary slider (but hey, bigger is sometimes better!). If you prefer a less hearty slider divide the meat into more equal portions and reduce the amount of filling you put in each one ....more

Rib Eye Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet

Do you love a tender, juicy, melt in your mouth steak? I’m totally raising my own hand over here! We don’t eat steak often, but when we do, it’s 100% quality grass-fed and for me, it’s always a rib eye ....more

Easy Antipasto Salad

This is one of my favorite recipes to make during football season because it seems to please everyone and it makes a generous portion to feed those hungry game day appetites. You can watch me make the recipe here at! Easy Antipasto Salad Ingredients For the salad: 1 cup cubed cheddar cheese (1/2-inch cubes) 1 cup cubed Monterey Jack cheese (1/2-inch cubes) 3 ounces cubed all-natural salami or pepperoni (make sure it is GF and free from nitrates, nitrites and other additives) ½ cup sliced black olives, drained 1 cup fresh broccoli florets 1 cup fresh cauliflower florets ½ cup chopped green bell pepper ½ cup chopped red bell pepper ½ cup chopped red onion ...more

Simple & Healthy White Chili with Chicken

Another fantastic gluten-free recipe I made with my friends at the Ingles Table! I know you’ll love this dish – a simple to make chili with white beans, chicken and just a few other seasoning ingredients that makes meal time so easy. I love using leftover roast chicken for this chili, but you can certainly cook some chicken just for the occasion – it’s well worth it ....more

Gluten Free Sunbutter Brownies

When we were growing up, my brother used to make sandwiches out of peanut butter and grape jelly. No, not PB & J like you’re thinking… he mixed the PB and the J in a bowl until it was a murky-colored blend of those classic favorites, then he spooned it onto white bread (Sunbeam, I think). It oozed out the sides when he took a bite ....more