The New York City flower district

I’ve been called a lot of names in my life. A favorite, from middle school, was “Fur”. Fortunately it had nothing to do with body hair; it was a shortened version of my last name which was deemed unpronounceable ....more

Grilled asparagus panzanella

A tale, as excerpted from “The Buried Life”: “A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full ....more

And there it went, another year

“Mom, I had a nightmare.” “What happened?” “There were three little squirrels trying to claw their way under the covers.” “That does sound scary. But don’t worry lady, we all have nightmares. I had one last night too.” “What happened in yours?” “Well, we’d just flown back from a family trip and were at home unpacking our bags…when I realized that we’d planned another family trip for that very same day ....more

White polenta with wild mushrooms & poached egg

Recently I complained to Rodney about the lack of “office space” in our neighborhood. “Office” meaning any place other than my apartment; “Space” meaning anything bigger than a 12” Starbucks pedestal table. Rodney mentioned that a new bar had recently opened on 8th avenue – according to him, a great spot, good food, nice and quiet, wireless access ....more

Pi is equal to 3.14

“It’s Pi Day!” “Pi day, what’s that you say?” “Yes, yes, it’s Pi day. Only 4.13 days away!” “4.13 days until…” “3.14 you say?” “Yes, I say, I say! Pi day is just 4.13 days away!” Or so might...more

Middle-Eastern dilled yogurt flatbreads with spiced pumpkin seeds

I’ve had an intimate relationship this week with Justin and his peanut butter, and it’s not what you think. If you’re unfamiliar with Justin, you’ve probably run into his products at Whole Foods – or these days, more appropriately – just about anywhere. He’s the creator of uniquely-flavored nut butters (honey peanut butter, vanilla almond butter, etc), the eponymous peanut butter squeeze pack, and those nightmarishly addictive dark chocolate-covered peanut butter cups ....more

Foragers Market

Last week I wrote about Foragers Market in Chelsea, which is my go-to grocery store here in Manhattan and they were kind enough to share...more

Anatomy of a cocktail

Social media is a bizarre...more

Spring break, our way

Oh, who was I kidding…I really don’t do anything besides dress myself in well-worn knits and cook food all day. That trip to the Farmer’s Market that I posted last week? Aliens abducted me, bandaged my eyes with banana peels and forced me to walk, one foot after the next, until I reached the outskirts of my block ....more

Granola: a love story

All roads lead to Foragers Market…. Or so the story goes, at least in my world where a humble little grocery store went into an abandoned art space on the corner of 8th Avenue and 22nd street in Chelsea and changed my world forever. Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but really, this place….my love for it runs deep ....more