Bialas Farms CSA: Week 12

Happy September everyone! Although we’re two weeks into the month, I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up given our late August travel and the start of the school year. Which technically should take some childcare off of my plate, but given school adjustment periods, has actually made things more challenging ....more


First, can I get something off my chest? I have five fingers, just like...more

Hello again September + an Old Navy Giveaway

When I was a kid, I cherished the...more

DIY grain salads

Mondays are usually reserved for CSA posts, but out of town last week and with a failed attempt at arranging an alternative pick-up, I was left with no vegetable share. Which was a blessing in disguise because, especially on weeks that involve travel, my share gives me cold sweats when I get back to a mound of vegetables only to pick up another mound a few days later. So I luxuriated in a week free of obligations, even ordered pepperoni pizza one night,...more

Indigo Rose tomatoes

Aside from a slightly off-topic discussion about the feeding habits of bears, I’d say that our tasting of the gorgeous Indigo Rose tomatoes went reasonably well. I’m pretty well-versed in my heirloom tomato varieties having sampled all kinds of treats from the iconic Brandywines to the yellow Pineapples. But Indigo Rose tomatoes are one of my favorites ....more

The endless summer comes to an end

Last week we enjoyed our last full week up at the lake as we’re heading...more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 10

This was another short week of cooking. My sister’s wedding was in Halifax, so I we left just a few days after I picked up my share. My freezer is full now that it’s...more


If there...more

Where Tuesday is Friday

“I wish it were Summer every day” Lauren told me last week. “That way our Summer would never come to an end.” And that, my dear girl, is exactly why Summer should come to an end. Nothing is special unless it’s sacred ....more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 9

This week was one of the more fun weeks to cook – not only because I got a fabulous box full of vegetables from our friends at Bialas Farms, but also because I received my first box of artisanal food products from Hatchery. I’ve been wanting to test out the Hatchery subscription box for a while since I tend to fall hard for small-batch producers. My first box didn’t disappoint, a true compliment for the range of vegetables that I received from the farm, including: Poblano Chiles Yukon Gold Potatoes Green Peppers Red & Yellow Onions Beets Radishes Eggplant Cilantro Zucchini Cucumber Lettuce...more