Divorce & Facebook.

Divorce. Facebook. It ....more

In Which I Pare Things Down

When my ex & I separated, I took so few things. I didn’t want a lot from that house, honestly. Over the years, I’d become completely overwhelmed with more than a decade of pat-rack accumulation ....more

I Am at Peace



October is pregnancy & infant loss awareness month. Today, I’m sharing over at RaisingMothers.com about the ones I’ve lost. ::::: When I was younger, I was a big ball of happy, jumbled emotions when my ex & I decided to try for our first child ....more

Besties Until 3004

The other night, one of the great loves of my life came over for a “sleepover.” The last sleepover we had was in the late 90’s so this isn’t our regular practice....more

The Science of Discontent

A few days ago, my new husband released his 2nd collection of poetry, essays & articles called...more

25 Days of Core Desired Feelings

Last July I bought my husband a Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Journal. I knew he’d love it. (He does) ....more

Her Life Matters

This morning I dropped my youngest son off at Kindergarten for his first day....more

On Fear

This morning I woke up afraid. There was a bit of a thunderstorm and the slow rumble while I slept jerked me awake in fear of an earthquake. ...more

Things Are Changing

I used to hate the term “re-invent yourself.” My original context for hearing it was mostly about Madonna changing her hair color, her country & donning a faux English accent. It seemed so distinctly, annoyingly American & 1st world. i.e. “We’re so rich & bored that we don’t have anything better to do than sit around &...more