10 Things Excellent Parents Have In Common

What makes an excellent parent?  Hell if I know...No really.  Hell if I know.  I do know that I'm most likely  not one of them, but I like to think that in certain lights, and at certain times, it's possible to see that I might be doing ok, at least, so far.Parenting is an exhausting job;  one that never ends, gets much easier or lets you settle into bed feeling secure.  It does and can, however, reap tremendous rewards, and give you life's greatest pleasure.  But to get there requires work...Lots of work....more

Preparing Kids For College Means Far More Than Decorating A Dorm

 In the next month or so, kids from all over will load up cars, say goodbye to their hometown friends and families and head off to college for the first time....more

The Confidence To Be Yourself: What I Learned From My 15 Year Old Niece

As a parent of an three adult children, I've lost count of how many times over the years I told them that if they could "just be yourself everyone will like you." Honestly, I'm not sure any of them ever followed my advice and I am pretty damn sure looking back on my own teen years, I didn't....more

Emptying The Nest: 5 Steps To Making The College Drop Off A Success

 At the end of August in my 17th year, my parents loaded up their car and drove their oldest child to college.  I was nervous, but in that excited, rumbly way; worried about the roommate, the classes, the food, and all of that stuff, but anxious to start this new adventure. I'm pretty sure my dad was feeling the same as I was.   My mom, on the other hand, was psychotic, catatonic and just plain off her rocker.  Suffice it to say, she wasn't coping well....more

15 "Must Have" Books For The Perfect Childhood!

The other day my 22-year old daughter attended her first baby shower for a friend. When she asked me for some gift suggestions; having absolutely no idea that a sippy cup was not something found at a college frat party, it made me realize how long it had been since I'd been to a baby shower.  It got me to thinking about my "go to" baby gifts from years ago and it made me nostalgic for my own babies. ...more
Love your list.  My kids received books at their showers too.  Often the books were titled with ...more

Do You Like The Like A Girl Commercial? Let's Celebrate Being Girls: #ownlikeagirl

 Have you seen the "like a girl" campaign by Always?  While I love the message, it also raised some questions for me about how we talk to girls about, well...being girls....more

"Away." Our Two Weeks In Europe: A Series

 I've heard that the best blogs either follow one particular theme or are written as a series.  Since there's no way I could stick to one theme as life is just too interesting for that, I will admit that I have wanted to try my hand at a series.  So, when a few weeks ago my husband and I returned from a European adventure, I figured the highlights of our trip, or at least how we managed to spend 14 days, 24 hours a day together, might just lend itself perfectly to such an endeavor.  I hope you enjoy following along....more

Are My Facebook Posts Obnoxious?

The messages that started this post were a few of the comments I received. I know most of them were meant to be sarcastic because only my family, where sarcasm is a dominant gene, and friends, whom if not connoisseurs of sarcasm don't last long, are my friends on Facebook. So I know they were just teasing... sort of... kind of... right? Or are they nicely, with humor, trying to tell me something else? Does posting this kind of thing make me obnoxious? Is it offensive? Does it mean that I'm unfeeling or out of touch? Am I a show-off and just plain nasty? ...more
Jealousy is an interesting and tricky thing.  When I know I'm not in a place to celebrate with ...more

"Somewhere In Between: Why I'm Jealous Of Both My Mother And My Daughter."

No way, do I wish I was 22 again, and I am absolutely not ready to be 71 quite yet.  However, there are definitely things about both my mother's and my daughter's lives right now that I most assuredly envy....more

They're Baaaack! 6 Tips to Help You Survive Summer with Your College Student

Over the next month or so, college students will be returning home to spend the summer with you. Within a few days, several of your conversations will begin with any or all of the following questions: Where have you been? It's 2:00am.When did I say you didn't have to call?Why would you take the car without asking?What do you mean you don't have a job?Who said I'd do your laundry?Who is that sleeping on my couch?Why are there empty beer bottles in the back of the garage?It's 2:00 pm, are you ever going to get out of bed? ...more
I love #6 and especially love this part: "I can't get those days back, but I can relish the new ...more