Friday Faves

Hi friends! HAPPY FRIDAY! What are you up to this weekend? ...more

La Jolla holiday

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Thank you so much for all of the sweet words of encouragement on my latest training endeavor ....more

Triple Threat Tabata Workout

(and some fun news!) ...more

Lactation cookies for new mamas

When a friend or family member has a newborn baby, I’m always excited to stop by and take them a meal or some snacks and goodies. Some of my favorite baby meals are here, and here are two items that usually make an appearance: Mother’s Milk tea and lactation cookies. When Liv was first born, Heather sent us a beautiful package with homemade goodies and these lactation cookies ....more

5 things that almost screwed up my fitness life

(the title of this post is a little dramatic, but so am I, so there ya go. haha) Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? ...more

Is Zumba dead?

Hi friends! How’s your evening going? Tuesday nights are a little treat because I don’t teach; it’s just a fun evening to hang out with the fam ....more

Kettlebell circuit workout

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning ....more


“I love you more than lollipops and marshmallows.” ...more

Luscious grain-free lemon cake

Hiiii. How’s your Monday going? We’ve had a lovely morning ....more

the not-so-cold front

Hi friends How was your weekend? Ours was gloriously relaxing. It was sunny on Friday,...more