The Shame Oh the Shame Oh the Shame

I hung out with some of my alumni recently....more

Worst 31Day’er Ever.

The Gratitude App It’s time for me to face facts: I SUCK at writing every day for #31Days....more

I Am Not Okay

Are you okay? They see you cry. They see you fall in a fast, steep crumble ....more

I’m Getting Sober

The other day I FB’ed this: ‘Any lengths to get “sober.” Whatever your “sober” is, do it. Join me. Any length ....more

The Realization

We put on the costumes tryin’ to fit suburban hipster shit yo, look at me I can code switch! Is that well enough for you, Massa? “You don’t fit here You don’t fit no where but...more

What Gives Me Hope for The Church

I’m sitting on a double-decker, red-eye Megabus, Nashville bound, nonstop from Chicago. My friend bought me a ticket so I can join her at a retreat she created for Christian women ministering in various capacities. She said the Lord told her I should be there ....more

God Knits

“And now you ask me through your tears, the age-old question through the years: Heredity or environment, which are you the product of? Neither, my darling, neither. Just two different kinds of love.” //// {via} Who am I? ...more

Two wayward travellers stuck in a Geo with a guy named Vic.

Back in 1999, my friend Rodney made a VHS....more

Why Are Black Women So Argumentative?

Okay. So. I saw this video being discussed in the context of a safe space for black women....more

Racism Distracted Me From Purity Culture

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook from April Fiet about not praying for her children’s future spouses....more