My Dog is an Anti-Depressant

I'd read that owning a pet can improve mood, but it surprised me how quickly adopting our dog Maggie helped alleviate my depression....more

Maggie: Our Adoption Story

We quite suddenly adopted a dog two days ago. My husband was wary of me visiting the dog adoption clinics at a local pet store, and I assured him I wasn't ready for a dog....more

To My Son at the Start of 2nd Grade

 I got the idea to write a Back-to-school letter to my son Zach last year from ...more

Don't Give Up Yet, Just Wait

 I have thought about committing suicide many, many times over the last 20 years....more

The Catch-22 of Offering to Help

 I was elated that dropping my daughter off at her first day of Pre-K went smoothly....more
Still sitting in the Starbucks, I saw a woman pulling two roller bags yell at a man for trying ...more

Voices from BlogHer '14

When people ask me how BlogHer '14 was last week, I get speechless....more

What I'm Hoping to Get Out of BlogHer '14

 I'll be attending BlogHer '14 tomorrow and the day after. It will be my first blogging conference....more

Solo Parenting as a Mom with Depression

 My husband just finished a three-day backpacking trip....more

Preschool Interrupted

 Photo by Anissa Thompson ...more

Indifference Can Be a Killer

 Ever had a doctor blow off your concerns, dismiss you, and leave you completely unsatisfied with your visit?...more