I Moved In With a Stranger I Met Online

“So it's decided, we want the top floor one?”I bit my lip. “Um...YES! Let's do it.”“Ok, I’ll emai--”“Are we crazy? Are we really doing this?”“Maybe a little, but so what?”There were probably a million very good answers to that question but I was too happy to think of any just then.“So… what?” I repeated, gaining confidence. ...more
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Being Black, Kinky, and Empowered

“I am Black, kinky and seriously considering leaving The Life.”I think about these words now from where he has commanded me, on my knees, hands on my thighs, completely still. I am rarely ever still; there is always one more thing to do, another task I start to think of while pretending to relax. My feelings of gratitude to him for seeing this, for taking the time to help me conquer my racing brain, they are giving way to thoughts of how I thought I could live without this....more
I've always been silly but being allowed to be an lg with someone really let me know how much of ...more

Loving Beyond Gender: What Dating A Woman Taught Me About Dating Men

Long before I met my first girlfriend, I knew I had within me the capacity to love beyond gender.  I am attracted to every form; all our expressions of masculine and feminine. When I would tell people, they ask me to pick- surely I prefer one.  “I don’t,” I’ve insisted.There was a period where despite my insistence, I couldn’t quite be sure....more
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When It Comes to Dating, Twitter is the Best Place for Me

I never thought I’d be the girlfriend who called about tweets.  Yet there I was, sitting in front of my computer completely horrified and desperately searching for my phone.He wouldn’t have said that…he didn’t type that…not the guy who knew about my past. Not him.But there it was. The tweet that sent my entire timeline in a tizzy and he’d written it:"The women who say they want to be equal to men  would call the cops on a man for hitting them like his equal.”...more
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