The Farmer's Life For Me!

When I started this blog and entitled it, "The Flown Coop," I never imagined I might actually own chickens or have a legitimate coop on my property. I chose it to illustrate the fact that my husband and I were entering new territory; the one with no kids in it as they'd all "flown the coop." Such a clever title....more

So We Bought The Farm: Now What??

 So we bought a farm.  After a year and a half of searching for the perfect piece of property with the perfect home on it, in the perfect location, we bought a farm. For those of you who have not met me personally, this may sound just fine. But for those who know me well? My response to you when you stare at me quizzically, is, "I know, right? What about me screams farmer?" Fifty-five acres of WTF?...more
lol hahahaha. We want to buy some property with like 5 acres and have a mini-farm but sometimes ...more

How Do You Know It's Time to Leave a Facebook Group?

Anyway, while scrolling through the typical "Life is what you make of it," and "You're never too old to start" posts, the requisite eighty pictures of dogs dressed up as famous movie stars, and pictures of people on vacation in places I'd much rather be, I came across the post that made me do something I'd never done! I moved my cursor, hit "enter" and I not only "hid" someone's posts, but I also "left a group" I'd been a part of. ...more
I only use the Facebook Groups app so I control what posts I see during the day based on which ...more

Life After 50: Literally A Pain In The Neck...And Other Places Too!

I talk to my mom on the phone at least five times a week. Ok, if I'm being honest, probably more and sometimes a couple times a day isn't unheard of depending on what's going on in my life.  It's awesome, and most of our conversations revolve around family matters, what the grandchildren are up to, what travels are being undertaken and the positive living of lives.  However, my parents are in their seventies and live in a community which is predominantly older....more

Post Holiday Blues: I Would Kill For Some Peppermint Bark. Really...

 I'm starving. Seriously starving.  I want some peanut butter so bad.  And I'm so tired.  Like I've been on "Survivor" for three days starving and tired.  I'm also bored senseless.  I've been staring at the Christmas tree, my brain reeling from competing arguments for leaving it up or taking it down. And although, as I've said, I'm incredibly bored, I've opted to continue to stare at it rather than take it down. I just don't have the energy.  I have no fuel, remember.  I'm starving....more
I'm on board for banning January. Let's do it!more

Are You A Helicopter Parent? 5 Times It's A Good Thing

 Are you a helicopter parent?I know I am. I am even ashamed about it sometimes, yet I still can’t seem to quit even realizing it might be hurting my child....more

10 Jobs Moms Do Better Than the Professionals

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 25 years. Recently as our nest grew empty, I have started to wonder what it is that I'm qualified to do for my second act. Upon reflection, it seems that I'm actually quite prepared and able to fulfill the job requirements of any CEO and any of the following job. And honestly, I might be over-qualified for some. God knows I have years of experience: 10 Jobs Moms Do Better Than The Professionals: ...more

The College Prep And Pack: Boys V. Girls

If you are ever looking for evidence of gender difference, look no further than the college prep and pack.  Although, it's certainly not scientific, all one needs to do is study the looks on the faces of "the welcoming committee" at any college when a van load of girl's stuff pulls up compared to when a boy's drives into the same space.  Proof positive!...more
This is so true! I have to admit that I was the roommate that never brought the big ticket ...more