There was a time my world turned upside down.I had many questions.I had few answers.I was by turns alone, worried, not good enough.I was just a girl.And then a man walked into this unsteady world of mine.He was a big solid man with a mustache and a pipe.He could build things.He could fix things.With magic, he could turn docks twisted and deformed from the ice of the bay into things straight and true.Though he was in my world, he was also not. ...more


Hey, friends, how was your holiday? We had a wonderful 4th of July. We had a terrible 4th of July ....more

Road Trip Tip

Now that summer is upon us, many of you are likely about to embark on a family road trip.And to that end, I thought I would share a little secret with you to keep those hours just a touch more sane.Books on CD.Here's why. ...more

The Shower

I recently had the blessing of spending the weekend with an old high school friend.The sh** in my life was getting deeper than the manure pile outside the barn, so this old friend extended an invitation to get away from it all for a couple days at her place at the Jersey shore.And you know what? ...more

Summer Solstice

As any Mom worth her salt knows, summer has little to do with the date on the calendar marked as "first day of summer". ...more

Six Ingredients or Less

Hello friends. ...more

How much did

How much did everyone love Dolphin Tale?Well good news, Dolphin Tale 2 will soon be released!And I have the official movie poster to give away.Want it? ...more

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

I had a rare treat a couple days ago. My friend Dee and I were able to arrange a halfway meet for an overnight visit.Dee is a fellow "Trauma Mama".She and I have both adopted.Both adopted older kids.Both older kids from the other side of the world. ...more

When I First Saw You

Becuase I'm a glutton for punishment and like to make myself cry, every now and again I like to re-post the poem James wrote for me for Mother's Day in 2011.It goes a little something like this:When I First Saw YouSniff.*************Throw me a vote? You know the drill by now. Just click the juggling chick and you've voted ....more

Weight Loss Wednesday

OK, this is going to be hard to do, but here goes... I've gained back my weight. ...more