'American Sniper' and the Ethics of War as Entertainment

"Most of America is tired of hearing about Iraq. But now, they're at least open to being entertained by it." —Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War veteran and activist, in a Variety guest column ...more
I read the book - yet haven't seen the movie yet, though I want to.  I think people need to see ...more

Ideas are Disposable

Forget about tracking every idea carefully in a thought journal. Your ideas are disposable. (Tweet this.)So are mine. And I habitually treat them that way....more

The Willing Object: Sophia Vergara, Empowerment, and Objectification

Last night’s Emmy Awards had many big moments. One of the most contested involved Sophia Vergara introducing Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum, only to then be placed on a pedestal to entertain the audience during his address....more

4 Reasons to Always Use an Image with Your Post

Flip back through the archived posts on my blog, and you’ll see that the images are few and far between. I’m a word person, thank you very much. It’s how my thoughts take shape and where the force of my meaning naturally settles. Images don’t really resonate for me. So when I started Creative Juicer, I figured, I’d just put my words out there. The problem is, the marketer side of me knows better. And if I stop and pay attention, most of the most successful writers’ blogs I know, like The Write Practice, include an image with every post. Images matter. A lot. ...more
krisellaneous Members can't add images to the story tile teasers. That's something that is only ...more

Get Obsessed

It’s a tough thing, staying dedicated to your art while also holding down a job. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get through your commute, make dinner, get the chores done and just catch up with your loved ones at the end of the day—maybe if you feel ambitious getting a workout in.Nope, we’ve gone and made everything even more complicated by throwing apassion in the mix. How can one ever manage to keep a life in order and also chase a passion?...more
This is the post I read that encouraged me to start blogging. So inspirational!more

Stop Hacking Your Life: Shortcuts Only Hurt You

Hack Your Way to Better Productivity. To a Better Body. To a Sharper Memory.These kinds of blog titles are all over the Internet. Everyone wants to help you hack your way to a better life. It’s become a hot buzzword. And a personal pet peeve....more
I love this so much! It's really refreshing to see someone advocating for a slower, and in my ...more

The Year of Doing Less

Emily Wenstrom | Read more at Creative Juicer | Follow me on TwitterHappy 2014, peeps.As I announced in December, I took a hiatus from Creative Juicer and wordhausover the holidays. In fact, I ended up almost fully unplugging during that time and hardly even got on Facebook or Twitter much.I just let it all go. It felt great....more
Doing less is definitely one of my goals this year.  Best of luck to both of us.more

When Reality Emulates Art (or, I Don’t Like Being #CapitolCouture)

I’ve written before about my obsession with the Capitol Couture campaign. It’s stunning to look at and elegantly executed. It serves as worldbuilding that enhances the Hunger Games movies and rewards readers of the books for their fandom and insider knowledge. A unique and creative concept, excellently executed. And hey, it’s a lot of fun....more

No One Gives a Shit. (Here's How to Make Them.)

In the great wide world of the Internet, people simply don’t give a shit. Not about:YouYour platformYour feelingsYour talentHow hard you tryHow much time you put inSorry. A little tough love, my friends.And yet here we all are, trying to build these platforms, build some kind of audience to make our creations matter.The good news is that people DO care. They just care about the things relevant to them. They want to:...more

Lessons From a Murdered Laptop

My computer died this weekend.One minute I’m happily typing away. A moment of distraction (cursed puppy), a tip of my hand, and my just-refilled mug was upside down and all across my keyboard. And, well, that was all she wrote.Next thing I know an Apple Genius is explaining to me why $700 is actually a very good deal to revive it. I sadly walked out of the store, head hung low, the sad Charlie Brown theme song playing in the background. (Like this.)...more