What Not to Wear: A Dress Guide

Everyone needs a brand-new dress every once in a while, right? Something special and fun that makes you feel fabulous? Like glitter and rainbows? ...more

Rules for Using Public Bathrooms

The first time I used a public restroom with my father, who had recently transitioned to a woman, was—quite frankly—unsettling. Not because I was afraid any crime would occur, rather, because for the first twenty-four years of my life, she (then he) had used the men’s restroom. Walking arm-in-arm with her into the ladies room was a surreal experience for me ....more

25 Things I Want To Tell My BFF

Although we don’t talk every day, I think about you constantly. An inside joke here, a shared sorrow there—I love these reminders of you, and I want to ensure you know a few things. The day I met you, my life changed for the better ....more

Dick Pics and Breadsticks

I recently attended a writer’s conference in Dayton, Ohio. One of the biggest perks of these type of conferences is that you get to spend time drinking networking with your online writing friends in real life. People you otherwise would not meet in-person ....more

The Poop Club

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I almost died last week. Like, I couldn’t walk or talk or even move beyond (barely) breathing. I did cry a lot though ....more

Stink Avoidance, Cookie Acquisition, and Other Survival Skills

As the youngest of six kids, I was farted on a lot. At least once a week, one of my brothers would sit on my head and let one rip. Eventually, I learned to recognize the warning signs—the glint in their eyes, the snickers, the less-than-stealthy movements—and I’d scramble behind the couch before a stinky butt made contact with my face ....more

Dancing the Dead Dog Jig

Sometimes out of nowhere, a song latches on to your brain, slithers...more

13 Strategies For Parenting Your Tweens (That Worked On Your Toddlers)

The “sweet spot” of parenting abruptly comes to a halt when your child becomes a tween. It’s loud and messy and sometimes very ugly. Ah, the cacophony of the tweenage years ....more

How Would You Describe Your Child?

My son’s teacher asked me to describe my son in “a million words or less.” I was tempted to send her...more

The Jelly Splat Heard Round the Table

“My jelly fell out of my sandwich and landed on the lunch table!” My son offered during our dinner discussion of Daily Highs and Lows. “Did it make a big splat?” I asked. “I bet it did,” my daughter interjected ....more