The Jelly Splat Heard Round the Table

“My jelly fell out of my sandwich and landed on the lunch table!” My son offered during our dinner discussion of Daily Highs and Lows. “Did it make a big splat?” I asked. “I bet it did,” my daughter interjected ....more

Death Conversations with Grandma

I am lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time with my 95-year-old Grandma. She is absolutely hilarious. She has taught me so many life lessons ....more

22 Things You’re REALLY Doing on Facebook

We all know Facebook—that social networking site designed for interacting with friends and family and connecting with other people who share similar interests. Some of us even use it for “work.” But we all know what you’re really doing there, and it’s not quite as innocuous. Avoiding work ....more

You Know What “Turtle Head Poking Out” Means, Right?

If you’ve been around here long, you know I love to write about my 9-year-old son Colin. He’s fabulous: very clever...more

15 Ways You Can Get Us in the Mood

Listen up, men. We women are hard-working, exhausted, and possibly a bit cranky from our daily demands. Oftentimes, we’re not feeling in the least bit sexy ....more

What Do You Do with Crappy Goldfish?

“Mom, something’s wrong with the Goldfish crackers you gave me.” My notoriously picky daughter...more

Toys-to-Life Video Games Are Ruining My Life

Remember the good ole days when you could send your child to the computer or television to play a video game instead of parenting as a reward for good behavior? Well, straightforward video games just don’t exist anymore. You can’t just make a single purchase and let your children play until their eyes bleed for thirty minutes ....more

What Happens in Vegas…Gets Posted on This Blog

While I’m definitely too old for Vegas, I’m not too old for a Vegas-themed party. Fortunately, at the beginning of every new year, my freighbors (friends who are also neighbors) throw an epic rager (I know, I’m even old for using that word). You come in costume, equipped with a short performance, according to a designated theme ....more

My Marriage Survived The KonMari Method Of Tidying

The clutter in my house seems to reproduce at an exponential rate. (I blame my husband and children.) In an effort to curtail the clutter babies, I looked into Marie Kondo’s book,...more

A Foxy Lesson for the New Year

Recently I adopted a new personal philosophy. A new way of life. I created the NOPE Movement—a movement in which I say “NOPE” to the all of bullshit around me ....more