Thank you, Michael Bolton! What's your #ThankYouMichaelBolton moment?

On last week's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (#RHOBH), Lisa Rinna shared how she met Harry Hamlin shortly after Nicolette Sheridan left Harry for Michael Bolton. Years later, she saw Michael Bolton and went up to him and said "Thank you!" Image: © D. Long/Globe Photos/ZUMA Wire Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we'll never know the reason. Other times, we can trace it back. ...more
You two are a very cute couple. I'm glad you are on the show.more

Lisa Vanderpump's PUMP

It's been some time since I've been to a work holiday party. ...more

From the Mouths of Babes

Comes the truth....more

RHONJ: VOTE on who should return!

I moved all the way to California to talk about ladies from my home state. And that’s just how I like it. ...more

Bad Advice on the Internet

Ad Color adds color

It’s a play on words. We love that ship – hehe, ship --> read this – at the Ronay house.And one of us Ronay’s also loves getting dressed up and drinking fancy cocktails and all of the pre-party primping, too (mani/pedi, eyebrows, blowout. And a spray tan, of course.  Why, yes, I am from New Jersey. How’d you know?)....more

99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending a Dime

You: Some of these are weird.Me: What’s wrong with weird?You: Some of these are common courtesy.Me: Yes, some of them are. Still, to be courteous is to be kind and reminders to be courteous, like this list for example, are always helpful, especially when you post them in the common area of your office or share on social media (Ahem, hint hint. See # 32)....more

Middle School: Was it Middle Hell for you?

'Tis the season! Back to school pics abound on social media. And the memories flood in. By memories, I mean nightmares. Not all nightmares, but a few Middle School related ones. Oh Middle School.  Those were not the days. ~~~ How many guys have you gone with?The little spaceship in my head that travels back in time is being propelled even further back than high school.  I'm remembering MIDDLE SCHOOL!Dear G0d, make it stop.The only remedy, of course, is to write about it....more

Worst Moving Story Ever?

H and I have relocated to Los Angeles from Chicago and it went the opposite of smoothly.When good cats attackWe decided to fly instead of drive.  We thought it would be one day of stress and hassle versus three days.We thought wrong.It turned out to be three days of stress and hassle with a two night hospital stay, thanks to Magoo....more

6 Assumptions NOT to Make About the Child-Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child-free men and women out there, so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me....more
Thank you!!!more