For You, Netizen

When Whites Just Don’t Get It by Nicholas Kristof Come up Higher by Lisha Epperson 7 Highly Effective Ways to Raise Lazy & Entitled Children for Balancing Beauty & Bedlam Three Troubling Things Exposed by the Ferguson Police Shooting of Michael Brown for the Washington Post. Teen who Got into ALL 8 Ivy League Schools Makes His Choice for CBS News. He’s a black male & with all of the negativity surrounding the media exposure of black & brown men, I’d like to highlight some of the good ones as well ....more


For awhile my boys felt like they were out of my reach....more

VIDEO: Letting the Stupid Little Nigger Go

You can watch me read & sob my way through reading my piece,...more

#Succeed. Searching to #FindTheWords

In late July, I parlayed all over the San Jose Conference Center, soaking up every doggone minute of the Blogher ’14 conference which was EVERYTHING. I’d been chosen as A Voice of the Year & asked to read my self-nominated piece, Letting The Stupid Little Nigger Go. Ariana Huffington....more

Woncha Take A Risk?

A few days ago, I took my boys to our favorite haven on Lake Michigan....more

In the Matter of Biskie vs. Biskie

A few weeks ago, Dave & I stepped into a cold, dingy, wooden, sterile court-room. I’d brought pertinent papers in a legal pad folder, with a soft, squishy front panel....more

August 25

The three weeks before I left for the Blogher Conference were the heaviest. Everrrrrrrrr....more

Amazing grace: that saved a RATCHET ASS like me

My very sensible Blogher ’14 flat shoes. This is MY & OUR story. My story is that I like to write....more

I Missed the Memo on How to Relate to God when “Living in Sin”

“Grace, you are living in sin.” What does it mean to be living “in sin?”...more

What Fighting Racism is Like as a Black Woman

Your necessary air is restricted....more