5 Graphic Novels That Belong on Summer Reading Lists

Ah, summer!  When students all over America break free of their desks and high-tail it to the pool. For about five seconds, until their summer reading lists appear and ruin everything. Now let’s be real. Even as a kid I loved to read, but summer reading lists were a burden all the same. It wasn’t fun reading. Sure, I liked some of the books I was exposed to, but so many more were dry or hard to focus on when I really just wanted to get back outside. ...more
Another nerdy English teacher here! I loved American Born Chinese and it FLEW off of the shelves ...more

OITNB: Comic Recommendations for the Inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary

Orange is the New Black (OITNB), hardened rebels that they are, slipped us a little surprise last night and launched season 3 a few hours early. Hooray!I’m a sucker for a crazy cast of characters like the fine (if somewhat questionable) ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary, so I was thisclose to just making an all-nighter of it. (Kudos to those of you who did, I know you’re out there.)...more

15 Female Action Heroes Respond to the Sony-Marvel Fail List, in GIFs

So you think female action heroes are a bad business move, huh, Sony? That's cute. ...more
Well unsaid lolmore

Starz, I've Got Your Miriam Black Cast Right Here

I just read The Cormorant, the third novel in Chuck Wendig’s dark urban fantasy series featuring Miriam Black. ...more
ChuckWendig Updated. Thanks for the good news!more

5 Environmental Dystopias to Read for Earth Month

If I’ve learned anything from science fiction, it’s that Earth’s destruction is imminent. Worse, it’s probably our fault.Forget scientists and politicians—imaginative science fiction authors have detailed at great length all the various ways pollution and climate change could go very, very wrong for humanity. And if there’s anyone I trust, it’s sci-fi authors. From robots to the Internet to invisibility cloaks, they’ve been right too many times to ignore....more

'American Sniper' and the Ethics of War as Entertainment

"Most of America is tired of hearing about Iraq. But now, they're at least open to being entertained by it." —Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War veteran and activist, in a Variety guest column ...more
I read the book - yet haven't seen the movie yet, though I want to.  I think people need to see ...more

Ideas are Disposable

Forget about tracking every idea carefully in a thought journal. Your ideas are disposable. (Tweet this.)So are mine. And I habitually treat them that way....more

The Willing Object: Sophia Vergara, Empowerment, and Objectification

Last night’s Emmy Awards had many big moments. One of the most contested involved Sophia Vergara introducing Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum, only to then be placed on a pedestal to entertain the audience during his address....more

4 Reasons to Always Use an Image with Your Post

Flip back through the archived posts on my blog, and you’ll see that the images are few and far between. I’m a word person, thank you very much. It’s how my thoughts take shape and where the force of my meaning naturally settles. Images don’t really resonate for me. So when I started Creative Juicer, I figured, I’d just put my words out there. The problem is, the marketer side of me knows better. And if I stop and pay attention, most of the most successful writers’ blogs I know, like The Write Practice, include an image with every post. Images matter. A lot. ...more
krisellaneous Members can't add images to the story tile teasers. That's something that is only ...more

Get Obsessed

It’s a tough thing, staying dedicated to your art while also holding down a job. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get through your commute, make dinner, get the chores done and just catch up with your loved ones at the end of the day—maybe if you feel ambitious getting a workout in.Nope, we’ve gone and made everything even more complicated by throwing apassion in the mix. How can one ever manage to keep a life in order and also chase a passion?...more
This is the post I read that encouraged me to start blogging. So inspirational!more