The Problem with Multi-Colored Rugs

We recently adopted quite possibly the most adorable puppy ever. On doggy death row because of several birth defects, Scooter has a difficult time walking straight and frequently stumbles around like a drunk. (No comparisons to me, thankyouverymuch.) But he’s a total sweetie, not in any pain, and a lovely companion ....more

Rejected Bandages and Other Badges of Motherhood

“Bacon is my favorite long food!” At age three, my son gifted me one of my proudest mommy moments: My child could properly categorize food, and he appreciated one of the most magical flavors in the world. Not that I’m biased, but bacon really is the best long food. And flat food ....more

Beware of Bears in Canada

Much to the dismay of Canadians everywhere, many...more

10 Ways We Delude Ourselves When The Kids Go Back To School

After a long summer break, your kids have finally started school again. You’ve got big plans and an endless supply of motivation. You are going to be hyper productive and complete ALLOFTHETHINGS on your ever-growing to-do list ....more

The REAL Love Your Spouse Challenge

I’ve been seeing all these beautiful pictures of my friends and their spouses on Facebook in the “Love Your Spouse Challenge,” a seven-day challenge designed to “celebrate your special union.” First dates. Weddings. Nights out on the town ....more

My Latest Therapy: Rage Gardening™

I have been neglecting my garden. That is not a euphemism for something else; my lady garden is just fine, thankyouverymuch. No, I’ve been failing the plants in my front yard and courtyard (my fancy word for our teeny-tiny back yard) ....more

Only Serial Killers and Parents Collect Teeth

One of the benefits of the medication I take...more

8 Sucky Things Tweens Do That Are Actually Awesome

My 12-year-old daughter wanted to paint her bedroom black. Instead of screaming “Hell, no!” I offered grey as a compromise. Fortunately that color was different enough from her “baby-ish” lavender walls, and she readily agreed ....more

Follow Your Dreams and Fuck the Haters

That’s me. Flipping off the haters. Recently, I taught a course called “Selling Yourself, Not Your Soul” at a blogging conference...more

25 Annoying Things About Parenthood

Yes, we all signed up to be parents, and for the most part, we love it. (Keep saying that over and over again until you believe it.) But there are some very irritating parts about this parenthood gig—things you want to sling poo at (just like your toddler does, which is also really annoying). Everybody has an opinion about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it ....more