Spiderweb Pizza with Black Olive Spiders

Pizza all dressed up for Halloween! Black olive spiders on a spiderweb pizza. One easy, fun and festive way to let your food “dress up” for Halloween: Spiderweb Pizza ....more

Pumpkin-Shaped Pumpkin Mini-Quiches

More pumpkin goods! An easy, dairy-free autumn breakfast or savory snack. Pumpkin Mini-Bundt Quiches Pumpkin in both shape and content ....more

Crispy Baked Portobello Fries

Portobello slices make crispy baked “fries.” Crispy Mushroom Fries – with Sriracha dipping sauce We live in times of culinary adventurousness, my friends. I mean, when I was a youngster no one would ever have dreamed of making fries out of anything but good ole Russets. Preferably from Idaho ....more

Maple Molasses Popcorn Balls with Cinnamon-Glazed Pecans

Perfect popcorn treats for Halloween parties or any other...more

Frittatatouille Breakfast Skillet

Turn leftover ratatouille into Provencal-inspired breakfast magic. Frittata + Ratatouille. What else could you possibly call it? ...more

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Pumpkin – in shape and flavor – deviled eggs. Deviled Eggs with a splash of pumpkin! October begins today, and you can tell by all the pumpkin recipes on food blogs everywhere ....more

Low Sugar Baked Apples with Coconut Walnut Stuffing

Baked Apples just scream out “Fall is here!” Low Sugar Baked Apples I make baked apples every fall for two reasons: (1) they are soft and velvety and comforting and (2) they make my whole house smell delicious! This version of Baked Apples (and, Yes, I do make a different version every time I make them, depending on my mood) has no added sugar except what is in the sweetened coconut. The sweetness level was just perfect in them, and so I plan on making these again and again this fall ....more

IFBC 2014: Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plant-Based Diets

Reflections on #IFBC Seattle and the foundations of our food. Marinated Veggie Salad Jars (click through for the recipe!) ...more

One Pot Poached Salmon with Fennel and Citrus

Poached salmon with a soft buttery texture and citrus and fennel. One Pot Salmon with Citrus and Fennel Poaching is an under-utilized technique, IMHO. Poached fish is especially lovely because of the delicate flesh of the fish ....more

20 Minute Chorizo Corn Chowder

Flavorful corn chowder with a kick of heat. Corn chowder just got a whole lot more flavorful. I love corn chowder ....more