Bialas Farms CSA: Week 17

It’s getting down to the wire….this is the second-to-last CSA wrap-up post and as I promised earlier, there are NO raw tomatoes, only some beautiful Fall dishes that required a hot stove and a hotter oven. Here are the goods that I received this week from our friends at Bialas Farms: Butternut...more


I admit that it’s only been of late that I’ve fallen completely and madly in love with parsnips. I used to lump them in with other categories of root vegetables, namely turnips, celeriac, and other knobby specimens. Which take some getting used to if you’re unfamiliar with their earthy taste ....more

A place called Waywayanda

We’ve had several sets of plans to go apple picking this Fall, all of which...more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 16

I just had my second to last CSA pickup and it’s making me a little weepy. I must confess that Rodney is ready to move on and not have the Saturday morning pickup rush for vegetables. While he enjoys the fruits of my labor, he’s less enthusiastic about the actual fruit itself ....more


I was recently at the grocery store and spotted some fresh dates. I eat dried dates all of the time, my favorite being the dark Medjool dates that have a lovely caramel flavor. The first time I tried the fresh dates, they were bitter but still good – what I didn’t realize is that they benefit from a few days on the counter so that they become soft and chewy ....more

The {un}story

I try to avoid the “lately…in pictures” type of post because capturing a story is so important to me. There’s always a story, and one of the most joyous parts about writing this blog is getting to tell it. But sometimes there isn’t a story ....more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 15

I’m in a rut. A dark, dank, no light at the end of the tunnel rut, and it all starts and ends with tomatoes. Other than the token tomato soup that I shared with you last week, I’ve gotten lazy with my tomatoes ....more

Orange cauliflower

I wasn’t certain whether this cauliflower goes by the name of “orange cauliflower” or “yellow cauliflower” so I decided to look it up. Turns out that it has an interesting history involving Cornell University research and a mutant vegetable in Canada. If you want to learn more, check out the story on Saveur’s website ....more

Heaven Hill Farm

I once dated a guy from Australia. I won’t go into the details, but if you’d like to read more about that ill-fated situation, you can always check out this post where I discuss things like his fire-fighting skills and clinical amnesia. This guy, let’s just call him D– once claimed that everything Americans do is done on a big scale ....more

Bialas Farms CSA: Week 14

Another vividly-hued...more