Will the Confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General Bring Justice for Black Women?

Loretta Lynch made history when she was sworn in as the 83rd attorney general of the United States of America. She is the first African-American woman, and only the second woman, to hold the position and is certainly cause for honorable recognition....more

Your Sex Life Should Be Free of Regrets

“I just wanna fuck.”How often has this though crossed your mind, when you’re sitting next to someone who seems like a pretty wild ride in the sack?...more
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Calling All Brides: It's #BridalFashionWeek

Bridal Fashion Week got off to a delightful start on April 15th in New York City!Fabulous looks for the modern bride and stunning silhouettes for those preferring more traditional styles have been all the rage on the runways this season. Are you still deciding on a gown? Are you planning ahead for when you decide to make that commitment? There is an array of styles that speak to our diverse tastes, budgets, and body types. Trends to Watch: Sheer Ball Gowns ...more

5 Relationship Survival Tips for Travelers

When my partner and I first met, we did the best we could when it came to “dating” because we both had very hectic schedules and we lived in different states. The long distance was hard enough, but adding the fact that we both traveled for work only added more challenges. A couple of years later, he moved to a closer state and became more stationary, but my travel increased a great deal. ...more
One time when I was traveling, I picked a time (maybe noon), and every day I texted my husband a ...more

What Would Make You Call Off Your Wedding?

Like many brides, I was incredibly nervous the morning I was set to commit my life to the man I believed I loved with my whole heart. My thoughts were everywhere, my heart was racing, and I remember feeling a bit sick to my stomach, but I blamed it on being 7 months pregnant. Doesn't every bride have second thoughts?...more
I am really happy and I can't think of any probable event that could come up to make me want to ...more

#Planet5050 Calls for Gender Equality by 2030

Twenty years ago, almost 50,000 people gathered in Beijing, China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. More than 180 government officials met for two weeks and eventually produced the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action....more
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What's the Deal With "Steak And Blow Job Day"?

When I first heard about "Steak and Blow Job Day," I cracked up laughing. My husband of seven months insisted that this "holiday," celebrated on March 14, was a day for men to be treated special. He said that I had to cook him a steak and give him a blow job to show him my appreciation. Since these were two things I did regularly, I shrugged him off; what made March 14th any different? He then asked, "Well don't you want extra special things on Valentine's Day? Don't I get you flowers all the time?" I had to admit that he had a point, so I humored him and looked online for more information because I wasn't convinced he wasn't pulling my chain. ...more
Sadie's Gathering  There really is no argument about S&BJ day. Regardless of the possibility ...more

Are You Dating a 'Mama's Boy'?

I recently watched Think Like a Man Too, a sequel to a popular romantic comedy based on the advice book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man....more
Great read. My only son and I are uber close and now at 25 he's in his first serious ...more

Coretta and Martin: A Love Story

I have read articles and book chapters about the marriage between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, two of the most prominent figures of the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. I have learned interesting facts about how they met and their courtship, and I have been made privy to various allegations of extramarital affairs (on both sides). A 2006 New York Times article gives the following background on the beginning of their story:...more
FeministaJones You're such a gifted storyteller. Thank you for sharing this story from Coretta's ...more

What's Your Most Embarrassing Sexual Experience?

My former roommate once shared a story with me about a man who came over to her home after a date and, in his sleep, peed in her bed. He also managed to pee on the carpet in her bedroom. He later blamed it on the alcohol, of course, but she was so repulsed and put off by his blunder, that she didn’t want to speak to him ever again. How could such a thing actually happen?...more
Most of my embarrassing stories these days involve my own klutziness.  I bruise easily, and ...more