12 Things I've Learned in 12 Years as a Parent

This month marks my “Mamaversary”, the anniversary of when I became a mom. My son turns 12 and I can’t help but look back in wonder at the last dozen years of parenting and reminisce about all that I’ve learned.Nor can I refuse the urge to share with you all that I’ve learned. Here are my words of wisdom, the 12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years as a Parent:...more
I like #9. It's been 18 years for me and I think most of the time I had no idea what I was ...more

Tips for Having Fun on Twitter

There’s no doubt about it.Twitter is my favorite social media platform.To me, Twitter is easy. There are no images to deal with. No waiting around for likes or shares. No figuring out what the heck I’m supposed to be +1’ing or hanging out with on Google+.Twitter is just me and some words. Some brief words....more
I completely agree about following celebrities! I've been retweeted by Frankie J, had a ...more

The Best Birthday Party Game for Kids

My daughter is blessed with a December birthday, which means that I’m usually planning her birthday party along with all the holiday rush. I’ve thrown home parties and “destination” parties and one constant remains:There is one game that is hands-down the best birthday party game for kids.It’s simple.It’s free.There is nothing or very little to prepare.There are no prizes. Heck, there aren’t even any winners. Which means there are no hard feelings to soothe when someone doesn’t win....more

Elsa and Anna’s 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

If you have kids or grandkids, then you’ve probably seen Frozen.If you have young  kids or grandkids, in particular, then you’ve probably seen Frozen no less than 3,281 times....more

10 Things to Say to Trick-or-Treaters Dressed as Elsa

Warning! They're coming. Not the walking dead. Or the Boy Scouts with their popcorn. No, the Elsas are coming. All 5,082,367 of them. How do I know there will be so many of them? A couple of weeks ago I took my daughter, 7, to a Halloween event. And then I almost lost her. That’s because she, as well as every other girl under age 10, dressed as Elsa from Frozen. So to prepare for the onslaught of Queen Elsas showing up at your door this Halloween, here are 10 Things to Say to Trick-or-Treaters Dressed as Elsa: ...more
My 4-year-old will also be making an appearance as Elsa, lol. I TRIED, SO HARD, to steer her ...more

Hilarious New Pumpkin Spice Products for Fall

I, like many of you, have succumbed to the siren call.What siren call?  you ask.The siren call of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course.As soon as September hits and the leaves curl ever so slightly, I feel excited for fall. And what better way to celebrate fall than with a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, suddenly available on every street corner?I have indulged. The first 3 sips were heaven. And then I was pretty much done!But since those blissful 3 sips, I’ve noticed something very interesting....more

7 Life Lessons I Learned from "The Facts of Life"

I gave my daughter the “Jo” hairstyle last week:...more

The 7 Levels of Yard Sale Hell

You know all those blog posts about how to have an amazing...more
sunburntsaver Now I know! Goodwill for me, too!more

The Best {Funniest!} Advice for Parents of Middle Schoolers

My oldest started middle school this week....more

Where is the Strangest Place You Ever Breastfed?

The crickets.It's the crickets chirping in the air that signal the end of summer to me here in Michigan. The nights get cooler and the crickets chirp louder and more often. The sun, which never seemed to set just a few weeks ago, goes to bed by 9 pm.And it is this late August setting that always, always reminds me of the time I first breastfed in public. Because it was 11 years ago on a late August night that I finally took the plunge and breastfed my newborn in public....more