Look for the Helpers, They're Overworked and Bleary-eyed

"Good God, what have I done?"...more

An Alternative to Vaccines: Voluntary Intentional Exposure

Illustration by Cécile Graat There seems to be this dichotomy where there are only two choices to protect our communities from preventable disea...more
But the entire point of vaccination is to protect children against disease. Acquiring immunity ...more

Can We Have Meaningful Dialogue about Vaccinating?

 Photo by Brian Hoskins  I’ve been...more

How Do I Tell My Son His Friend is Now a Girl?

 My seven-year-old son Zach has been friends with, let’s call her Sara, for about 2.5 years....more

Coping Strategies When I've Forgotten to Take My Antidepressant

I woke up grumpy, irritable, and inexplicably angry. It took me a few minutes, but then I remembered that I had forgotten to take my antidepressant yesterday morning. I didn't realize until last night around dinner time. I took it then, but that was a whole 12 hours without it. My four-year-old daughter was whining a lot at breakfast, and just the sound of her voice grated on me. I had no patience for her or her brother. My face felt permanently set in a scowl....more

My Journey into and out of Silence

 Being silent is something that doesn't come easily to me. I'm always talking to someone, listening to music, or reading (Facebook, a novel, or live updates to a baseball game....more

Retreating into Silence

Tomorrow I'm going to an overnight silent retreat with my church. I did the church retreat a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it....more

My Dog is an Anti-Depressant

I'd read that owning a pet can improve mood, but it surprised me how quickly adopting our dog Maggie helped alleviate my depression....more

Maggie: Our Adoption Story

We quite suddenly adopted a dog two days ago. My husband was wary of me visiting the dog adoption clinics at a local pet store, and I assured him I wasn't ready for a dog....more

To My Son at the Start of 2nd Grade

 I got the idea to write a Back-to-school letter to my son Zach last year from ...more