Softening the Edges

I’m not sure where I lost my fun side.Perhaps it escaped the clutches of living in a harsh city like New York by taking the Long Island Railroad and retired on Long Beach.Maybe it became trapped in the Diaper Genie after my son was born and was carried out to the dumpster along with a days worth of soiled Huggies. Or swallowed up in the wash of hormones that brought on post-partum depression after my second baby came home from the hospital....more

When I Realized My Kids Are Good Kids

Seated at the fancy Grand Hotel, in Mackinac Island, MI, I started to sweat. A slight panic attack lurked in the back of my mind as I glanced down at the fine china on the table, the massive assortment of silverware stacked around the place setting, and our two young kids eyeballing them with wonder and mischief. We were on vacation and, on a whim, decided to bike over to the swankiest resort on the island and fork out a small fortune to stuff our bellies full with the lunch buffet. It was a gorgeous hotel, full of history and old-school luxury and expensive decor. ...more
This reminds me of a swanky luncheon my family attended when my two oldest were still small ...more

More Than a Good Mother?

My daughter, son and I had just finished the five-minute train ride around the zoo, checking out moose and wolves on a hot summer day. A grandmother was sitting behind us with a toddler that was, how should I say this, less than stationary.As the train rolled in to the station, the toddler started to head off the side of the train before it stopped. Both of my kids lunged for the little boy to prevent him from leaping, and my daughter turned and yelled “Oh, don’t let him get off yet!” The grandmother, defending herself, said she wasn't going to let him get off just yet....more
playdatesonfridays I agree, not everything needs to be debated, and initially, I didn't even ...more

The Happiness Formula

If you’ve ever found yourself rifling through the self-help aisle at a bookstore, or sat through a few sessions on, you know there is a shit-ton of advice out there on how to be happy. There’s even a Happiness Project movement, based on the book by Gretchen Rubin that you can start up with friends and follow. ...more

American Girl for Real Girls

We could not fight it anymore. Resistance was futile. We knew our daughter would get exposed to this at some point. That pressure from her friends would prove too great....more

Why I'm Taking a Blogging Break and Hanging Up My Blogging Stocking

So, I’m taking a step back and taking time off to refocus.  How much time?  Until I can come back to writing and hitting “publish” with the confidence that I will not measure my self-worth in shares, likes, comments, page views or retweets. ...more
carolroodSo glad this spoke to you!  And it was good for me to hear that I'm not alone.  I knew ...more

The Soundtrack of My Life

I’ve often wondered what songs I’d include on the soundtrack if someone made a movie of my life.Not that any movie producer or screenwriter is looking at my life and thinking “Hey, you know what would make a GREAT movie? An aging stay-at-home mom who’s lost her mojo and can’t seem to shake the holiday weight she put on in 2011.”Besides, who the heck would want to play that role?...more

Hit the Reset Button for Family Meals: Dinner Solutions for Families

A friend called me last week, and as we discussed our day, we inevitably came to the question that plagues us every day at 3pm. “What are you making for dinner tonight? I have to be honest: On the days I feel ill prepared, this question makes me sweat with panic. ...more
Thanks, @davenportdiy! Hope they can rescue you some day.more

What Alex Rodriguez Taught My Son

Days after my son was born, I received a package on my porch from my father.  It was a gift for my first born child.A black, kid-sized Rawlings baseball glove.  The Players Series.  "Signed" by Alex Rodriguez....more

10 Things I Brought Home From BlogHer '13

This past weekend, I traveled to Chicago with 5000 other bloggers to attend BlogHer '13, one of the largest blogging conferences for women around.  I was a BlogHer virgin and wasn't quite sure what to expect.  In the end I came way with way more than a name badge and hotel bill.Here are 10 things I took home with me in my BlogHer '13 doggie bag:...more