Ways To Spruce Yourself Up

Losing one's self-confidence can be difficult. Our self-esteem can decrease due to a multitude of circumstances. However, the upside is we can recover. If you find yourself needing a self-esteem boost keep reading for ways to feel like yourself and better in no time.If you look good, you feel good. Give yourself a mini makeover. It doesn't have to be a drastic change. A new haircut or hairstyle, a new color of lipstick or lipgloss or adding a new, stylish piece to your wardrobe can give you a much needed boost....more

Self Confidence: Do You Have It?

Self-confidence is defined in the merriam-webster dictionary as confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities. In this age of selfies and the eagerness to show others via social media how fabulous our lives are, it's easy to brag and fake an appearance of contentment even when we're not. We can easily seem confident by how we speak, dress, and interact with others. However, how we treat ourselves, the relationships we choose to engage in and the activities we choose to be a part of may say otherwise....more

Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Business in the front, party in the back.  Why do some of us feel like we must act differently at work then we do at home and outside of the workplace?...more

My Natural Hair Regimen

In 2009 when I decided to go natural, I had no idea the time and care it would take to maintain my hair. I naively assumed that going natural meant less fuss. This might be true if your hair is short however, the longer (or thicker) hair grows, the more care and maintenance that is needed. I was pretty lazy with my hair and I didn't have a hair-care system to maintain it. Now that I've learned more about my hair, I know what works and what doesn't. Below are the steps I take to keep my hair as healthy as I can....more


It's amazing how supporters and haters come out of the wood work when you start a new venture. Strangers may embrace you more than loved ones. The word "Hater" gets thrown around a lot and yes, in some instances it is not warranted. Some need not apply. However you may be a Hater if:...more

The Blues

I started blogging because I wanted to speak to the masses. I didn't have one particular topic I wanted to focus on. I just wanted to be able to appeal to a large number of folks. I always wanted to write and have a profound message that all could relate to. After graduating college, my dream job was to be a magazine writer. It didn't exactly happen that way and I accepted that. At the time. <i>Maybe I was meant to do something else</i>, I told myself. I dabbled in several careers. I also wondered though, what if I had stayed the course with my writing....more

Wardrobe Essentials

 I love shopping. Make-up, clothes, toiletries and food. I'm here for it. I'm a night owl but I will wake up at the crack of dawn for some retail therapy. I find now that my style is evolving. I'm into blazers, nice tailored tops, long flowy skirts and baggier jeans. I'm also enjoying scarves because they're multi-functional. Read below on some of the staples I'm rocking now....more

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love?

In Marriage, What Is More Important Justice or Love? I remember when I was younger and dreamed of having a wedding and finding my great love. I knew that I wanted a family one day, however my perception of marriage changed after my parents divorced. I was one the kids in my neighborhood who had a two-parent household. Unfortunately, this was a rare occurrence....more

My Natural Hair Journey and Then Some

I was inspired to cut my relaxed hair and start afresh with my natural hair in 2009.  At the time, I was reading one of the books in The Nappily Series by Trisha R. Thomas. She's a great author.  I felt like the main character Venus Johnston was like me.   A complex woman, trying to make it in the world.   She felt heartache and pain, she was articulate, smart, successful and vulnerable. Just like me.  So like Venus I began to question why I processed my hair.  I realized that I relaxed my hair because I was conditioned to....more