Gluten-free vanilla almond cake with coconut ganache

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Virtual green juice date

Hi friends Hope your day is going well! How about a green juice? It’s been a while since I’ve done a virtual wine date post, and since I’m definitely missing my favorite red (ok, and since it’s 7am haha), I thought a morning green juice would suffice ....more

your deepest, brightest goal

(It sounds much happier than “darkest” ha) Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re enjoying the afternoon ....more

Like a hamster on a wheel

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Getting kids involved in the kitchen

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Hiiiii! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re enjoying the day and getting back in the swing of things ....more

Pho the love of the weekend

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope that those of you who have a long Memorial Day weekend get to spend it with family and friends while taking a moment to remember the significance of the holiday ....more

Family: Weeks 17-19

19 week belly shot: Random thoughts and things I noticed:...more

Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the long weekend? ...more

Baby #2 is a….

GIRL! (We had pink macarons to celebrate) Looks like from the poll, many of you had a feeling. 59% guessed correctly! ...more