365 Days Back To Me

We’ve all heard it before – a midlife crisis is all about dumping your spouse for a newer version, buying a hot sports car and leaving your old life behind.  From my teens, to my twenties and through my thirties, I thought it was silly.  You can’t just start over by ignoring your life.  Who does that? ...more

A Tribute to My Football Loving Dad

While watching college football this evening, and remembering weekends of my childhood, I thought I would write a blog about my Dad. You see, without him, I would have never known a thing about the game of football. I owe all of my knowledge, my "Football Divaness" if you will, to him....more
My mom taught me to love football when I was young. Back then, my dad didn't care about ...more

Why I Love The Game Of Football...

It's been awhile since I wrote a blog. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because between trying to enjoy another beautiful summer and moving across the country, I've been a bit busy.  However, with the new season upon us, I thought I’d take some time to answer a question I hear often.Why do I love football?...more

Was Payton Manning A Good Investment?

The 2012 off-season was a bit like the hokey-pokey.  You put Manning in, you take Tebow out, you put Sanchez in and shake it all about.  You do the NFL Hokey Pokey…. Well you get the idea.  In case you missed it, the Denver Broncos, the team that drafted Tim Tebow last year, crowning him the future of the Denver franchise, negotiated to get Peyton Manning.  It was an interesting choice considering Manning sat out the entire 2011 season with a serious enough neck injury that, if reinjured, would end his career....more