Every So Often I Do This Thing...

Every so often I do this thing called spazzing out.  It's really easy to do when you're at home constantly running around in circles.  I try to live by the tips I give but I'll admit, it's difficult.  Today as I ran around doing my daily chores and thinking of what I was going to yell at my husband about when he got home, (Lol)(not really) I realized that I hadn't had a moment to do some things I needed to get done.  I still have to submit my complete admissions package to the Grad school committee.  I haven't finished my latest blog post....more

I Remember When It Wasn't Cool To Be African

I remember not talking about my heritage because I thought my parents being from Africa was weird. Didn't feel comfortable inviting others over because of the unique smells emitted from our apartment when my mother cooked. When others would ask where I come from I'd say "African" quietly. I was teased because of my name. I didn't look like the Hispanic girls that were predominant in my neighborhood and I felt bad because I thought something was "wrong" with me. Why couldn't I have long, silky hair like her? I would think to myself....more

Pregnant and Not-So Fabulous

Being pregnant has been difficult. Especially while caring for an overly energetic three year old. My motivation has been shot, I struggle with tiredness and fatigue, mood swings, I can assume my fellow mothers get where I'm coming from. I've really had a difficult time keeping my blog posts consistent. However, I've been striving. Whenever I can, I work towards my goals. Even if its just one small thing checked off my to-do list, I know that small steps help. Constantly working at achieving my dreams. I hope all of you that do read my blogs understand. I will get better God willing....more

I Want To Be Like Kim Kardashian.

Just kidding I don't; if you do more power to you, I won't judge. It's taken me a long time to appreciate my features and what makes me, me. However, there are a lot of influences out there that can make us all self-conscious. On social media and magazines we are prone to seeing one standard of beauty which is white, thin, tall and long hair. Black women and women of other ethnicities are not revered. And when they are, they maybe "exotic" looking or of mixed race. ...more

Being a Stay-At-Home Parent: Its Challenges and Joys.

Working from your abode can be a dream come true for some. Spending time with your child or children, making your own schedule, homeschooling and tackling your to-do list at your own pace is great. However, the monotony of doing the same thing everyday, being cooped up and dealing with young children can be stressful at times. It can sometimes cause you to put your own goals on the backburner and before you know it, time will have passed and your ambitions haven't been accomplished....more

No Fuss Make-Up/On-the-Go Face of the Day

I don't know about you but I dislike spending too much time on my makeup when I wear it. I usually am running out the door when I apply it and I like a routine that is quick and easy. I save the elaborate face for more fancy occasions. When I need a quick beat, I pull out a few items that'll do the job....more

You're Exactly Where You're Supposed To Be

It's easy to look at others' lives and admire their lifestyle or wish we were in their shoes. It's easy to feel bad about ourselves or the current situations we may be in. We may even feel a slight bit (some of us more than slight) of jealousy when we go on social media or watch T.V. and see the seemingly awesome lives individuals are having. Why is my life not going as planned? Well, it may be. ...more

Ways To Spruce Yourself Up

Losing one's self-confidence can be difficult. Our self-esteem can decrease due to a multitude of circumstances. However, the upside is we can recover. If you find yourself needing a self-esteem boost keep reading for ways to feel like yourself and better in no time.If you look good, you feel good. Give yourself a mini makeover. It doesn't have to be a drastic change. A new haircut or hairstyle, a new color of lipstick or lipgloss or adding a new, stylish piece to your wardrobe can give you a much needed boost....more

Self Confidence: Do You Have It?

Self-confidence is defined in the merriam-webster dictionary as confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities. In this age of selfies and the eagerness to show others via social media how fabulous our lives are, it's easy to brag and fake an appearance of contentment even when we're not. We can easily seem confident by how we speak, dress, and interact with others. However, how we treat ourselves, the relationships we choose to engage in and the activities we choose to be a part of may say otherwise....more