Today, I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months. We talked about how it was for me financially since I was out of work for a while. She mentioned that she’d read my blog (which NEVER gets old to hear, by the way, thank you so much!) and found my posts about debt repayment insightful. You can read about them here. I felt tickled by her admission....more

Today I cried.

Growing up, we never had very much. We weren't starving or homeless, but there were times over the years that I didn't have enough to eat. We had a big family: three generations, which included six children, living in the same house, being sustained by two salaries. Times were tough, but it was the only life I had and the only one I knew, so I accepted it. I accepted that I could not have what other people had. I went to a high school where children of rich people attended and I was one of the poor ones....more

Why I will never be skinny

So just out of curiosity, I looked up my weight/height thingie on WeightWatchers.com and surprise, surprise, for my height (a measly 62 inches), apparently the “Minimum Weight for all adults” should be 109 pounds and the “Maximum Weight for all adults” should be…wait for it….137 lbs. Reeeeeeeeeeeeally?When I was pregnant with Kidlet, I had a hard time putting on and keeping weight. It was strange. I was all stomach. From my check up at 3 months to a month before delivery, I put on 13 lbs, which brought my total up to 149.5 lbs. I mean, wowza! Weight Watchers would be traumatized!...more

In my dreams

How about I share some poetry today? I haven't done that in a while. It's not obtuse and scary, I promise.I have trouble sleeping, as you know, so when I do sleep AND dream, it's always a mishmash of thoughts. One night, I dreamt about my Mum, who passed on almost 5 years ago, which is INCREDIBLE to believe! I remember waking up and being so grateful I had that dream because I got to see her again. That dream was the inspiration for this poem.I'm not sad today, I'm okay. I just wanted to share this, that's all!Happy Monday!V*******...more

Personal Blog Challenge #2 - Mummy

This challenge is killing me...basically whatever I don't want to write about, that's what gets pulled from the bag. Sigh. The prompts I put it in the bag speak to things hidden deep down, so I have to hash it out with myself!*deep breath* I press on....more


I sit here...I took Kidlet to public skating last night. I don't skate, I sit and freeze while I watch him fall 100 times. (Sigh!) When there, this family caught my eye....more

What Do You Know About Marriage That You Didn't Know Before?

I had 12 writing prompts in a bag and this is what I pulled today: Image: VikeraAs I wrote this prompt, I had hoped that I wouldn't have to write on it early on, but life had other plans for me. Well, after all, this year's theme for me is "Challenge Yourself". (Hmmmm....how do I write on this and expose my mistakes and failures?) I press on....more
Thanks.  Queendivakat -- sorry to hear about your divorce - it is a very painful time ...more

Coming attractions!!!

Well good morning!Happy New Year 2014!!So this is it, huh? A new year! Wow! I don’t know why, but this year, I feel so very hopeful. I think last year, I learned that I have a lot of control over what happens in my life, so this year, I’m starting with a lot more focus and clarity of purpose. The only problem is that now that I can choose to do what I want, I have so many options, I’m a little bit overwhelmed!...more

More! More! More!

Wishing you a good year ahead!This was my New Year's Eve FB status at the end of last year:...more

Not everyone had a Merry Christmas

I stayed at the Buccament Bay Resort in St. Vincent this summer for three days. I took this picture while heading out on the sunset cruise. This is what I visualize when I think about St. Vincent....more