7 Reasons to Love The Royals on E!

 1. Princess Eleanor.What’s not to love about a princess who speaks her mind? And drinks and smokes and does drugs, too? I mean, she’s a gift to the people, really. ...more

10 Lives Jinxed by Robert Durst

What is The Jinx on HBO? Who is Robert Durst? Why is everyone talking about this?...more

Q&A with Princess Ann from Roman Holiday and my protagonist, Veronica Buccino

Princess Ann is well aware of her duties – greet dignitaries, dance gracefully, answer questions diplomatically, smile, move on to the next engagement.   Veronica Buccino is well aware of her duties – go to work, review legal documents, dodge her snarky boss, engage in awkward conversation with co-workers, wake up and do it all again.  ...more
Hmm. Im going Belle! Id love to be able to explore that castle, meet the unique people, see if ...more

John Edward: My Interview with Psychic Medium John Edward

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to interview psychic medium John Edward for an edition of "Spotlight On" on AfterBuzzTV.  If you have any interest inwhat happens after we cross over,...more

Thank you, Michael Bolton! What's your #ThankYouMichaelBolton moment?

On last week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (#RHOBH), Lisa Rinna shared how she met Harry Hamlin shortly after Nicolette Sheridan left Harry for Michael Bolton. Years later, she saw Michael Bolton and went up to him and said "Thank you!" Image: © D. Long/Globe Photos/ZUMA Wire Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we'll never know the reason. Other times, we can trace it back. ...more
You two are a very cute couple. I'm glad you are on the show.more

Lisa Vanderpump's PUMP

It's been some time since I've been to a work holiday party. ...more

From the Mouths of Babes

Comes the truth....more

RHONJ: VOTE on who should return!

I moved all the way to California to talk about ladies from my home state. And that’s just how I like it. ...more

Bad Advice on the Internet

Ad Color adds color

It’s a play on words. We love that ship – hehe, ship --> read this – at the Ronay house.And one of us Ronay’s also loves getting dressed up and drinking fancy cocktails and all of the pre-party primping, too (mani/pedi, eyebrows, blowout. And a spray tan, of course.  Why, yes, I am from New Jersey. How’d you know?)....more