"It Could Never Happen To Me"

I once heard a comedian/disability advocate introduce himself at the beginning of one of his shows as "not disabled yet." Nicely played, I thought.  Because while disability isn't inevitable for everyone,  there's a good chance that for many people, age (if not circumstance) is eventually going bring some sort of disability....more

"I Don't Care About You": Thoughts on Accessibility and Disability Sensitivity

When I see buildings with a low degree of accessibility, outdoor wheelchair ramps covered with accumulated ice and snow, buildings with power doors or elevators that aren't functioning, stores that use aisles as display space for merchandise which makes the store difficult to navigate, I wonder if the people in charge of the building really realize what kind of message I, as a disabled person, come away with. ...more
benzeknees You're dealing with some difficult issues here. Sizism and ableism often walk hand in ...more

Why I Joined the Boycott Autism Speaks Movement, Part Two

I didn't get everything out about why I decided to join the Boycott Autism Speaks movement in my first post on the subject. I knew that I wouldn't, hence the "Part One" when I was writing that post. It's time to get to Part Two.Here's the recap from Part One:I decided to join the Boycott Autism Speaks Movement (visit boycottautismspeaks.com for more information) because:...more

Autistic People, Accommodation, and Double Standards

I had an interesting online conversation about autism with a couple of women one day. Let's call them Jane, Sally, and Betty, for simplicity....more

Disability and the Downside of Assumptions

Disability advocate Dave Hingsburger wrote a great post last year on the assumptions that people make when you're disabled. He talked about how, when he was watching a St. Patrick's Day Parade in Toronto, sitting on the sidewalk in his wheelchair, the people on the floats singled him out to waved at the same way they did the kids on the sidewalk....more

Why I Joined the "Boycott Autism Speaks" Movement, Part One

I'm doing some research into Autism Speaks that I've been meaning to do for a long time, trying to understand what exactly has led up the wide-scale boycotts of one of the most well-known autism research and advocacy agencies in the US....more

Thoughts on Privilege

I posted a link to this article about privilege and intersectionality by Gina Crosley-Corcoran on the Facebook page the other day, and got a message this morning that it's gotten more attention than 95% of what I've posted on that page, so people must be looking at it!...more

Some Disabled People Won't be Eligible for Minimum Wage Increase

Sorry to get political right off the bat, but I'm a little annoyed right now. At President Barack Obama and his promise to raise the minimum wage in the United States.Don't get me wrong. I support any sort of initiative that will raise the minimum wage in the US. I've been following this issue ever since I learned that the current minimum wage in the US is only $7.25. It's been over $10.00 in Ontario (where I live) for years, going up to $11 in June. Heck, student minimum wage in Ontario in 1998 (the last time I worked as a student in Ontario) was $8....more