When your First Born Son is Half Way

You, my first born son are halfway to Becoming A Man....more

I remember

I remember when I used to get up before my kiddos to read through my favorite daily devotional, Seeking God’s Face....more

God am I really trusting you because ‘ish is f*cked?

About 7 months ago, shit fell apart....more

38 Birthday Pearls

Today, I am 38....more

See How They Love One Another – #BlackLivesMatterSunday

Around 260 AD the second of two great plagues killed much of the world. ...more

A ranty two cents on #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve wanted to write more (articles, posts, novels, books, etc.) on why #BlackLivesMatter & throw in my .2 cents on #Ferguson…this movement that’s global now because The Rest ALL READY hated The West & now -thankfully- they have something they can stand WITH us on, but there isn’t anything eloquent or p.c. about the simplistic anger I feel: white folks in power keep killing black folks…and then resigning. If not that, then using systematic racism at obnoxiously subterranean & unconscious levels to shove us into stereotypes and ghettos and categories....more

The Shame Oh the Shame Oh the Shame

I hung out with some of my alumni recently....more

Worst 31Day’er Ever.

The Gratitude App It’s time for me to face facts: I SUCK at writing every day for #31Days....more

I Am Not Okay

Are you okay? They see you cry. They see you fall in a fast, steep crumble ....more

I’m Getting Sober

The other day I FB’ed this: ‘Any lengths to get “sober.” Whatever your “sober” is, do it. Join me. Any length ....more