How to Avoid a Potentially Lethal Scarf Attack

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Also, I Don’t Enjoy Getting Puked On

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The Dysfunctional Family Drinking Game

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WTF Is on My Face?

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Advice to My Daughter on the Eve of Her First Junior High Dance

Memories of my own junior high dances are obscured in a haze of Drakar Noir, Aqua Net hairspray, and raging (and foul-smelling) tweenage hormones. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from these dances to jog my memory either, but I do have my 7th grade school picture. (This picture was taken a few months before I started performing daily experiments on the effects of aerosol spray on the ozone layer.) I remember wearing that exact tank dress and matching earrings to one of my first...more

Depression and Anxiety Walk into a Bar …

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The Good and Bad News about Having a Tweenager

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You Put Your Meat In There

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If You Give Foxy a Fish Head…

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Sometimes I’m Serious Too

September 6-12 is National Suicide Prevention Week. I lost my brother to suicide three years ago, and I live with chronic depression and anxiety myself. So this week is important to me to say the least ....more